Webmaster's Commentary

March 19, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On the night of March 15, I had a conversation with Sister Choo Thomas and thought that it would be beneficial to share with you what was discussed. The topic was the salvation of my parents (who are non-Christians) and the best way to pray for them.

What I’m about to share may help others who also may have love ones they wish to pray for.

Initially, my question to Sister Choo was what could I be doing differently in regards to praying for my parents, as I’ve been praying for them for years, but with not much apparent effect.

Sister Choo said she knew of a brother in Christ who has a wife who was non-believing or at best, weak in faith. One day Jesus told her (Choo) that God ’s favor will be upon her (wife). After that, this brother’s wife began to have a strong desire to know and seek Jesus. Today, she is born again and totally focused on Lord Jesus!

Sister Choo also has a brother in Korea (they have the same mother) who in the past, knew about God, but didn’t go to church. One day, Jesus told Choo, God’s favor will be upon him. After that, her brother started to goto church and studying the Bible intensely. Now, he is totally focused on Jesus!

The moral of these stories is to pray fervently and ask for God’s favor to the love ones that we are praying for. Also, if we can pray directly for that person, that is the best, but if this is not possible, to get a picture of that person.

When we pray, we should cast the devil out first (with an authoritative voice, and in the name of Jesus) and then plead the blood of Christ in that person’s life; in mind, body, and soul.

The prayer should be like this:

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for putting ______ into my life. I pray for Your favor in ______'s life. Your son, Lord Jesus, has shed His blood for all of us, including ______ .

I ask that ______ will receive his/her salvation by Your grace and mercy.

Devil, I cast you out of ______ ; you shall have no part of him/her. I claim the blood of Christ in all areas of _______ life, including his/her mind, body and soul. Come out of him/her now!

Heavenly Father, please, bring ______ to You. I ask for Your favor in _______'s life. I ask all this in Jesus’ Mighty Name!