Internet video of "Heaven is so Real! A testimony of Choo Thomas"
The 38 minutes of Choo's video (Heaven is so Real ! A testimony of Choo Thomas) is now available for download.

Heaven is so Real Video

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The Blazing Holy Fire book,
by by Christine M Uwizera

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Worship Music by Haewoon Jun
[email protected]
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Many great messages from my dear Brother George Hagen click here

He was done so much to help get God's messages out about Heaven!

Holy Songs sung by Choo Thomas

Choo Thomas' spiritual song, inspired by the Holy Spirit, is now available for download. The song is about 1 hour long. Left click to listen online or download it by right clicking the link below and then left clicking the "Save Target As ..."  MP3 Version, click here.

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also the Devotional book is available.

Heaven is so Real CD released by Pastor Micheal Park
It is 9 CDs for whole book.  Suggested donation for the CD is $25 with postage.  Contact to: [email protected]

"Heaven is so Real" book, in American Sign Language, is available for viewing and download, For PDF format, Click here.

Music by Miss Heawoon Jun. Any church that is interested in her singing, please contact her at: [email protected]"   Praise the Lord!

Retha's Hope Testimony and her 12 year old son's Heavenly Vision. Click here

Prayer List, click here

I believe Sister Jill Shannon's CDs are very anointing because the words are from God. While I was listening to them I had a very strong anointing come to me. I am posting this CD so others can be blessed. Sister Shannon also wrote a book called "Prophetic Calendar". I pray that every listener will be blessed by these CDs. Praise the Lord!
To listen to Sister Jill's music, click here.

Recommended books:

Christians Going To Hell, by Pastor Byun

The Coming of the King of Kings, by Jaap Dieleman

Heaven is Empty Hell is Full, by Asfaw D. Berhane

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“I am putting Johan Claassen’s CD on my homepage for people to listen to and be blessed by it. The songs are very anointed. I listened to them daily for about two weeks. If anybody wants to order the CD, please e-mail Johan at: [email protected]

Music by Johan Claassen, Gospel Songs

Track: 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12

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