Dear choo,


I have finished your book or better yet Jesus's book,

Heaven is so real and I want to thank-you for being obedient and writing it. I could feel the Holy Spirit in each page.This book made some really important things crystal clear for me,especially that I have to guard my heart and repent daily to keep it pure.There are a lot of other parts of the book that are vital information for my walk with our Father and his wonderful, holy, son Jesus,my savior.Thank-you choo,You will be in my prayers.


your sister in Christ Jesus,


hello. Choo Nam teacher

I am Gospel Choi who lives in New York. I am 11 years old and I loved your book.

after I read your book I became changed as a Christian. I am truly thankful to our Lord Jesus. Thank you for writing this beautiful book that changed me as a person and a Christian. I know that Jesus will be coming soon, and I hope me and my family, and the whole world can get saved. Before I read this book I didn,t truly take my Lord as my personal savior. But now I believe. My dad, who also read your book, got annointings and got healed. My mom also. Me and my sisters always fight and I know that's a sin.

Please email me back and help me with my spiritu al growth. Thank you

Hi Choo Thomas,

My mother's friend (she is now a new christian after reading this book) who lent us 'Heaven is so real' has some questions that she wants me to email to you on her behalf.

Please find them as follows:

Why is it that while she reads this book she starts crying and keeps on crying like as if she's a baby?

And also after reading the book she immediately wanted so much to become a christian, as before this she prays to the Goddess of Mercy (a Buddhist God)

She would also like to know how she can receive the Holy Spirit and on which chapter of the book can she refer to.

Please help her with these queries. Thank you so much!



Dear GOD's Chosen Vessel (Mom Choo Nam),


My sister lend me this book whihc I wanted to read so much.  The moment I started to read, I could not put in down.  My spouse would remark that it seems I forgot I had a family. I visualise your experiences like dancing and

shaking uncontrollably and can feel JESUS my by side every breath I take.


This precious book has brought me to set apart from the world, a stirring that I want to do anything for the LORD at any cost. My spouse said it seems I am in another world and I have seen in quietly takingthis book to read to know why I have become different int he process of reading this book.


I learnt the importance of tithes, worship, obedience and purity. At the final chapters of this book, I creid while reading, I don know why but the anointing

was strong.  I am just groaning in the spirit suddenly. Why is this so mom?


Please keep me and my family in prayers to be obedient just you had been to do the end time work.



Love Deborah




Dear sister Thomas Choo,



First of all , nice to meet you, sister Thomas Choo.I am a

Christian that loves God very much . I live in Malaysia.i am 18 years old

this year. My name is Chia Ming.


I would like to use this opportunity to thanks you for your

powerful book- the heaven is so real. The heaven and hell are indeed so real

as the holy spirit shows me all these thing through your book.As i read the

book , i sense the urgency to accomplish God ' s work on this earth . The

things that you wrote in the book is tru;y unbelievable but the Holy Spirit

shows me the reality of all these content . Truly i sense and see it through

my Spirit.i have just read until chapter 7 but it change my life completely.

The passion for the lost soul that i have now arise in my life as i know

hell is so real especially chapter 6.


i would like to ask you a few things and i hope that you will

kindly answer me .thanks you.


1-Wat books did you write except the heaven is so real? Can you introduce to

me others christian book which is good for this end time work ? i will go

and find it coz i wan to know God more and more. 2- in your book i sense

that God is really coming very very soon? i know he will come without our

expextation...according to the bible. but i want to ask much time

still we have? when is he coming back? 5years ,10 years or 20 years......


thanks you sister choo, God bless you




Thank you Choo Thomas.


I guess that could be it.


Thought I could share somthing, I've got a friend who was indepression for many months.  After completing your book he was completely healed.   


By the way, did Jesus bring you to see Mother Mary/


have a nice day.








Hi Choo Thomas,


this is Juliette from Los Angeles, CA. Hope you have a happy and blessed New Year. I've written to you before, but I don't know if you've gotten my emails. I just wanted to share with you how I've been doing since I've read your book last year.

In the latter half of 2004 I gave up the worldly and secular things for our Lord, and I am trying now to obey Him to the best of my ability. There was a week last year in which I was utterly bed-ridden after reading your book. I lay on my back soaked in sweat and tears, crying for salvation. See, for seven years I did whatever I wanted to do and I thought badly of Christians. All I could read for that bed-ridden week was verses from the book of Psalms. I didn't feel worthy enough to be saved then, neither did I feel spiritually safe in my own home. But after getting up from my bed, I felt an amazingly sweet inner peace and firmly decided to live for my Lord. I discovered that Jesus Christ lead to inner contentment and lifestyle change, even through disagreeable experiences. This was when I threw away everything I owned, including my secular books, music, and clothes. As I lugged the black trash bag full of my things toward the trash bin, I smiled, knowing Christ was much more important than any of my belongings.


I am still a baby in Christ, and I need spiritual milk and guidance. I've been praying continually for wisdom and perseverance in prayer. It says in your book that "persistent prayer is answered because those who believe actually expect to be healed by Me, so they continually ask until they receive". This line inspired me to pray more. I ask for your prayer too, and I was wondering if you'll be writing another book soon.


Our church has been blessed with a prayer mountain this year  and I've wondered about the timing of our church inheriting this land, and how it might coincide with ever nearing end-times. It'd be wonderful to see you here on Earth, or in the lovely and wondrous afterlife the Lord took you through. Once again, thank you for "Heaven is So Real!" and please remember me in your prayers.





Dear Choo,


Thank you for your obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ!  My wife and I have been extremely moved by the experience The Lord has given you to write.  It has moved me to take a good look at my theology.  I have had a very western theology believing that ultimately God would redeam all mankind for himself.  It is not something I have really been very outspoken about but I realize that this theology is a way for me to feel comfortable with my lack of zeel to preach the word to the lost.  I see now that it is a very great dissapointment to my Lord and am asking Him for an anointing zeel for the winning of souls for Christ.  It is also my wife and my great desire to be pleasing to the Lord. To bring Him Glory!

Please let us know how we can pray for you and your family.  We would also feel blessed if we could help financially in what the Lord is doing in minestry through you and your family. It won't be much at first as we tith 10% of our gross and will be supporting believers in Isreal as we believe is the Lord's will for us.

God bless you and your family for your sacrafice to the Lord and His body.

Love in the spirit Chris and Mary


Hello! I have read your book ( Heaven Is So Real). Through this book I am encouraged by the Word of God and I am totally renew.

I once was a faithful Christian, used to go to church and give tiths and offering in church. I am not from a Christian family, but my cousin and I are the only family members who accepted Christ in our life.

I accepted Christ when I was 13. I used to have a strong desire towards Him and hunger for His love. But untill last year, I felt so miserable and totally tired to serve the Lord. I stopped going to church, stop praying and stop reading the Bible. I'm really tired of everything that time even of my studies.

This book is a friend of mine who gave me as a Birthday present. I read this book and I realized that I will not be able to go to heaven although I claim myself as a Christian. Through this book, I knew that only faithful and obedient Chrsitian can only go to heaven and recieve the blessings from God. I can said that this book have now totally change my life and I begin to feel hungry for God's love more than other earthly love.

I have a Roman- Catholic boy friend. He is very against protestant. He even said that speaking in tongue is speaking satanic language. It hurts me a lot. I don't know what to do. He told me that he believe only in God but he don't believe in Jesus rose up when Jesus was crucified on the Calvary cross to die for our sins. A Christian friend of mine advised me to break up with him. When I decided to talk to him about our relationship, there will be some disturbance happened. Is this the sign that God don't want me to break up with him??

I really don't know what to do now. I know that you can see Jesus and even walk with Him. I know that you are the right person that i can turned to. Please help me and tell me what should I do now? 


Dear Choo.


i'm one of million readers of your book Heaven is so real.   i'm sure that so many e-mails you have received by now because of this precious book.   i'm not sure if you could read korean and if your computer has korean font.  

 my english is not that good so i don't know how to express my feeling. 

i'm sure that you wouldn't mind my broken enlish.

i started reading this book yesterday and i read half of the book.

I'm truely touched by Our Lord's endless love and patient.   as i turned one page after page i feel more of His grace and love.  i could feel the presence of God ( i work in a small company, whenever i have some time, i read the book) and sometimes make me shake a bit, make me cry , smile , laugh sometimes i really want to stand up and dance like you did in the pond in heaven.  if i wan't in the office i would have done that.


thank you so much to share that precious exprience with million people.  thank you so much for showing me God's love and Grece and Urgency.

i don't have anything to offer Him but i want to give Him whole my heart and the best thing.  i'm sure He knows me better than i do.   i want to do something for Him.  


so many lost souls are out there and dying without know our Lord God!!!

i think it's such a anointing book and good book to whom don't believe in God.


i hope i could meet Jesus as you did.   if i meet Our Lord, i will dance and sing before Him.  


thank you so much for obeying Him that write this book.  


i really want to tell how important this book to me and many other poeple.

it's quite hard to express my heart.  thank you.

God bless you.


touched by God's grace.




Dear sister Choo Thomas


My name is Yvonne I live in New York.

I am reading your book as we speak I am up to chapter 22

and I must say it has impacted my life in big way.


I order 50 copy so I can give them out at my work place and to

friends and family members and pastors.


I am writing to you for prayer.


May the Lord our God continue to bless you and your love ones



Please inform me of any future engagements you will be attending

and in all info pertaining to that.

I would really like to attend one of those engagements thru the end

of this year.

I have been truly inspired by your book and what the Lord our God

has done in your life it would be a great honor for me.







Dear Choo,


I am so delighted to see (as I finished the last page of your book a couple of minutes ago) that you gave your email address to contact you.  From the moment I began the book, I could not put it down.  When I ordered it for myself, I also ordered two more copies for two close intercessor friends.  Then, after reading only a couple of chapters, I went online and ordered 12 more copies to give out as Christmas presents!! I gave a copy on Sunday to my pastor's wife with a note attached to it saying "PREPARE FOR BLAST-OFF!!!!!!!" I guaranteed her that she has not ever ready anything so powerful.


I want you to know that I know by the Spirit of God that you have an extraordinary relationship with our Lord and that you have had extraordinary experiences visiting heaven.  You have inspired me.  I have lived a very consecrated life and do very much relate to you when you say that you are not interested in conversations that don't revolve around our Lord Jesus.   But....even though I have lived a very consecrated life, I want you to be encouraged that your book has shaken the core of me to rise up to a new level of consecration.  I pray that I, too, will be given the grace to live such a disciplined, obedient life as you, Choo.  I have been called to be a 'deliverer' to set God's people free from demonic captivity and, as of coming February, will be the head of the 'deliverance' ministry at my church in Connecticut .  I covet your prayers for God to give to me His perfect wisdom for His perfect will in this new ministry.


I would really love to hear what He is doing with you since you finished writing the book. I would be so grateful to hear from one has inspired me more than you have and I thank God for that and I thank Him for His generous blessings on your life!

With love,



Hi Madam Choo Thomas,

My name is Lisa and I am a resident in Malaysia. One of my sister in church recommended myself and other cell mates of the book "Heaven is so Real".I managed to get this book in Metro Tabernacle's Bookstore. As i was reading my bible as usual my heart was speaking to me to read the book you have written. As i was reading through chapter by chapter i can't help myself but to keep on weeping and crying reminding me how much god loved me though i am not a perfect person. As i was reading and singing praise and worship songs in my room that night i can feel the Lord's presence in my room. I was so afraid when God annoited me with Holy Spirit and for about 7 or 8 minutes i wasn't able to speak, sing or yell. I can feel God's touch at that very moment and even so it made me even thirstier to seek for God. Nevertheless this book has helped me in my journey to discover more about the Lord. This is definitely an inspiring book to all Christians out there. The books are currently out of stock in our church's bookstore. I have even recommended it to my family member i.e. my sister. Glory to the Lord and hope God blesses you abundantly be it in terms of family, financially or your Ministry.



Dear Sister Choo,


I saw the advertisement for Heaven Is So Real! on the Elijah List ( on November 10, 2004.  I ususally don't open the many e-mail advertisements for books, CDs, and conferences, HOWEVER, the advertisement for your book was different.  I was drawn to it like a magnet and after reading the write-up, I just had to get it.  I received it in the mail on November 29 and began reading it that very day.  I finished reading it on December 7 and, of course, I am greatly moved to the core of my being.  How awesome and how very sobering!!!  Next to the Bible, this is one of the most life-changing book I have read. While I have been seeking the Lord for more of Him and to walk in Kingdom realms with Him, my fervour and determination to walk in obedience and purity has greatly instensified.  Thank you very much for your abandonment to God and His purposes for your life and the great cost you have paid (and are still paying) in order for His people to hear the heart cry of our Heavenly Bridegroom.


I feel a strong sense of responsibility to get this book into the hands of whoever the Lord leads me to give it to.  I've already bought three for other people (inlcuding my pastors). My one friend,  to whom I gave the book yesterday has reported to me this evening that she too is stirred deeply in her heart to follow the Lord with new resolve and consecration.  My husband has accepted Christ as His Savior, but has grown at a slow pace and is still struggling with the flesh, the world and the devil. After a very serious and tearful exhortation from me, he is now reading it and I pray the Lord will awaken in him the same urgency to walk closely with the Lord as He did in me.


My friend and I live in Edmonton, AB, Canada and are planning to attend a conference in Vancouver, WA on January 2, 2005. When I told her that you and your husband live in Tacoma, WA, she said we would be passing through Tacoma on our way to and from the conference!  I know in your book you share how your contact with people outside of your immediate family and church is very limited, but we're wondering if the Lord might allow us the honor and priviledge to meet with you. The fact that our journey, orchestrated by the Lord, would take us through your city seems to us to be more than mere coincidence. She  and I plan to stay overnight in Tacoma on January 2 and so we would have some time available the morning of January 3 before we head home to Edmonton.  We make our request known the Father and to you with the prayer for His perfect will in this matter.


We bless you in the name of the Lord. 


Your sister in Christ,





Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. I've bookmarked the verses you've recommended and am reading through the four gospels now.


I am in the process of reading Heaven is So Real! again. This book touched me like no other book has, and I've been an avid reader for years. As I read Heaven is So Real! it literally felt like Jesus was talking directly to me (esp. when it says Julie's a special daughter of His). This was why I was bed-ridden and cried out so hard. I also had involuntary body spasms, which was a bit surprising and inexplicable. I know that the impact of Jesus' words in your book has been tremendous and has completely changed my life.


One problem I have had since I was young, is the problem of trust. I was raped at an early age, and haven't been able to heal that wound in my heart. It's a problem that I've had to deal with, especially in relationships. But now that I've decided to live solely for God, I want to be able to trust Him with my entire heart. I sometimes feel like I've been damaged beyond repair, but I know that's Satan's way of discouraging me. I would like to ask you though, for an intercessory prayer, so that I can heal completely and begin trusting the Lord with my entire being. Matthew 18:20 says that "where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." I know that with prayer, Jesus will help me overcome my past hurts. 


Thank you again, and God bless you for your book. If you don't mind, I'd love to one day visit your church. Thank you.





Dear Sister Choo


Greeting from Malaysia!


The Lord had impressed my heart to write to you and also thru confirmation by a dream, i therefore obey His instruction to write this letter to u.


Being a christian for 25yrs, i hardly read other books beside bible cos i dont quite like reading unless is inspired by God and lead by God.


1.  I am chinese educated

2.  God spoke to me in His words that i must listen carefully of His voice in every commands & do what is right in His eye.  I am to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit in everythings, spiritually minded is peace & life, God is Spirit, I must walk in the Spirit, so that i will call to be His children.


Early Nov, a friend given us a book 'Heaven is so real', I never borded to look at it.  One morning i was praying to God, how come i have no desire & interest to know more about heaven, however Lord if this is the time & season to read & know that your time of coming is near, please Lord move my heart to read.  Praise the Lord, He prompted me to read on 24/11/04, in the past i tried to read some famous writter book about heaven, but none can go into my mind.


Trully your book inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit, I was so excited, heaven is so interesting . My spirit just so bubbling want to read the whole book quickly.  Only this book make me so engross because every testamonies in these book came from God, it gives me peace & life, Amen!


I want to share to encourage you after reading this book, i felt a very strong desire & passion to serve God more earnestly in my heart, i want to reach out to more lost soul in this world & help peoples come out from the power of darkness.


Thru this book, i saw the love, caring, kindness, mercy & the gentleness of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He is so intimatecy to His children.


In the church, christian should love one another, at home, husband should love the wife like Jesus way but church/men failed God cos they have conformed & corrupted by the things of the world 'carnally minded' that's why strike, contention, war, self-seeking every where. James 3:13-17


After reading this book, i am not afraid to serve God despite persecution, rejection, despise & hurt especially my own countrymen do not believe what the Spirit that work in me, i will continue to obey the Lord cos i have a hope/reward in heaven. The book had changed my attitude, i will not bother how people look at me when i move & lead by the Holy Spirit.


As i was reading about your personal walk with the Lord, it sounds so familiar to me because we serve the same God, same Spirit halleluya!  Sister, i was humiliated in the church before when God moved my Spirit that i must release the words from my mouth about His truth but church  dont like to listen to the truth. As a servant we prepare to suffer like Jesus as what He had sufferred on earth take up the cross & follow Him.  I Praise God u have die to self, ready for

the endtime work in this earth. God had chosen you according to 1 Cor 1:27 & 1 Pet 3:7 women is weaken then men, your faith is like a child, without faith we cannot please our Father in heaven. God had hidden 7000 prophets for the last day ministry, they are unpopular, no fame, no position, not highly educated, God is great! His way is higher beyond man imagination. The chosen one got to go thru journey of sufferring, persecution, hardship & pain God train us to walk by faith and not by sight. Most important is the HEART/virtue to be like JESUS.  The righteous prayer is powerful &



Sister, please uphold me & my family in your prayer as when the Spirit led you.


God bless u & your family.




Sister in Christ



Dear Sis. Choo,

I do not know how to express my sincere gratitude and thanks for this wonderful book, Heaven is so Real!  You really wakes me up from my slumberland which I never aware that it is so near to the opening pit of hell!  You make me repent and ask for forgiveness each time when I read Jesus's warning and reminder to all the unfaithful and disobedient Christians. Thank you, Sis. Choo! I really envy you with your amazing relationship with our dear Lord Jesus Christ. You really deserve such special love, attention and rewards from our dear Lord because you are the most obedient, pure hearted and loving person that I've ever known. God truly blesses you abundantly, sister. 

How I really wish and pray hard to see our dear Lord like you do.  When you meet our dear Lord again in prayer, please tell Him I REALLY, TRULY LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL. I'm so longing to be with Him forever in Heaven.  Can you please tell Him I'm really sorry for hurting Him so much with my disobedient.  From now onwards, I am saving up all my expenses to give away His books to all my friends and loved ones.  Also, I will obediently pay full tithes and offering to my church ministry every month from this month onwards. Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy and your patience to me. 

And to you dear sister, thank you so much for obediently being used by our Lord to write out this wonder book. I LOVE U!

With big hugs and kisses,

Selangor, Malaysia


dear choo thomas, i loved ur book a lot. i'm sure lots hav told u tis but i mean my life has changed by your powerful book.  i have the greatest passion and love 4 Jesus and i'll die 4 Him at any cost.  i feel so sad 4 the unsaved but i'll uphold them in prayer n i know God will surely hear me. i'm jealous of ur experiance but i know God will use me in his own way. i can't wait 4 God 2 come back but i guess u can sort of guess when that will be. u mentioned in ur book dat ur grandchild was preety grown up. was she in her teen life or was she an adult? please answer this question..........sometimes i wonder if God is really talking to me or is my own minds imagination. but i feel so loved when that soft calm voice comes in my head or heart i don't know. i wish i was given a chance to suffer a most terrible death for Jesus but i wonder if i'll ever b given a chance to do so. God is just too kind 2 me u know and sometimes i wonder i really don't deserve such great love from Him.  He HAS BLESSED me so much that i wanna repay Him with so much more than i can give.  i so hope to have a mansion in heaven with my name on it. not for the sake of having a luxurius mansion at all but because those who get to live there are very special children of God. i so want 2 be a special little thing for Him. what should i do to be special Choo THOMAS? ITS SURELY GREAT right getting to experience so much of Jesus.  please answer these small questions,PLEASE.......they may seem small and dumb but it means a lot to one such as i who is so hungry to please the Lord in all i do.  I love u very much and pray that u will continually be blessed. may god bless u even more for replying my long and lengthy message. soli but i just let the spirit within me to pour out everthing to my very own Daddy's special servant, Choo Nam Thomas. i await God with every heartbeat i have.  we are precious 2 God and that's the most beatiful thing in this life isn't it? my name is glenna,13,Malaysia by the way.  lots of love ,Glenna.



by Eileen


What is in Heaven…..only big mansions in a city of gold….could it exciting up there? Or is God going to be sitting on His throne all the time…the whole day with Jesus on His right hand and we standing in a multitude singing praises 24, 7, 365?! Is every Christian going to enter the kingdom of Heaven? Are these some of your questions?


I’ve always thought that there’s more to heaven than the above. I’ve dreamed of a finer relationships up there; coming face-to-face with God, walking, talking and laughing with Jesus in person and perhaps having a tęte ŕ tete (private discussions) with some of the giants of faith in the bible as well as great missionaries and evengelists from our time! In fact I have also dreamed of the possibility of continuing my hobbies like strolling, painting and watching animals eg. fish swimming!! when I’m back at God’s paradise where the nature’s beauty far exceeds what we have here on earth. Oh wow!


Well in this book, Choo didn’t just dream of these things but she was “taken” to Heaven itself to experience them …..with the Lord (!) so that she can share it with us. First, I must admit I was a bit dubious even as I took up the book to read through the preface where Choo explained the process of how Jesus visited her and took her to heaven. I have heard of how wonderful this book is from a handful of good friends. So I said a brief prayer asking God to journey with me through this book (which, I’m now convinced is indeed one of His endtime projects), trusting that if it is really from Him, He’ll of course give true, personal and useful revelations to readers like myself. Hmm…God has promised that everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.


This book itself emphasizes to me repeatedly of how great is God’s grace and mercy to us man. Jesus loves me and you so much that He’s willing to shed His blood on the cross despite the terrible suffering and public humiliation so that we can be reconciled to God. Now He is again, I believed, reaching out to us through this book. He is reminding the Christians of His love for them by the wonderful things he has prepared for them in the eternal kingdom. Do you know that it’s all completed and done?! As I flipped the pages I could feel His urgency, His eagerness to come to bring us back. I guess the only thing that’s delaying Him is us. Should He come now, a great multitude will not be able to enter into the eternal kingdom to be with Him!


First of all, His standard of entrance to heaven is purity and obedience. Seems so easy right….to just say and spell it. It’s totally a different story when we have to live out. This is why I believe Jesus is using this book to highlight His statuettes for us to lead a godly life. To further reinforce this point to me after I finished reading, it was during the KBM service I noticed we were singing Matt 7:21 again and again; “Not everyone who says to Me, “Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven….”(I challenge you to look up the rest of the verse NOW and let it serve as a reminder of how we should respond to God, make our life count so that we know where we will spend eternity). For me personally, I hear the Lord gently reminding me to “Enter by the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” (Matt 7:13-14) He wants all His children to be saved and be in His glorious presence but at the end of the day, we need to know that the choice is in our hands. With the freewill He has given us, we need to choose to be on His side.


Next is the issue of leading others to Christ. To be excited to share with others the hope of the Gospel. I bet this really makes up the other half of Matt 7:21 [which I still challenge you to look up! If you know Matthew’s book even so so, you’ll know it’s not the main verse on the Great Commission ;-) ]. “Saving lives” is the heartbeat of God, a rhythm we should be marching in tune too as we go about our daily lives. In this area, I have found even myself having made lots of lame excuses and not testify to people when opportunities presented themselves. I’m now challenging myself with the vision of hell from this book when I start to feel shy or afraid to share.  I guess as when we love someone we’ll do all we can to make them happy. It’s the same with our Father, if we truly love God as how we sing each time, we’ll challenge ourselves to do His will, and guess what? As we strive to please Him, He’ll be there along the way to cheer us on, and that’s not all, He’ll also equip us with necessaries for with Him nothing is impossible! Remember Moses?!


I’m really thankful for the bold step Choo took to write and publish this book. It’s her sheer leap of faith that is not only going to help many come to know Christ but revive many more Christians around the world. For Choo, I would sum her in two words, OBEDIENT and PURE in heart, though that wouldn’t even do enough justice. God could really use her to write such a book as this because of her total faith and trust in the Lord. As I went through the pages, I could see how she struggled with her self-worth and faith, like most of us. Yet time and time again, she allows God to take over the situations. She just followed in obedience and love for Him.


It’s truly wonderful too to see the gradual intimacy Choo developed with Jesus. Do take note of the change of endearments use at the beginning (My precious daughter) and towards the end of the book (My seetheart). It’s so comforting to know that we have more than a King with us in this God - He is such a close and personal Father, Brother and Friend. He loves us far more than we deserve. So is it going to be the next book on your reading list? Perhaps pass it to some friends and relatives, too after that….well, I have and am..!! May you have enjoy this love letter from Jesus.




Greetings in the sweet name of our Lord Jesus Christ!


I have just completed reading your book "Heaven is so real" today and I punctuated your last statement with a big AMEN (this was omitted in your book). I concur with all the contents of your book with much rejoicing and I would like to share the following thoughts and experiences of mine with you :-




On Friday evening of 11th March 1977, I received Jesus into my life in a Christian Fellowship (England) with both my hands lifted up and a vision of Jesus standing within 3 feet in front of me. Although Jesus was that close to me, I somehow could not see the features of His face just like your experiences as mentioned in your book.




Before I had the vision of Jesus standing in front of me, I had a preliminary vision of a beautiful beach scene where Jesus was standing at a distant. I have never understood the meaning or significance of this vision until I read your book.




Although I did not have the many extreme body manifestations experienced by you, I did experienced various hand movements and manifestations which are in some ways identical to yours. On my first Good Friday evening in 1977, the Lord visited me in my room and used my finger to show to me many Bible scriptures in the New Testament.




On that Good Friday evening in 1977, He spoke very clearly that He is coming very soon.  Since then, I have been preaching on His Second Coming. I sincerely and whole-heartedly believe His Second Coming will be during my lifetime and now, it got to be very, very soon.


Thank you for sharing your testimonies and God bless you richly in your End Time Ministry.


Best regards in Christ.




I am almost done with this book and have only been able to put it down when I've been too tired to read.

Choo Thomas presents a basic message in her book beyond the amazing things she sees with Jesus: Follow God with all your heart and obey Him and His commandments. God's place is prepared for us, but WE have to be ready for it. Our time is short.

We must be obedient servants to our Lord in this life and with a much greater promise of an amazing life to come that makes me long for heaven even more.

The things Choo says in this book makes me believe that she is either a crazy, diabolical person, or, she saw Jesus. If she were a false prophet like one reviewer alluded to, then she would drive me away from Jesus, not make me want to love Him even more.

I do not know if Choo reads these or not, but Choo, if you happen to see Jesus again, tell Him I love Him. I am not a perfect person by any means, but I do know I love Him.

Thank you for such a wonderful book. I pray that every word in it is true and that the Lord DID visit you like you say. I pray we all get to see this first hand real soon.




I don't believe I've ever read a more important Christian book, other than the Bible. The Lord Jesus is coming soon, as evidenced by the preparations He's made in Heaven, and what he has revealed to the writer.

By the Love and Grace of God, the Lord Jesus is giving all people (Christian and un-believers) a forewarning to be prepared, along with a wonderful description of what eternal life will be like with Him in Heaven.

I pray that those who read the book will share in the urgency to be "born again" by repenting of their sins and receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, just like the Bible says in Romans 10:9-10, so that they too shall be saved. The free gift of Salvation and a relationship with Jesus is available to everyone that simply asks.





"Heaven Is So Real!" - by Pastor Byeon of BigFaith Church in Ulsan


First of all, the fact that Dr. Cho of the Yoido Full Gospel Church has translated the book "Heaven Is So Real!" by Choo Thomas is something extraordinary.


Who is Dr. Cho? Does he have time for translating books? Just the fact that someone like him reading this book for seven times and translating itself may be considered as a miracle. (I've heard from a pastor of the Yoido Church that Dr Cho has read the book for 7 times)


Following on Dr. Cho's pro-active recommendation, this book has become an all-korean-Christianity's "early best-seller". The word "early best-seller" was found because of this book. I doubt that this record will be broken.


Now, let's talk about this book. When I read sister Choo's book, I was shocked and challenged not necessarily because of her visits to heaven but because of the witness of her christian life. Her confession that she has not willingly chosen to make Jesus' heart ache and that she was thinking day and night about Jesus were shock itself. This was my goal but not my life.


It's not about her witness of heaven. Who could tell this kind of awesome testimony? I'm too short to be mentioned. It truly was shocking. I felt shame at myself and both at her faith and her spiritual state. As for me, she was like a spiritual giant I could never copy or follow. I thought, 'That's why Dr. Cho has translated this book!'.

Next, in some circles there grow discussions on whether this book to be biblical or not. Well, maybe these people should get a life. Can't you calculate how much profit this book can bring to the kingdom of God?!


Let me tell you what I think. I think that this book has truly done great things that thousands of theologians and preachers were not capable of and it still does.

Do you know why? Jesus was worried and angry because in counties where Jesus has shown most of His powers took no repentance place. Jesus preached the most at Korazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum and He's done a lot of miracles. However, because people didn't repent, all the things Jesus has done raised their penalty.

Of course by then the problem were the people whose heart was selfish and hard.


But today, we preachers have the problems. When you listen to sermons today, you might want to ask whether preachers are interested in asking people to repent and whether they truly want to lead the people to heaven.


Yet the book is not just a book of theory. It also distinguishes from other heaven visits that fill up curiosities. This book make people repent. This book changes people. Through this book lots of pastors and saints all over the place repent, change and become new people. And the repentance and changes won't cease.


Well then, is there anything that makes the Lord happier? Anything which is more imporatant? The bible tells that once a soul repents heaven celebrates and it brings great joy before God and the angels. In this sense, this book wipes the tears from the Lord, this book makes the Lord smile.


Listen carefully. Jesus himself said that only he who does the will of the father will enter the kingdom of heaven.(matthew 7,21) Peter explained the reason of why Jesus' second coming being postponed in 2Peter 3,8-9, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.


But so many people who go to church live not by the word of God and break the laws. So many Christians forget about the importance of repentance and live a sinful life despite of them saying that they believe. They are heading to hell.


Will these kind of people avoid the downfall because you taught them one more bible verse? No. It's not about knowledge. It's about repentance. This book make people to repent.


Even at this moment, lots of people are moving away from sins and truly fear God after reading this book. So people on the way hell are joining the way towards heaven.


But should we criticise this book as we serve the Lord? No. We should shout "Hallelujah" and praise God. Yes, indeed. This book is not to criticise but to praise the Lord with a "Hallelujah".


At the end, I'm saying as a pastor. You still haven't read this book? Read. Please read. This book is better than 100 sermons of us pastors. This book will lighten your sight to see the narrow path to heaven and will change your eternal destiny.


Hallelujah! Be glory to the Lord! Amen. Amen!!!


Testimony of Oen

Bethel Church (Indonesian language service) and

Renewal Lutheran Church (English language service)


Heaven Is So Real has opened the eyes of my heart and mind to see much more clearly and to realize deeply about heaven which has already been prepared and is waiting for all of us.


My experience while I was reading and at the same time translating this book was really amazing. During translating this book which took about 3 months, I woke up nearly at 5.00 every morning and immediately sat down in front of my son’s computer for 2 hours as I had to be ready for work.  Then, if there were no prayer meetings or any other church activities in the evening, I continued translating this book till 10.00 at night.


How beautiful and such a blessing for me to read, describe and know more deeply of His words through the journeys with Him.  Like Sister Choo Thomas, I cried many times, rejoicing and praising the Lord as if He spoke to me personally, many times His words hit me and caused me to cry tears of marvel for He knows 100% who I am inside out.


In fact, it is an honor for me because the Lord had chosen me to translate His book and to join in the sharing of His salvation message to the unsaved as well as to those who called themselves as ‘Christians’, but, in actual fact, they do not know Jesus personally.


I agree with Rev. David Yonggi Cho that we have to read with an open heart participate in enjoying the wonderful experiences of Sister Choo Thomas about heaven.  If this book has stirred my heart and mind while reading it, I am sure the same will be experienced by every reader of this book.


Heaven Is So Real has really opened all my heart and mind of how critical every second of our lives are, because the Lord warns us continually that His second coming is very near and He wants His children to be prepared.


If this book has encouraged and motivated me to serve the Lord in sharing the gospel of salvation to the lost especially our loved ones, friends and neighbors, I believe the same impact will happen in the lives of other concerned Christians.


Let all of us always be reminded that Jesus is coming soon and Heaven Is So Real for His obedient children.


All honor and glory only to our Lord, Jesus.


In His love,




September 24, 2004

Dear Mrs. Thomas,


I praise God for using you to write His book, 'Heaven Is So Real!'  I have never been impacted by a book by a Christian writer, as I have by this one.  The book has an anointing on it, which I feel as I read it.


I have been a Christian for a long time.  The Lord God Almighty had allowed His wonderful gifts to flow in my life at one time. Nevertheless, I backslid, wanting what the world had and also what God had to offer. 


Even though I am a Christian, I have not been fully walking according to God's word. I was given 'just a taste of what hell is like;' which is the statement that the Holy Spirit imparted to me a while ago, when I was in praying.  I cannot describe the darkness that I saw, nor the fear that I felt.  There is just nothing to compare it to.


I also had a dream about a year ago, where I knew in the dream that Jesus had returned, and I missed Him.  The rapture had occurred, and I was left here on earth.  God has been warning me about sitting on both sides of the fence. I am so thankful to Jesus for allowing me to have another chance to live properly before Him.  This chance came through 'Heaven Is So Real!  


God bless you for being so obedient to Jesus. A lot of people will be saved as a result.


I am buying copies of the book, and giving them away.


God bless you and your husband Mrs. Choo.



Dear Choo Nam,

Greetings to you my dear sister in the wonderful and glorious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My name is Rev. Jim. I and my wife Doris are from Canada and have been serving the Lord in Africa since 1969. We are presently in Canada on furlough but will return to Malawi, as soon as the Lord allows. I am in fact sending you this email from Malawi where I have returned for a few weeks of ministry and by the 26th will be back in Canada.

Why this email? Well just before I left for this trip, my son who lives in Vancouver, BC., sent me your book and I brought it with me and have just finished reading it and I just had to email you before I even got back to Canada.

Sister I just want to thank you so much for your response to the Lord, though you honestly shared the process of your hesitations about why the Lord would bless you in such a way. I just loved the book so very very much and will go through it again for there are so many powerful things to be learned from it. Especially in the last four years the Lord has been working also in my life in preparing me for specific ministry in these last days. As you were describing the things about heaven I just found myself going along with you and letting your eyes catch things that I missed but just enjoying in some way all over again, the things the Lord showed me for what I had to learn.

My sister I confess envy at the extent of the visitations and things you saw. Certainly you have made Heaven so much more real to me than ever before. I doubt that there is another book available that equals it, but it was never birthed to do that. It is the many things the Lord said about the church and the last days that gripped my attention, and the Spirit of God has even affected my messages in a greater way since reading your book. Hardly four hours have passed since I spoke at a church here and made references to things said in the book, and people are asking how they can get their hands on it.

The Lord told you that the book would affect many peoples lives and I can witness that as I see the hunger of people to get the book. I guess the one part is that the Lord has changed me so much that He can now be just what He wants to be through me. These past few weeks I have watched the Lord amaze us as He walked among us and manifested His power in so many ways. I have never seen anything like it before in my ministry and I am excited to say the least. Many prophetic words have been spoke about our ministry and I am now seeing the fulfilment of it.

So I just want to say thank you so much for allowing the Lord to select you and prepare you for His ministry. I understand why He says you are special, because you respond just the way He wants. The other day, as the morning began the Lord said to me, 'remember to walk in my presence; ignore the things of the flesh and walk in the secret place.' Oh, what a safe place to be; hidden with Him so that absolutely nothing causes us to deviate from the exactness of His leading. So fly my dear sister, you and your husband. Don't let anything stop you.

If the Lord should ever cause our paths to cross, I for one will count it a privilege to meet you, and if that happens I hope the Lord will allow me time to chat with you for a while. I weep a lot when I sense the presence of the Lord and I am sure that would happen as I would hear you talk about our precious Lord and some of the things you experienced. You'd probably talk and I would just weep, and love every minute of the experience.
Should you create a Web Site I would appreciate the address as if you should be in Canada and we are near, we would certainly come to hear you.

May the Lord bless you and totally fulfil all that He spoke to you and even more.

Thankfully & prayerfully yours,


Living Testimony and Vision. - ''Heaven is so Real '', June 7th , 2004.

Reviewer--Pastor Kenneth .C. Emeka. [from Nigeria and presently a missionary in South Korea.]

I thank God for the great relief he has given in these last days by giving us the book of revelation written by the Apostle John. I also thank Choo Thomas for her obedience and faithfulness in following the Lord. I learned of the book through Pastor David Yonggi Cho of Yoido Full Gospel Church. He preached about it and told his congregation to read it.

As a pastor, I received the book 'Heaven is so Real’ as a gift from Elder James Dunnet. The book changed my life and gave me a new hope and a new beginning, plus visions for the future. After I finished the book for the first time, the Lord started speaking to me in the night by showing me many visions which I can not mention all of them.

On the 6th of May, 2004, the Lord told me that many Churches will not be raptured. In that vision, I started to weep bitterly that I have no strength to cry again. Since then I have started non stop prayers for all the churches all over the world. I believe that the Lord is rebuking us as he told the Laodicean Church to wake up in the book of [Rev--3. 14 -22 .]

Another vision the Lord showed me is the book title 'Heaven is so Real 'written on millions of white papers and the testimonies of people flying from the computer into the air. Also after I read the book the second time the Lord told me to read the book of Revelation chapter 21. I want to tell the whole world, especially Christians, to take this book very important and obey the Lord so that they will see His face, because I saw the vision in which the Lord said that there is no time left.

Since I saw all these vision I preach about this book and the Lords coming to every one I meet. In South Korea, ‘Heaven is so Real’ has changed thousands of people because I can see in the alter call of Yoido Full Gospel Church people trooping in for Jesus, and also in tithes and offerings besides. ‘Heaven is so Real’ is the highest and best selling in South Korea.

Thank you Jesus and to you Choo Thomas for your sacrificial and humble obedience to the Lord Jesus. To God be the glory.

Tommy from Federal Way, WA United States

As a pastor, prison chaplain, and Pentecostal, I approached this work with a mixture of skepticism and anticipation. I looked for signs of true inspiration, and yet was alert for manipulation and opinion-masked-as-revelation. I read in this "double-minded" manner for fifty pages or so, and then tumbled upon a section that came through to me with such Holy Ghost anointing that I cast aside my doubts and prayed, "Lord, speak to me through this last day revelation!"

The passage contained a vision of the pit of hell. Many have claimed such visions, but never have I read such a frank, heart-wrending description. Thomas tells of seeing her own beloved mother in that pit! I was dumbfounded, and humbled. I saw the broken heart of God, and was awakened to the urgency of the time in which we live.

The honesty and pain of this glimpse into hades so gripped me that I shared it this past Sunday three times. First, with my adult Sunday School class, then with a group of male prisoners, and finally with a group of female inmates. In each case, as I read of this mother in hell, there were gasps. Usually, when ministers read from the pulpit, we limit ourselves to a short paragraph. I read nearly two pages of her book, and was met with silence and amazement. Each time I read, I felt such an anointing.

I dare not rate this book on its style, plot, or any other such "objective" standards. This book claims to be an account of visions from God. I believe it is and encourage believers see what God says about heaven, hell, the importance of our witness, and of holy living in these last days.

Thank you Choo Thomas for your sacrificial and humble obedience to an extradinarily difficult calling!

Dear Choo,

My name is Brandon. I am a american soldier currently fighting in the war in Iraq. 2 years ago I did not know Jesus and I was
stationed in Korea where I met my wife Sunyoung who was a christian.We were married and then I was stationed in Fort Lewis Washington and lived in Steailacoom.

Even though I went to church with my wife becuase I love her so much Istill really didn't understand, I guess I didn't have the will to learn. My wife then suddenly became to be extremely religious she began speaking in tongues and going to church almost 7 days a week. I then became a little more religious myself understanding listening wanting to learn.

I then was deployed to Iraq and without my wife was kind of lost, until one day she's going crazy over ur book heaven is so real, she begged me to read. So finally I read it and have more faith and more belief than I can handle! I wanting to read the bible just stop and talk to God whenever I have questions about anything I love it, I love u, I love Jesus! Me and my wife both want to thank u for sacrifices enable to teach us of the days to come and Jesus loves more than we will ever know.

I just bought 20 copies of ur book for r local church back home including copies for my family I just want to thank u again. Also me and my wife would love to meet u when we return back from Iraq and back to Fort Lewis. If this is possible a prayer would be answered thank u be safe and GOD bless !!!!

Your brother Brandon

Hi my name is Michele,

I just wanted you to know how great your book has been for me and countless others.

It started with a phone call from my husband, who is stationed in Iraq. Although we are both "christians" I dont think we both really ever knew what our purpose on this earth was for. So my husband called me and wanted me to read this book, "Heaven is so Real."

To be honest, i had not interest in reading it at all but since my husband wanted me to I thought I would just to appease him! To make a long story short I ordered the book, from a local book store, left in at the store for a week before I went a bought it! Then I started reading it a week ago. I'm only begining chapter 12 today but the message was loud and clear. God wants me to love his people and share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ! I never thought I would be one of those sold out for Jesus types!

I don't know yet all about what you have seen in Heaven but I know that God has called you to ministry so that He can minister to others like me. It is a contagious! I have been sharing this book with everyone I know!

Thank you for being open enough to hear His message so that many will come to know Our Lord!! May the Whole World Hear!


My Testimony after Visiting Choo Thomas

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord, Jesus Christ.

As lots of people say that we are living in the last days, I have had a strong passion to know more about our Lord Jesus and His coming. In "Heaven Is So Real!," the author, Choo Thomas, wrote about her experience and conversation with Lord Jesus. When I heard about this book, I ordered it immediately from online and read it. The book was much more than I ever expected. Jesus was talking to me through the book. And the Holy Spirit was coming onto me with shaking my body when I was reading His Word. I tell you humbly that this book is next to the Holy Bible to know our Lord Jesus and His coming. The LORD Savior loves us so much. He wants all people to be obedient and pure-hearted as water. He wants all nations to be prepared for His coming and to be saved. The book is powerful enough to prepare for His coming and to make strait the way for the Lord.

After reading the book, I contacted with the author by email that she supplied at the end of the book. After contacting with her, I and my brother decided to visit her as old Christians wanted to see the apostles and prophets. We wanted a point of contact with her so that the Holy Spirit may work within us stronger. With His permission, we visited her by car from southern California to Washington. Even though there was lots of snow, we arrived in Tacoma safely on right time.

The house was full of love, happiness, warmness, and peace. When I met her, I was so surprised because she has real pure heart like a child. And my impression of her and her husband was that they are so passionate to serve Jesus and willing to give others the true happiness of God. I never met people as humble as they are. They have so much love that I cannot describe. As Jesus says in the bible that "beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?" they have the fruit of love that only can be bare by our Lord Jesus (Matthew 7:15-16). While I was having conversation with them, the Holy Spirit was coming onto me and my body shook rapidly. Even if she does not need any testimony, I want to say that she is being used by God. Thank you, our Lord Jesus.

As she mentioned in her book, she did not started her miracle dancing ministry yet. I, however, saw a little move of heavenly dance when we went "the Church for All Nations" they serve. I think that my description will be not enough to describe the dance. All I can say about the dance is every single movement made me so happy and blessed. And the church was also very different from other churches. The church is widely open for all people not only for one race. The church members were consisted of many different races, and people have all different backgrounds were there only to worship God. It was very great experience to visit her and the church. If you have not read "Heaven Is So Real!" yet, please read the book. His Word in the book will change your life completely and will give you strength and peace of God. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you.

Your brother in Christ,


Dear Choo,

Heaven is so real has changed my life. I have been saved since I was about fourteen. I was on fire for God, but later because of my lack of discipline, I allowed the world to slowly creep back into my heart. As I grew older, I still loved God and wanted to serve Him only, but I allowed myself to fall to my temptations. You can say I was an on again, off again Christian--a backsliding Christian. At one point in time, I renewed my faith and renewed my mind and I was consistently going to church and trying to live a godly life, however, after a few months, I fell back again. I am twenty-six now. "Heaven is so real" was a wake up call for me!

My good friend told me about "Heaven is so real" the first part of February. She had said that her mother had read it and was so touched by it. My friend and I were both intrigued by this book. It so happens that my friend's mother and my mother attend the same church in Tacoma, Washington. Well, coincidentally, the next weekend, my mother purchased two books, one for me and my husband and the other for my brother's family. I began reading it immediately, but very slowly because I didn't want to miss anything.

A couple of weekends later, on a Saturday, I was home alone and I began reading again. I came across a subtitled section called "I will keep their babies." During the reading of that section, I cried so hard that I had to put the book down. I cried in great sadness and guilt. I felt guilty because though I had never been pregnant or had an abortion, I knew a woman that had. I told this woman what God's Word says about abortion and that she should keep the baby. Well, she did not keep the baby. I felt I should have done more. I began to pray and cry out to God asking for forgiveness. I also began to confess all my sins and repent. I was incredibly and deeply sorrowful. I was laying everything out to God. I wanted Him to cleanse my heart, wipe my slate clean. This time it was different! As I was praying, I was led to speak in tongues.

I was sitting on my couch with my hands raised, my eyes closed, crying and anointed with the Holy Spirit. It was exhilarating! I was so moved. I also began to sing in the Spirit. At the same time this went on, I was sweating profusely and my body would shudder occasionally. I also began laughing. I have never laughed this way before. I was cracking up, like someone told the funniest joke in the world and at the same time I was full of joy! I felt the love of God. I didn't want this time to end. As I began to quiet down, a verse came to my heart-- "...All old things shall pass away..." I didn't know what verse it was from, but I knew it somewhere in the Bible. I was so excited to find the verse that I went to get my Bible and started flipping through it. I decided to call my brother because he would know where to find just about any verse. I told him what happened to me and he said he would call me back as soon as he found it. He called back right away.

Revelation 21:4 "And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away."

That verse was so comforting to me. I was laughing when I read this because I was so happy! Since that day, I made a choice to change because I desire to be pure-hearted and obedient.

Jesus says in the book for us to give up the worldly things in order to please Him. He wants our hearts to put Him first and He wants us to live pure lives because He loves all of us and wants to bring us to Heaven. Amen!

Thank You, Jesus, for this book! Thank You, Jesus, for your unconditional love !

Martha from Washington

Sis. Choo Nam, Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

After reading your book my heart is filled with a great sense of Joy for what the Lord Jesus has done and is doing for His Bride, the Church.

These are the days of the Great Awakening, and Great outpouring of God's Spirit on all flesh. Sadly these are also the days of the Great Falling away and many need to be shaken (woke up) to the Urgency of Jesus' Soon Coming before it is too late.

While reading your testimony I could see and understand why Jesus in the beginning took you very slowly through your experience at first. Building your faith each time He would visit you and showing you that you have nothing to fear. I could sense you warming up and asking Jesus more and more questions as you begin to grow and gain confidence in the Lord Jesus. It was wonderful to walk with you, in my mind's eye, as Jesus revealed some of the hidden mysteries of the Kingdom to you. The best part is that He is Coming Soon to Rapture His Church and we shall forever be with the Lord.

Many will read and not understand, even some in the Church, but for those with ears to hear and eyes to see they will know that only Jesus could do and reveal the mysteries within your book. God will send others to you to encourage you and He will not leave you comfortless as you do this great END TIME work for Jesus. The Bible says in

John 4:1 "Beloved, believe not every Spirit, but try the Spirit to see if it be of God."

Now based on what we know about God we know that His Spirit would never operate outside of His Word or Character. "Heaven is So Real" is a book that Glorifies Jesus and denounces sin and disobedience to God. It is a balanced account that shows the amazing Goodness of the Lord toward the faithful but also shows the consequences for living in Sin and rebellion against God which is Eternal Hell fire (the pit). This book is chuck full of subtle clues that only Jesus would know and could reveal. This is the Work of the Lord. Glory to God!

Keep on doing God's Work and Be Strong and of a good Courage Choo Nam for Jesus is with you wherever you go!

In His Service,

Pastor Daniel

Dear Sister Choo Thomas,

I wish that you could see how many lives you have changed through "Heaven Is So Real!" So many people around me have bought several copies to give to their friends and family members and they constantly tell me that their lives and relationship with God has changed by reading "Heaven Is So Real!" "Heaven Is So Real," really clarified many things to a lot of people and our desires to enter Heaven has been re-strengthened. Isn't this so amazing how Jesus is changing our lives! Thank You Jesus for "Heaven Is So Real!" Thank you for obeying Him and writing it!

Ever since we were in Sweden, my father has always preached about Heaven & Hell and about the End Times. But to our surprise, when my father came back to Korea, he was asked to speak less about Heaven and Hell (?) But it is such an awesome blessing for us that Pastor Cho preaches so open-heartedly about "Heaven Is So Real" and that our church, Full Gospel Church will experience a second revival! Thank You Jesus!

The first time, I ever heard about "Heaven Is So Real" was when Pastor Paul Yonggi Cho talked about it during a Sunday worship service. As a matter of fact, during the time when "Heaven Is So Real" was being translated to Korean, he talked about this book at his Wednesday and Sunday sermons several times. He told us that he had already read it four times and would read it two more times and that everybody should read it! It clearly showed that "Heaven Is So Real" had a great impact to Pastor Cho because during his seminars and conferences, he recommended that all pastors read "Heaven Is So Real" and use it as a reference in their preaching.

"Heaven Is So Real" was advertised on Full Gospel Church's website, on newspapers, journals, and on posters. Before it even hit the book shelves, I was very fortunate to receive a copy in English from the person who translated the book, but others had to stand in long lines to buy a copy. The first day the book was out, thousands of copies were immediately sold out. Constantly, a sign saying "Sold Out" would be hanging outside the book stores people had to wait for the next day to buy a book! So many books have been sold due to that many people felt that this was too great of a book to just keep it to themselves. People are buying several copies to give to their unsaved friends and family members. Even my Sunday School students have read it and burning desires to go to Heaven has taken place in their hearts. "Heaven Is So Real" is not only sold at the bookstores in churches but also in the largest bookstores in Korea. As of today, it is the number one best seller in the Christian section! Glory to God!

Strangely, my parents and many people around me, including me have read your book but when we read it a second time, there are so many words and sentences that appear so new to us. Just like the Bible, I feel like I'm reading the book for the first time, although I have already finished reading it. God is amazing! There are no words to define His wisdom and love!




My name is David and I'm 18 years old. I just wanted to say I started reading the book 2 days ago and I'm almost done!!!

First I want to say thank you to the Lord in Heaven for using you to tell me the message Jesus has for all people of the world. Sister Thomas, THIS is why He used you.

I'm so happy that Jesus wants us to join him in his kingdom. I feel so free and carefree in the sense that God is in control of my life.

Your book made me feel so close to the Lord and I can't explain in these words what I feel.

When I get to heaven I want to give you a BIG hug!!! Jesus is soooo good...and also If you have the time, can you just say a quick prayer for me?

I'm blessed with musical talent from God and I hope I can make a difference in the world through my music.

God bless you sister and thank you!!

Remember, this is why God chose you!!!! For me and everyone else!!!

Jesus' servant David

Precious Sister in Christ, Choo Nam,

I thank and praise God for your obedience and His persistent love! Heaven is So Real! completely changed my life. I now have real hope of Heaven and even more real closeness to my beloved Jesus.

God has so set me free and blessed me indescribably through your book--or rather, His book.

I can't tell you how much I cried and laughed and yearned for Jesus throughout the read. I felt as if I was there with you and Jesus walking along the beach, visiting Heaven and its glorious splendor.

While reading, I had to stop reading often so blinded by the rivers of tears as I repented and heard his loving words. I experienced God's forgiveness, reconciliation and love through every word Jesus spoke. Jesus became so REAL to me!

Now, two weeks after reading the book, I am still so happy, I don't know how to contain the joy of the hope of heaven. I feel like I am floating, living in unadulterated joy. Nothing bothers me anymore. Nothing can steal away this real joy, this wonderful hope of Heaven. I don't worry about anything. I don't get stressed over anything eventhough none of my external circumstances have changed. I am changed.

I think about Jesus at every waking moment and can't - and certainly don't want to - get Him out of my mind. He so preoccupies all my thoughts. He is SO good.

I am so eager each day to get on my knees and seek His face, His will, His Word. I love to be in His presence.

Since I've read the book, the Scriptures - most especially the four Gospels - come alive!

Reading Heaven is So Real! I was astounded and mesmerized by each word Jesus spoke. I had to read and re-read every precious word He spoke. He forgave my sins, healed my heart, and revived my backslidden, dying soul.

I am eagerly sharing this book with my family and friends. Those who have read it already are as excited and encouraged as I am. I want the whole world to know what a great God we have.

If I never meet you on this side of eternity, I know I will when I get to heaven. And as soon as I meet Jesus (which may take a while since I don't think I will ever be able to take my eyes off of Him when I see Him), you are the first person I want to meet to say "Thank you."

God Bless You!


Dear Choo,

"Heaven Is So Real" is changing so many lives around me! I gave an English copy to a girl who suffers eating disorder. She was so fascinated by the book that she bought a Korean copy for her dad, who was never a serious Christian. He was more of a "Sunday person" who only attends church on Sundays for the sake of his family. He read "Heaven Is So Real" within couple of days and "BOOM!" he changed 180 degrees! He has changed so much that he reads the Bible daily and wants to know more about Jesus!

My friend from Denmark, who is a very succesful career woman is reading the book and constantly tells me that she is so blessed for reading "Heaven Is So Real!" She carries the book with her all the time and she tells me that every time she reads the book, her faith strengthens and she has found the reason to why she is living on this earth. We are telling each others that we have to praise and glorify God in every way and many times we wonder if our work really pleases God. Time is so short and there is so much to do for Jesus!

Another lady, who supports our Sunday School both with money and prayers told me that "Heaven Is So Real" made her cry. Tears of joy that she has been saved and tears of sadness for not being able to do more for Jesus. She told me that after the Bible, "Heaven Is So Real" is one of the most inspirational books that has brought her closer to God!

Glory & Praise to Our Almighty Lord! Amazing things happen because God is amazing!!!

Your Sister Sarah

Choo Thomas,

I just finished reading (heaven is so real). It blow my mind away & convicted my spirit, I was repenting almost every chapter.

I quickly realize I would have been one of those Christians wondering in the valley.

Thank you Choo for obeying Jesus and doing his work, you have no idea on what a big impact that this book has made in my life, like Jesus intended.

I have already told my friends about the book & plan too tell more.

Once again thank you so much for your ministries it have been such a blessing.

If Jesus leads you too please pray for me, that I will grow closer to the Lord, get my career started in animation & that the Lord will give me a wife.

Once again thank you & I love you , may God bless.


Dear Mrs. Thomas,

An-yong-ha-se-yoh!!! I just finished reading your book. And I wanted to thank you for your obedience to our Lord. The books has been such a great encouragement and challenge to my walk with HIM. I think you're just so awesome, it is no wonder He thinks that the world of you.

I also wrote to tell you that I received a copy of your book from the Korean True Love Mission is Los Angeles. The Jon-do-sa-nim (she spoke with you on the telephone) is a friend of my mom's, and she gave me a copy.

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical before I read the book, but before I read I asked the Holy Spirit to be my filter of truth and that I may not miss any truth neither by my arrogance (thinking I'm so spiritual) or ignorance (believing everything I hear). Wow, I don't remember the last time I cried so much reading a book. He is so awesome!!! And I can't wait until I am with my Lord in HEAVEN.

Thank you again. I just finished reading it tonight. And you have taught me how to pray. I did not know how impatient I had been in my prayers until you shared that. I hope I get to see you someday. I believe I will.

Many Blessings,


Dear Choo,

I just finished reading your book (Heaven Is So Real) This book is the most awsome book I have ever read in my entire life. Roundtree and Baxter books are also very power full books.I will try to get the Bible stores to stock up on your books. I will spread the word about your incredible book.

Thank you so much my sister in Christ Jesus,


Hello Mrs. Choo Thomas,

I just wanted to write to you to say thank you for obeying the Lord the book has changed my life even others that I have been sharing it with.

In your book you mentioned the crystal river and the colorful fish I too saw that river many years ago and I know with out a doubt that I saw a part of heaven.

The Lord also showed me a dream in which I walked to what looked liked the edged of the earth and when I looked down over the edge I saw hordes of demons marching in rank and formation just like an army on our earth and they were on their way up to our earth.

In your book you mentioned the prophecy that Pastor Randolph spoke to you concerning peoples misunderstanding of the way that God manifest His Glory through, I too can relate.

You have encouraged me in many ways. My 14 year old soon has also been changed.

I love God and all I want to do is praise & worship Him

Thank God for His mighty works!

I received your e-mail address in your printed testimony about your experience with Choo Thomas' book "Heaven Is So Real". I just wanted to respond as well.

This book has turned my life upside down! I have passed out several books to those the Lord has directed me toward.

I find that my hunger to share with others and to grow closer to the Lord has taken on a new dimension. I think I am beginning to understand a little more of what it means to "work out my salvation daily".

I pray that the Lord will create a clean heart within me.

I write this to you to encourage you.

I had some of the same thoughts you expressed in your testimony my friend sent with the extra books I requested.

God bless you. Keep on growing in your faith and witness.

In Christ,


Dear Choo Nam,

I am reading your book and desire to have eight copies for my children and husband. My husband & I are separated and he is with another woman. I am a Christian and so much want all of my family to read your book. If it is possible could you send me the copies at my expense? Please email me back and let me know as soon as possible as time is so short.

Thanking you in advance.


Dear Choo Thomas,

I have just finished reading your wonderful book and now I am starting to read it again. What a timely publication of your book, it must be providential.

I would like to invite you to visit our local ministry in Puyallup. I am a CO-director of the Prayer & Healing Rooms where we minister to folks, spirit, soul and body. We meet every Wednesday 2 - 4 PM and Sat from 11-3PM for ministry by our teams.

We have our headquarters web site which will tell you more about us. It is we would be so pleased if you would come and pray with us and see where the Holy Spirit would lead you and us.

God Bless you and the ministry you are entering.

Dear Choo,

I read your book and enjoyed it very leaves one speechless as to the glory and wonder of God...and what awaits those who love Him. My heart's desire is to live each day glorifying him...and I thank you for being an example of living humbly and obediently.



Hi Choo,

My name is Jim, my wife is also a Korean American and she heard about your book from Pastor Cho in Korea. She bought a copy and read it, and WOW, it was awesome! It changed her christian life forever! She couldn't wait to tell me about it. I was very interested, so I ordered a copy and read it. Unbelievable! It really changes lives! The Lord is speaking directly to us through your book!

Thank you Choo, you truly are the Lord's "Special Daughter". Thank you for your dedicated prayer life, and for listening and obeying our Lord and Savior so that we can all enjoy this glimpse into our future.

This book is a "Serious Wake Up Call" for all christians in this world. It woke me up that's for sure, and my prayer now is that it will "wake up" everyone that reads it. I bought 10 copies already for some of my friends and I plan on buying more. The Lord truly is coming soon, and we need to be ready! Thank you Choo for obeying Jesus, but most importantly.........

Thank You Lord!!!!!

Dear Servant of the Lord!

Just a short note to express my - and my family - greatest appreciation of your wounderful book Heaven Is So Real! Indeed a most stirring and faithbuilding reading, we really enjoyed it very much. However the message is both edifying and dreadful depending only on the relation to the Lord Jesus.

We are so greatful to the Lord that we are born again christians and that we have the firm hope of the soon coming Lord. God bless you - and your whole family - in your prerapture worldwide revival ministry!

Kindly, Carl-Gustav


I am since many years a subscriber of Charisma & Christian Life magazine - there I found the info/ad about your publication.

Choo Nam,

I just finished reading your book and I believe you. I'm in agreement with you and support your ministry. I live here in Lakewood and would love to attend any engagements you may have in the area, if so please let me know area.

Thank you for being obedient to Christ and I only pray that I can have such a pure heart. I seek a pure heart daily. That has always been my prayer along with humility, since a child. I have been through many things, but God has always been faithful, even when I thought He wasn't, in retrospect He was. I wish I could say that I never blamed Him as you did, but I can't say the same. However I know He has lovingly forgiven me and sticks by me anyway always ushering me to the next level of serving Him. I love Him so much.

I am praying about being able to purchase several books for my friends who don't think they can afford to buy your book. I've already sent an e-mail to all my contacts urging them to quickly buy and read the book. Also when your book is translated into Korean I want to get one for my dear friend Grace (our piano player). She has such a pure heart and is such a wonderful person. She is going to try to read the one in English but has much trouble with English.

Thank you so much Choo. You are a blessing to this world and I pray many will receive what you have to say and take seriously our life here on earth in preparation for eternity. I love you in Christ, you are my sister.

Thank you,


Dear Fred and Nancy,

Thank you for the book "Heaven Is So Real." I don't quite know what to say. This book has shaken my world to the core. I have cried, (I didn't think I would), felt fear, sensed doubt that I have missed the mark in what I thought of as "loving the Lord," felt so unworthy of His consideration and done some serious soul searching. In other words this book has had a life changing effect on me. I am in the process of re-evaluating my life, daily choices, and most of all my commitment to God. I don't want to be cut off from God or miss out on heaven. All of my life is under the magnifying glass right now.

Thank you for sending 4 more copies - these signed by Choo Nam. I will give them out as the Lord leads.

It was good to talk to you on the phone. We pray that you have a blessed New Year.



Dear Mrs. Choo Nam Thomas,

What a blessing to have this special book of "Heaven is so Real!" in my hand.


My name is Michael Park. I am a Korean pastor of small church in Los Angeles. I was referred this book by a friend of mine. I rushed to a Korean Christian book store and got a copy of Korean version. I started reading the book on the very same night. I could not stop it. It was on Saturday which is my sermon preparation day but the Lord pulled me into deeper spiritual world in heaven.

I looked up internet to get a English version but they are not available. I called the publishing company in Florida. They told me it was sold out. It was exciting but I left back order of the books for my friends.

Ever since I bacame a Christian in 1989 the Lord puts into my heart about His glorious heavenly kingdom and His soon return. The Lord brought me to many other brothers and sisters around the world who are anxiously waiting for His return and the rapture through email.

It seems that only small number of Christian people are waiting for His return or looking for glorious kingdom in heaven. I believe whole heartly that your book will be the Lord's vessel of great awakening to many churches around the world and bring many unsaved souls to Christ.

It is also interesting that Mel Gibson's movie "Passion of Christ" is being used as a powerful tool in about same time as well as "the Left behind" prophetic book series.

I know your book impacted and encouraged many hearts who are or have been waiting patiently for the Lord's soon return. I am certainly one of them.

Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord Jesus. I am almost jelous about you since Jesus loves you so very much. I want to love my Lord Jesus more. This book challenged me in a fresh look in heaven. I will serve Him more and love Him more. I also read Mary Baxters' "Divine revelation of Hell" and "Divine revelation of Heaven".

I met another Korean lady(grandma) who has similar experiences like you. I gave her a copy of your book and she was very excited about your story as well as reminding her own testamonies. I believe in no doubt that God is using many humble maidservants like you in this last days to make the world know that the heaven and hell are real.

Also, His return is very close. I pray that the Lord continuously reveals the heavenly secrets to you and share with His children.

May you be in His love and peace,

shalom and blessings,


Dear Sister Thomas:

Hello! I had to sit down and write you. Praise God, I know every word of your book "Heaven is so real" is true. I believe w/all my heart this is God. I got this book when you came to our church "Parkland Revival: and Pastor Hitchcock said your book was a must read. I bought it w/my daughters birthday money I wanted it so bad. Of course, I returned her money on payday.

Anyway, I just finished it and I need 2 more copies one for my pastor (Lindsey Maxwell, Newman, GA.) and the other for my mother. How can I get them? I am sending my personal copy to my husband who is in Iraq. Mostly, I wrote to say "Thank-you-for obeying Jesus and sharing your testimony and visions. I love you even though I don't know you personally.

Jesus has always been real to me. However, your book has inspired me to not worry about my life but about telling everyone who Jesus is & what He can do for them.

Christ Humble Servant,


Mrs. Choo Thomas,

Praise God for choosing you and thank you for obeying Jesus in writing this book, Heaven Is So Real. Reading this book kindled a longing in my heart that hasn't been too strong in my heart before about desiring a close personal relationship with Jesus and to please Him.

I believe every word that Jesus spoke in that book. It sure is Jesus speaking in every way. Moreover, the Heaven took on new wings as I read your description of that glorious place. The book made me repent, cry and laugh right along the reading. If my heart is heavy within me, I know I have much to change and pray about.

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you obeying our Lord. And I'm so thankful that he gave us such a concrete words using modern language.

Bless you and thank you again.

One blessed sister in Christ,


Dear Mrs. Thomas,

For me, it was an honor to have met you, I was with Pat and Betty at the parking lot of Church for all Nations today 3/15/04.

I am reading the book for the third time now, to say thank you, is not enough.

I have given a way most if the 15 books I had because I believe every word that was written and I want my friends and family to know time is so short.

I'm sure there isn't enough time in a day for all you need to do, I'll make this e-mail short. Do you ever speak to any christen groups about the book Heaven is so real? Will you answer questions by e-mail or in groups?

Thank you again.



Dear Choo Nam Thomas,

Your book is the turning point in my life. I desperately needed this but did not know it. Now I need all the help I can get from our Heavenly Father, our Lord, from you, and from the church that we are starting to attend. I have distributed your (the Lord's) book from an initial purchase of ten books with mixed reactions, but mostly positive. A friend in Ocala didn't want me to send the book but he bought a bunch of them and is distributing them to his relatives and friends. Others have pledged to read it. Two people said "this is not my thing" or something to that effect. I intend to pursue it with one of these. I have had a business career most of my life, but as a retiree have worked with non-profit organizations including the Red Cross where I finished my term as board chairman three years ago. However, for the first time in my life I feel comfortable about discussing Jesus even with casual acquaintances. The book has done this for me. Now I want my wife Anita to come to the same thinking, is very important to me of course, but this will be a challenge. She is a wholesome person and has been a wonderful wife and helpmate in our nearly 58 years of marriage. I am working with her but it will take time. The following is an article that I enclose with the books I give out along with your and Nancy Shelton's messages. I also have written a long letter to the Pastor at the church we are attending on my beliefs, the future of this small church and church issues. If you ever have time to read such a thing, I will gladly send it to you. It is part of my groping to know if this is the right church for us. Here is the page that precedes or accompanies copies of your book.

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