The peace of Christ be with you Choo Thomas,
My name is Gracious Attah from West Africa / Ghana. I'm privileged for having the chance to read your book HEAVEN IS SO REAL. I believe in what you have written with all the Visions of Christ as well as Heaven and Hell because by the Grace of God. I have had the chance of seeing Hell and satan, the entrance of Heaven as well as the hands of the Lord and the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ. My hands have been shaking for a while now and more importantly since I started reading HEAVEN IS SO REAL. IT HAS BEEN VERY INTENSE. My whole body shakes as if vibrating and i feel heat all over my body like fire. I know the Lord has a purpose for my Life but as at now I don't know the reason why the anointing comes on me and makes me shake, however I pray whenever I experience it, even at work. Sometimes the shaking comes with pain around my wrist and palms and other times I suddenly get cold with bumps. I am almost through reading HEAVEN IS REAL. I felt the urge to write to you today and I believe that it is the Holy Spirit ministering to me. Thanks a lot for taking time to listen to me. GOD BLESS YOU


Dear Mummy Choo Nam,
I am glad to confess to you that the book "Heaven Is so Real" has really come true in my life. I have in so many ways been blessed by it, that I'vee come to make it my devotional book.  Where ever you are, I want you to know that there is some one that this book has greatly touched.
Thank you for availing Yourself for the masters use. You're a great woman of faith. My only problem is that I am trying hard to emulate you so that Christ too can use me the way he's used you, but my only challenge is having to struggle with my old ways.  I am like off and on, but I've always prayed that God gives me the grace to stand.  Because just like you are really bent on making heaven.
God bless you, and don't forget to put me in your prayers, Love you mum. Αnd may God bless U richly.  All I need is your prayers, please tell the Lord about me, tell Him that I so need Him in my life.  I've done that my self but its just as though He doesn't hear me, because I still keep struggling with same issues that ‎​am so helpless to.
God bless U mummy..
Ur son,
Izu. Prosper  From lagos,Nigeria

Hi, My name is Imman. After reading the book Heaven is so Real, my life was changed. I have read quite a few books on experiences where people visit Heaven or Hell. This book has changed my life forever - as many others have. Thank you, I now devote one hour in prayer and meditation everyday to the Lord. Heaven Is So Real! was a wonderful book that will save many souls from the horrors of hell. I have collected a number of Catholic books (such as the Catechism) to study more on my faith. Now, from your book, I am gifted with a strong desire to serve our Lord and evangelize. I have questions on your book - are you still visited by Jesus these days? Are you still taken to that special beach occasionally? I most certainly hope you are. I've always wondered - and I'm sorry to bring you back this memory - but did you see any children in hell? Would Jesus allow a child to go to hell? Would a child who didn't believe in Him go to hell?  What would one require to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? What special qualities do you need to have eternal life?

When reading your book, I was particularly interested in your act of witnessing to people in the streets and presenting them with your "Salvation Package." I was visited by a strong desire to follow in your example and start to evangelize. But I find this very hard - sometimes I find myself embarrassed or hesitated to preach the Word. I go to a Catholic school, the majority of which don't live their lives as God intends them to. Some of them don't even believe in the Lord. Is is because of this that I am so hesitant to evangelize to them because I know that they are most likely to reject me.

I also want to try to make some of your Salvation Packages and present them to the people I witness to. Could you give me a list of the materials in your package? Also, how do you package the contents? How many would I need? I am trying to do this very quickly because I know the Lord is coming and soon it will be too late.

Thank you very much, and please pray for me.

Dear Choo,
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have never stopped thinking of this wonderful book,"Heaven Is So Real". It is mind blowing. It revealed so many things i didn't know about our Lord Jesus Christ and Heaven.   It has blessed me richly and changed my life. I never knew such a book exists until a friend and sister told me about it. I was glad she did.
Efe Aigbe
I live in South Africa and heard about your book a month ago. I bought it because it was it seemed to be interesting and I wanted to know more about it. I just got redeemed a month ago. Before Jesus, I used to think that the bible was just a book of instruction needed to be followed. I wondered and became afraid that I would go back to my old way and still am because of the community I am in. It has a lot of influence. But 'Heaven is so real!', really changed my life. I still have wonders of what will happen there. Your way of living is really unbelievable and uncommon, I usually say ''it's weird!'', because I have never seen any one like you did. I have made many promises and never kept them and now I am even scared to make them again. I live with my family about twelve, when I talk to them about Jesus they just seems not to care most of them. My mother told me that she is saved but I doubt it and she told me I have lost the way because of the decisions I have taken, because there are so many beliefs and Religions. Thank you for the revelations and i thank Lord for the book that He created through you. It was not easy to get the book, I had many doubt.  Thank you and God bless!

Kind regards Andy

Testimony after reading Heaven is So Real:

My name is Jennise, I'm reading your book, and went on Youtube and saw one of your testimonies, my chest starting burning when I was hearing you it still burning. I just got back from a youth retreat, and it was burning there as well, and I was shaking so much, but it went away 2 days after and i didn't know what it was, at retreat one of the nights God gave me a verse Matthew 4:16 around 4 AM, and a vision, to tell his people he is coming soon. Since then I haven't been the same, I went to the store looking for a book, but saw yours, I don't know how what It just compelled me to buy it. It is being a blessing to me. Thank you so much. I'm an instructor for worship dance. Ministry has grown so much in such a short period of time. I see girls lives transform thru dance and how sensitive they are to the presence of God. Just again thank you, thank you so much. And, one day if it is not here I will meet you in heaven and dance unto God.


My name is Ivanca Olanu and the book Heaven Is So Real caused me to understand the true love and mercy of Jesus Christ. I finally understood just how much He really loves me, it's usually so hard for me to understand because I felt when I mess up that there were no more chances for me but just hearing Jesus say " Ivanca, You are my daughter, and I love you" changes everything forever. His love keeps no records of my wrongs because God is love and love keeps no records of our wrongs (Corinthians) when we humbly confess and choose to leave our old ways. God can restore anything that has fallen in your life, this book will help you understand God's true nature, His nature of true love! This book is one of the most important books of History, and this is the time to read it. God wants to change your life with this book, He wants to bring you to a new walk with Him and He chose His precious daughter Choo Thomas to give these divine revelations. Her story is true and God made it for you to change your life. I recommend it for everyone because everyone in life needs to know the truth about God so that they may walk with Him into the light of eternity. God is Perfect love that casts out all fear. Praise the Lord, the Lord anointed my body after starting the book with the heavenly tremblings during prayers. Blessings to everyone, everyone needs to read this book because it is the Lord Jesus' end times book. There is no doubt this is His exact book for our time, the time is now to read it! Love, Ivanca

Love ,  Ivanca


Hi Mrs. Thomas

PRAISE THE LORD! I'm a 13 year old boy who has been having a closer relationship with the Lord since I've read your/His book. I asked the Lord to help me renounce all evil from me & become a better person. I used to be bisexual, a young age to know it, but I asked the Lord to help me. So far so great :D. I try my best not to be a disobedient child. I used to be obsessed with lady gaga and fame, and I wanted some pretty expensive headphones, now it doesn't matter at all. I was saving money for the headphones, but I'm thinking instead of using them for the headphones, give them to a charity, or when I go to church give it. I've been praying more than ever. It's incredible how a book can change your life completely, well it is the Lord's book. I want everyone in my family to read it, but I want to finish it hahahah, I'm very close to the end though. I pray for you every night (:. I wrote so much more on another e-mail but I can't remember much of it. Apparently it didn't send :/ . But I got the most important part of it. May I ask you to pray for my family and me, to be better people? :D it would mean so much :D. Also is it a sin to say bad words?

This is an awesome book. I was blessed reading every page. I gave a copy of the book to my mother to read when she came to visit for a while. The day she finally decided to read it, she was locked up in the guest room for the whole day. My husband was wondering if all was well but we later realized than she was caught up reading the book. She started in the morning and completed it in the evening and was just in awe of what she read - thoroughly blessed by the author's experience. 

I like how Jesus spoke to Choo about Tithes and Not Worrying and gave her several heavenly experiences as well as what happen when people do not live for God or accept Him into their lives. 

This is a book I would recommend to those who are saved as well as not saved. Read it from cover to cover before making any judgments. Do not read with a critical spirit - just read and be blessed

This book has been such a blessing to my life and ministry. As a Pastor I am not interested in some writing that would just tickle my ears but that of the Spirit of God that would inspire, challenge, rebuke and exhort. 

The writing of the book does it all and I am convinced Choo Thomas is a prophetess to the end time Church. May God bless all that read the teachings from the pages of this book with an open mind and a humble teachable heart. 


Good day sister Choo

I am one of the people who got saved through reading Heaven is so real and other friends of mine got saved as well after I introduced them to the book. My mother and I got saved at the same time reading the book!!!. I have read your latest “urgent message” dated 1 March 2010 and the fact that Jesus was going to return in 2009 but delayed it. We (my friends and I) were so excited and ecstatic about the fact that truly our Lord and Saviour is soon coming back and nearly came back last year to take us HOME.

We would like for you to pray for us and our families in your prayers because we understand that you are a highly anointed woman of God, who like David I believe God says about you: here is a woman after my heart. We love Jesus with all of our hearts, mind & strength, but I must say sometimes we are so fearful of the possibility of being left behind at the rapture, because we understand that truly our Lord Jesus is coming back for those that are ready and waiting for Him. All day long we talk about Him coming back to take us home. Please pray for us for God to help us in our Christian walk, to purify our hearts, to be obedient to His Word and to grant us a spirit of readiness all the time.

We thank God for you sister Choo , Sandra Sadiq , Mary Baxter and all the other powerful, annointed men and women of God that God is using in these end times to give/prophesy such powerful and profound revelations. Thank you for allowing our Lord Jesus to use you to write His book, heaven is so real, you have been such a blessing to us. I pray that God bless you and your families even more abundantly in each and every aspect of your lives.

God bless.


Dear Sister Choo,

Here are the rapture dreams I was telling you about. I have never in my life had dreams like this before and I was so amazed by them especially in the order they happened in. I haven’t told too many people about them, only a few close Christians that I know. I am so excited and I know we can be raptured at any time now and I will continue to do all I can to witness till Jesus comes to take us home.

The first dream in 2007 I was in Peru on a mission trip, in my dream there were angels surrounding me and very tall wearing white robes and in the dream they were telling me to be ready (rapture) and I woke up.

Second dream in 2008 I was on a short mission trip in Owsley county Kentucky, in my dream I was standing outside in an open field and there was a big city to my right and there was a man standing in front of me not sure who he was but he looked nervous and all the sudden I heard a loud sound like graves popping open and I knew what was happening and I told the man that the rapture was happening and that the dead would rise first and I heard a very loud voice say THE DEAD SHALL RISE FIRST and I woke up.

Third dream in 2008 I was outside and people were panicking running all over the place and didn’t know what to do but I knew what was happening and I shouted and told the people to hurry and repent because the rapture was getting ready to happen and all the sudden my body was changing like it was transparent and I was starting to go up and people that were saved were going up too very fast! There is a picture that I found that looks just like this dream and the sky in this dream was even blue, amazing! I woke up.

Fourth dream 2009 I was outside working on my truck and people everywhere were in a panic and cars were crashing everywhere and there was something strange in the airwaves and I went into my house and this TV repair man was trying to fix my TV but couldn’t and he didn’t know what was going on and I told him that it’s the Lord God almighty and all the sudden I heard a very loud trumpet sound and then I woke up.

Fifth dream 2009 I was outside in the streets and all the sudden people everywhere were in a panic and scared running all over and while this was happening I was being lifted up and I knew it was the rapture then I woke up.

I notice Choo that in all these dreams I was outside. In all these dreams when I woke up I felt so peaceful and calm and excited! I hope they will bless you as much as they did me! Please share them if you like. God is so awesome, I love Him so much, I just want to run to Him and hug Him! I can’t wait to meet you in Heaven precious sister!

I love you Sister Choo,

Brother Buddy

This is very similar to what I saw in my third dream!


Praise the Lord!

Today I am very happy to meet you because I am very happy. I receive your airmail i.e CD's . When I opened it I was very happy. I used your things to witness and my whole family was very happy during that time I cried like a child whenever I heard your words and my heart was open to receive Holy Sprit. I really experienced heavenly blessings. I spoke in tongues during that time. My heart was totally changed. Now I am filled with Holy Spirit. I learned so many things.

In during that time I became committed to distributing your CDs and video through my state freely because my life was changed I know heaven is ready for me. If I do sin full works the hell is waiting for me. Heaven and hell are real. So many people do not believe these things so I am committed to distributing these things. I have computer system I have copied your cds and given to all the people.

One kindly request is these Cd's video and audio are in English if you grant permission to translate in our native language TELGU. I translate in telugu and distribute to all. I believe this is one kind of preaching Gosple. So please pray for me in this work.

Once again thank and thank you!!!!!!!!!!1

I send one poem for you this is my small gift for you sister and I send you my photographs.

Saidulu G.

This book is amazing! For any Christian who is filled with the Holy Spirit, as you read this book, you are bound to experience God in a new way. I am so grateful to God and to my pastor to have led me to "Heaven is so real". This is my testimony:

The moment I picked it up, I could not stop reading. I read the book through the night and about 24 hours later, I was had completed my reading. God spoke to me through this book and annointed me with fresh fire to begin a renewed relationship with Him. I also received an annointing to prophesy and to pray like never before. "Heaven is so real" came at a difficult time in my life when I was seeking God's face for a change. My life has never remained the same since I read this book.

I realized how much I had taken the things of God for granted in the past. I realized how much God truly loved me. I gained a new confidence and faith in the reality of Christ and heaven. I have recommended this book to every believer and non-believer since then. My hope is to meet Choo Thomas one-on-one very soon. I am so grateful to her and to God for this book. Please pick up a copy of this book.

"Heaven is so real" is the key to a life-changing experience with God, the Father; God, the Son; and God, the Holy Spirit!!! God bless you all and may we all reign with Him in eternity.

A. Adegbenro

A youth prayer group (Purple Rain) at Moreleta NG church recently invited me, to relate this testimony at one of their prayer meetings and afterwards a young teenager (Ryan) handed me a book and suggested that I read it. I glanced at the title and thought “This is not my kind of book – I like adventure and travel type of books” and the book lay at my bedside for three weeks.

During this time during our morning reading and prayer, I prayed for revival in each one of us and in our family as a whole, not really with conviction. One evening at the end of July, I picked up the book and started reading (I can finish 750 pages in a week). After one week of reading, I found that I had only got through about 90 pages, and bubbling over enthusiasm. My wife and family could not wait for me to finish the book, and asked me to buy one for each of the family members, so that they could share in my sudden and dramatic revival. The book has radically changed my way of life and my passion in life as well as my family’s lives.

Reading the book brought my own NDE experiences vividly to mind, and I started to bear witness as far as I went. The Spirit told me that I could not let an experience like mine gather dust instead of souls for the Lord. I gave my all up for Jesus and asked Him to use me as He sees fit. In a very short time, the Lord gave me a burning passion for telling His revelations and plan to the marginal Christians.

The Spirit led me to permanently switch over from listening to a popular secular radio station to permanently having my radio in my car and office tuned to Impact Radio, enhancing my testimony and preparing me to witness effectively.  The book described in detail some of the places I had seen and experienced and I have to tell all I know as the time is short. I praise the Lord that He has dramatically and irrevocable changed my life to conform to His plan with me.

I have learnt to give my all to the Lord, Listen to His voice in the spirit and be totally committed to saving the people with whom I meet in my consultation business. I have resorted to purchasing a few books at a time, carrying them in my car and giving them to the people that the Spirit moves me to, and which I come into contact with, or just as Christmas gifts – my gift for life, so that they may live!

CUM Publishers (According to a report in a National Newspaper) says that a successful Christian publication in SA sells between 5000 and 8000 copies and then it is a winner  – The book, of which I speak, has sold 120000 in SA to date, and to my mind, is a must for all Christians to read. It is available in English and Afrikaans in SA. The book is currently a world best seller, and really prepares one for Gods glory and plan for us.

The book title is “Heaven is so real” by Choo Thomas and is available at any CUM bookstore. I have even purchased the audio book, which I plan to play at the old age home for the reading impaired old people, where my mother in law resides.

James - September 2007

Soli Deo Gloria. So that all may believe and have everlasting life.

To date I have purchased and given out 63 of Choo Thomas Heaven is so real book to anyone who crossed my path and I know each were blessed and their lives were changed as was mine

Bless you Choo for changing my life so that it would never be the same again, and now finding a Spiritual home in 5 Doves has prepared me for what GOD had in mind as HE gave me direction from 1 Cor 14 on the 23rd of April 2008 into prophecy.

Living Just for Jesus and HIS blessed appearing

November 2008



Dear Mrs Choo,

Calvary greetings to you and your family. Thank God for your life and His wonderful faithfulness towards us. 
Since I came in contact with the Book-Heaven is so Real and the DVD, I have ever been a happy man and lots of blessings follow me daily. Everyday, I receive testimonies of what God is doing to the readers of the Book and listeners of the DVD. Most recently, 25th March, 2009; a Pastor used the DVD in a crusade, and to God glory, 600 persons turned their lives for Christ. I am working seriously on the Hausa Translation of the Book and the DVD.

Jos, Plateau State 
Nigeria, W/Africa

Respected Sister Choo Thomas,

Much love, peace and abundant blessings of our Lord be with you all the days of your life. It is good to inform you that distribution of DVDs is going very good. As you know on this time we made 4000 DVDs and 1000 books. We have distributed 3500 DVDs in five villages and three of major cities and all 1000 books have been also distributed. Last day I received a testimony of a 18-years old girl who read our Lord's book and also watched your DVD. 

She told me that as she was reading the book she was really blessed by the book. She said one day when she was reading the book Holy Spirit touched her in a mighty way and she was slained and started to speak in other tongues. She said that the anointing of the Holy Spirit was so heavy that for 8-days she could not speak her own language. So after 8-days she could speak her own tongue. After this experience she told me that God is using her in wonderful way for the salvation and healing of the people. she said in her church on Sunday service God spoke through her names of different 15 people and God healed all of them. Praise God.

God is using our Lord's book and DVD in mighty way.

God bless you abundantly.

In Christ,

Thank you very much for the guidance from the Lord for me. It shows your love and concern for me and my family. Ok I will wait until God will direct me for my job but right now I will keep my job. I received same message from one of our Pakistani brother.

Dear sister there is very sad news, one of our brother who translated our Lord's book for Afghanistan is killed by terrorists attack. Terrorists killed him because of his translation ministry for Afghanistan. They attacked on him when he coming back to his home after evangelizing the people. Kindly pray for her widow and a two year young daughter.

Last week I also received a call from a non-christian who threatened me to distribute our Lord's book and DVDs. And he asked to stop the distribution of our Lord's book otherwise you have face the problems but I said to him that I am committed to distribute the books and DVDs till His coming. And we will do our best to spread His end time message to the whole nation of Pakistan by His grace.

If you heard a news that on last Saturday some terrorists kidnapped 25 believers from a church building when they were worshiping the Lord and hide them in some unknown place. Kindly pray for me, my family and whole church of Pakistan.

May God bless you.

Many more people are demanding the books and DVDs.

In Christ,

Dear Choo,

My brother in-law gave me your book. I never thought that it was really special until I began reading it. I just had a broke up with my long time boyfriend and I found it hard to recover from this difficult times of my life.

Through your book, it has helped me view a larger and more important perspective in my life that is to praise Jesus above all and to strive hard to do good things in this Earth.

I admired your obedience to God, I wish I can emulate you in my own way. I am a Christian but I am not really a devout follower in His commandments. I hear Jesus in Church and in my school and in my house but the place that I am into right now, I don't even have a bible. I remember you distributing Bibles one time you mentioned in this book.

I know that so many people have asked you to pray for them, the same way, I humbly ask you to help me to pray for my petitions to God. I believe in all the words you said. God bless you always. Please help me pray to God that I may be able to surpass this heartache that I am experiencing right now, that He will guide me and give me the right man for me whom also have a high trust on Jesus. I also pray for my sick sister so that she can walk again and be able to see the beauty of the Earth.

I love you. God bless you always.

Your sister in Christ.


Hi Choo,

A bless day to you and your family in jesus name .I started reading your book heaven is so real, I reach on chapter four, as I read I fill something great about you, I realize i was having the experience of the holy spirit to. My experience of the holy spirit start in my belly just before i get heal with a massive tumor on my womb. I had to do a surgery in January of this year, I pray and trust jesus, drink herbs and went to the doctor in march this year and did not find the tumor. I praised god for his blessing on me, after i was still feeling the stiffness in my belly and didn't know what was happening to me until i realized it was the Holy Spirit, I was looking at a crusade in Florida seeing so many people getting heal. It move me, but something great is still happening to me. Yesterday as I pray and invite the holy spirit my body trembled, I never felt my body trembled so strong I wondered what was happening ,but i felt good after, because I knew it was the power of the lord. My name is Beverly, I live in a small island called Petite Martinique .A tri-island state of Grenada ,I don't have a secondary education, I am a catholic, it don't have so many different religion here in this little island but a new pastor is trying to build a church, He just started to build the church. He held service in a building, three Sunday's I went to his church and I felt the spirit I was trembling .But when I go to the catholic church I don't tremble, I want to know if I should get baptized, because the catholic don't get baptized as the others do, I want to be right with Jesus, I want to here his voice, I want to see his face, I want to go to heaven when I die.


Dear Mrs. Thomas,

Your book Heaven is so Real has done wonders in my life! Jesus is very right as He calls you "Special Daughter". You are special indeed Mrs Thomas. Your book is written in simple English, I am not much educated, but I understood every sentence. I am so grateful to realize how closer I am to my Lord Jesus Christ. I am now born again and walking in the light of God.

I also introduced your book to other people, WOW! They are so thankful for this book and they are now saved. Thank you very much, you are blessed by God.

I would like to ask you to pray for me , you see I have this problem , I am deaf caused by a terrible headache when I was young and my sight is not good, caused by diabetes and I am afraid I will loose my sight completely. I pray everyday to God, I know He listens and I have faith in Jesus and I know He will answer my prayers. I wish I can read my bible everyday but I cannot because of my sight and I wish I can sing for my Lord but I cannot because of my deafness.

I would very much like to ask you to please pray for me. I know Jesus will help me.

May God be with you now and forever,


Dear Evangelist Choo Thomas,

I am a Nigerian, unmarried, saved, longing for Christ. l came across one of your Books titled HEAVEN IS SO REAL. l read it to the half and the owner came and collected it today. From the day l started reading this book tears has never stop flowing from my eyes. Many things have happened to my life. l am from a poor family and presently l have no cent to buy this book . l humbly appeal you to give me a helping hand by sending me just a copy of this wonderful book. l strongly long to read more and to know more of the Kingdom of God.

Best regards,


Dear Choo Thomas,

I am 22 years old and live in the Free State, South Africa. I have been a Christian since I was 10 years old, but have never really realized what it actually means to be a child of God. I have just finished reading Heaven is so Real (the Afrikaans version) and it has made a huge impact on my life. I have realized what it actually takes to enter God's Kingdom one day. Thank you so much for writing this book. You have certainly made a huge difference in my life. I am so excited to start over and walk this journey with God. I will be forever grateful to you and to Jesus for sending me this book. All the glory to Jesus our Savior!


Mrs. Thomas,

I live in Guatemala, I teach English to 6th graders and I have just finished reading your book. Heaven is so Real changed my life. I was born and raised in a Christian home and attended church since I can remember. Despite of all this, I have always felt lonely and out of place everywhere I went. I'm 32 years old and I'm not married, being the oldest from 3 children in my family, this was only feeding all those awful feelings I have always felt. I felt really lonely. A few months ago, God led me to a book by Max Lucado called "When God Whispers your Name", the minute I started reading that book I felt his work in all of me. I heard about your book from my boss at school, she told me "You have to read that book", she was impressed and blessed, and wanted everyone she knows to feel the same. I bought it and began to read it. Something special happened to me as I read your book, I felt different and blessed and my life, my love for God and Jesus and the way I felt about a lot of things changed. I realized how important is to obey Jesus in everything we do, and I am really trying to live by his word. I don't feel lonely anymore, I started to pray for my husband, that man that God wants for me, and I trust He will take care of all my needs. I want to live for Him and tell everyone that He is coming soon!

You mention in your book that a lot of His daughters were going to be blessed with this book, and I know I have. Thank you, for sharing all of your experiences with us, I know now that The Lord is using a lot of people to make sure we get the message.

God bless you and everyone involved in this Mission!


I am a backslidden Christian, but after reading Jesus book: Heaven is so Real, my desire to serve god increase once more but my love for god is not like the first time. Please I need materials like books & tapes so I can build a strong spiritual life.

Dear Choo Thomas,

Thank you so very much, I'm so honored and humbled and so amazingly blown away. I'm so in love with Jesus right now, I read heaven is so real and it woke me up, I was one of those Christians who were asleep I was so lazy and somehow I convinced myself that it was enough to except Christ and then seatback, after reading heaven is so real I realized I've been using God and cheating on him, I hardly worshiped and I made excuses for not going to church. Now I'm not wasting any time I feel blessed to have read your book

I'm now searching for Gods face, everyday I pray and ask God to help me so my heart will be pure, I now feel pain for those who don't know Jesus and I'm praying for them, my heart bleeds for the people of china and in my spirit I know I can't do anything for those who are dead I'm praying for their loved ones and for those stuck under rubble, it hurts so much to think of them in my heart I know that this tells us how close we are to Jesus. God bless you.

Dear Choo Nam,

I have just finished reading your testimonial Heaven Is So Real! I must say that my eyes have been opened and my heart is open and I cannot wait for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to come and take us home. Choo Nam, I want to thank you so much for the patience you have had with the Lord God and to also thank Him for working through you, because my life has changed completely for the Lord. I know that there have been many times in the past where I have gone against the Lord and have even at one time, when I was a little girl and got into a fight with my big sister, told God that I hated him. But immediately afterwards apologized to Him, because I know He loves me and He would never do anything to hurt me. Every time afterwards when I would try and get closer to God the devil would come and scare me and my faith would falter and I would be even more separated from the Lord than the time before that. I do not know why I am telling you this. I guess it's because you have a close relationship with the Lord and I just want to be there too. Also, I believe the devil has been trying to sway me again. I'm not really sure if I'm hearing voices from our Lord or other voices. I have been praying but I know I haven't been praying long enough to get some answers. Please, Choo Nam, if it is the Lord's will and I am truly humbly asking from the bottom of my heart, can you please ask Him if I am hearing voices of evil? I would not and could not do anything that would hurt my Lord, but I will continue to pray to our God about it. And I will continue to pray and study God's word everyday to be closer to Him. I love you Choo Nam, my sister in Christ. God bless you always.

Your sister in Christ,

I am very blessed by the book heaven is ready! I believe every word written in it and want to say thank you to Sis Choo for being obedient and loving God in that extra ordinary manner. It truly is a way that God has proven to us once more that he truly loves us and anyone who can miss this is really a sad story. Personally, i have woken up from my slumber and m on fire for God like never before. Real8ising that his second coming is around the corner has changed even my prayer life for souls. I'd been praying for God to change my life and touch so that I can totally live for him in a godly manner just prior to reading it, i believe his answer to the cry of my heart came by way of his book. the moment i started reading an electric current passed though my body and totally scared me. I actually put it aside and ask god what was happening to me. I realize now that he was charging me and lighting of my fire for him again! Thank you sis Choo, you are a blessing. I will pray for you and may your Lord Jesus give you more and more. If I don't get to see you in this life, we'll definitely meet in HEAVEN because HEAVEN IS REAL!!!


Thank you dear Sister Choo Nam,

I received the DVD and 2 CDs. My daughter saw it and she wants to commit her life to Christ but she has a blockage. Please pray for my daughter to get born again even as I pray for her. God bless you so much. I will copy and distribute to all who are willing to listen. Since I read your book but life has turned 360 degrees. I am happier and stress free. I am purifying myself for my bridegroom. God bless you again.

Hi Choo,

I love the book Heaven is so real. I am so glad that Jesus came to you to write this book. If it weren't for the book I would have probably been lost forever. I am Catholic but I always found the Bible confusing because I did not understand it. This book helped me under stand The Bible passages which are great. I am in the middle of the book and I have started praying again but for some reason I feel like I am praying incorrectly (if that makes sense). I want to give my self to the Lord and I wanted to know if you could help lead me in that direction? Thanks so Much and God Bless

Hi Choo Thomas, God Bless You.

I'm from Indonesian, recently read your book and have given all of my life for Jesus Christ. The way to heaven is not easy, and it's true as my parents against me because I'm giving 10% of my salary to the church since I read your book. Because I'm Catholic and my parents said to me that in Catholic you don't have to give the 10% (not an obligation/liability). But I don't care with what they've said even they are thinking that I'm a little bit insane. Is it same religion between Catholic and Christian Protestant? I'm very confused by it. I've give all of my life for Jesus Christ, does it means I have to leave my job and pray to the God as much as possible. Shortly I don't know what I have to do know. And I'm trying to pray and read the Bible since I read your book from one week ago.


Hello dear,

The book "Heaven is so Real', not only is a blessing but it shook the very foundation of my faith. It dealt with the root issues of my life and answered so many questions. In fact i just got thru to reading "The divine revelation of Hell' by Mary Baxter when a friend thrust me with this book. If i had died before now i would have ended in hell wondering why i got there. I'll speak to you again and i want to order both books in large quantities and give them out as gifts to everyone i meet so they can take God seriously. What I heard after this book was "Return to your first love'. I'll be forty in July so I want to use that celebration to send the books as gifts. Thank you for your obedience and God bless you.

I thank you Lord Jesus for using Choo Thomas and I thank you for being obedient to the call of our Lord Jesus. I thank God for reading this book somebody sowed it into my life and I thank God for them because God wanted me to read it. The revelation I got from reading this book has changed my life, it has empowered, encouraged me and taught me a lot, it also came into my hands at the right time. As I read this book it has mentored me and the Lord Jesus has also spoken to me and taught me other areas in my life
through this book.

I have learnt that it is about patience, humility and lost souls out there for us to reach. I have been blessed by this book and it has changed my life I just want everyone to get hold of it and read it.

This book has mentored me thank you Lord for Choo Thomas again and may God bless you always. Glory be to God!

Hi Choo,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I stay in Limpopo South Africa. I have read Heaven is so real and my life has never been the same. I actually found it difficult to put the book aside for a few minutes. I learned a lot of things from the book and a few months later I became a born again christian. I actually believe that the book was meant to change lives and mine is one of them. There is a lot that I still need to learn and I hope to get there with God's grace of course.

Thank you and God bless!

Dear Mrs. Thomas,

Bless you and our father that has blessed you, for through your book I have accepted the Lord Christ as my savior and I have devoted my life to him. Thank you for your dedication and faith in the Lord that he could use you to reach millions. I look forward to seeing you in heaven. Bless you.


Dear Choo Thomas

I am 28 years old and I am from Hawaii. I've recently read the book Heaven Is So Real that I borrowed from my Christian mother. I had just become a Christian again. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior when I was a child. As I grew up, I became disobedient, and sinful. I moved so far from the Lord. I didn't think I would ever come back to him. Like many lukewarm Christians and unbelievers, I wanted to do my own thing. I wanted nothing to do with Jesus. I thought others could fill the emptiness I had in my heart.
I went from religion to religion, searching for something I could never find. My bad experiences were kind of like the scripture (Deuteronomy 28:29).

I must have read so many books about Christians who had outer body experiences and Jesus took them to Heaven or Hell. I even read the book Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary K. Baxter. Apparently, that book didn't scare me enough to Jesus. Heaven Is So Real inspired me more than any book I've ever read. I guess it was your complete obedience to the Lord. Many Christians have the hardest time obeying the lord I know, because they still don't want to give up the things of this world.

I felt like I could relate to you in alot of ways. I tend to worry alot myself. I didn't even know worry was a sin, but now I do. Makes sense though, because it shows a lack of faith and trust in the Lord. I let fear, anxiety, and depression control the majority of my life. I've asked God to take full control over my life and help me in those areas everyday. I've started to become sick too, and I became very afraid, that's what made me come back to the Lord after so many years. I was worried that I was going to die and end up in the pits of hell. I haven't been thoroughly tested by a doctor. I know there is something wrong with me, but I don't know exactly what it is. I don't think I want to know. I've been praying everyday and trusting God for my healing.

Heaven Is So Real is such a blessing to me. The book came to me with perfect timing, when I chose to serve Jesus again. Now it's like I can't stop thinking about Jesus. I have no desire for sin or worldly things anymore. All I want to do is please and obey Jesus. I believe the Lord put it on my heart to share with you. After I read Heaven Is So Real, I felt the need to tell you how much it meant to me. I started to change my mind, and said to the Lord, "I don't know, I don't think I should, what does it matter?" He told me, "You should do it!" lol. I wanted to be obedient to the Lord so I did.

God Bless.

Dearest Sister Choo,

l thank God so much for Heaven is so Real. l had become a lukewarm christian but i rededicated my life back to Jesus and l have resolved and purposed to put Him 1st in my life no matter what. Things of the world don't matter to me anymore. l have a new hope and my mind and heart are just focused on the Lord and what He has in store for me. I was so happy to read that Heaven is
for sure SO REAL!!!! Now l have something to look forward to and I'm living everyday asking God to purify me and to help me in my walk with Him. Once i read your book (I'm still reading it by the way) i ordered nine more for my family members, friends, my pastor and his wife. I will be sending some of the books to my family members back in my home country. My PRAYER REQUEST is - would you please stand with me in prayer for the salvation of my entire family - my dad Francis, mum - cecilia, brothers - Nicholas and Martin,
sister - Anne, my son - Kevin, nephews & niece - Alvin, Ashley, Juanita & Adrian and my in-laws Paul & Millicent. Pray for the Lord to touch them, save them and for them to be blessed even as they read Heaven is so real. Pray for me too that i may continue to seek the Lord and love Him with all my heart, soul, spirit body n mind - I am also trusting Him for His mighty presence in my live and my entire household.

Sister Choo, God says that its His will that no one should perish but that all should come to the knowledge of who He is - He dosen't want any to perish. With that promise could you please pray for the SALVATION of BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE - that our mighty God may reveal Himself to them and save them. I know there is nothing impossible with God and He is able.

Thank you so much and May God continue to bless you mightily, exceedingly abundantly above that which you can think or imagine.


My Dear Choo,

I have just finished reading your book. There is not a single word that can describe how I feel about this truth. When this book landed into my hands by a friend, I couldn't contain my happiness. I said Lord you have been hearing my prayers about my spiritual concerns and you have just brought answers into my lap. The Spirit of the Lord has directed me to this book. Every time I try to speak to Jesus since reading your book, I cry and sometimes words cannot come out because of the light that is now in my heart (the truth). I keep telling Him I thank you for teaching me and speaking to me through your book together with Choo. I am a Botswana National woman in
Africa and accepted the Lord in May 2005. Right now it is as if I just accepted Him afresh. I have said to the Lord, I want to start afresh with you Lord. At night I wake up to read the Word and I dance. Somehow I would look at the window thinking I will see Him. When I do that I would sense fear welling up in me. I find myself crying all the time when I hear the voice of the Lord through your book.

I now even have the desire to pray for everyone. In the past I could not pray for people. There are times that I don't know what I am going to say, but the Spirit of the Lord will lead me. I have the desire to start going to hospitals to pray for the sick. I pray every day for my family and extended family for their salvation. There are times that I say Lord I don't know who to pray for, I pray for those who do not know you.

I lost my mother, two brothers. The other one was saved. I now think of them often knowing they are in the pit. My heart is now at peace regarding tithing. I was once confused and had arguments with my Pastor many times about it because I was wrongly advised through internet and stayed for sometime without tithing.

Choo, I know the Word says we should ask whatever we need, but when I am to ask I feel as if I am being selfish. Though in the Lord, I have been living a life of problems. I now have all the answers.

I have been having doubts in the past about hearing from God and would say, no it was just my voice after reading the Bible. Not realizing that it was the Lord. He speaks to those who read the Word because the Spirit only speaks what He hears.

Since I gave my life to Jesus, I noticed that what I really like doing at my private time in his presence is that I sing and dance most of the time and I believe my calling is to Preach and evangelize.

Choo I need to ask you something, when I pray I say, Lord I shall wait upon you to bless me with your spiritual gifts of healing powers to serve you and minister to you people. Or has this been given to me already except to exercise His powers now?

Thank you!! Thank you!!! I love you Lord Jesus. I love you child of God my dear Choo.


Dear Mrs. Thomas

Thank you so much for your obedience to our Lord Jesus. After reading your book the first time (I am now reading it for the second time), I was spiritually revived knowing that the hope we have been waiting for is so near.

I believe everything you wrote in your book. I carefully verified it from the holy bible. I have observed that the character of the Lord Jesus portrayed in your book is consistent with the character of the Lord portrayed in the bible. Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Dear Mrs. Choo Thomas,

I am 10 years old and I am always reading books with my mom. I especially love your book Heaven Is So Real. My mom really loves your book, because when she picks up your book and turns to the first page she never stops reading until it's time for dinner. Me and my mom want to thank you for the DVD, and the cd's that you sent. We immediately open them and started to watch the DVD. I am sharing all your experiences with all my friends at school and my mom is doing the same thing at work.

Thank you so much!!! God Bless you!

Oh, wow. What do I say?... I feel very, very blessed to read your book. THANK YOU for being obedient!

I am truly blessed. And I know God is going to continue blessing my life. I would like to tell you everything, but I think you must get many e-mails and don't have time to read them all.

I want to share the gospel with my neighbor. But he keeps shooing me away. But I feel such a strong urgency to share the gospel with him. At the same time I'm so afraid he's going to get mad or not accept the words of Jesus, and that makes me so sad. God moved me here in 2000. I lived in Oregon and Texas before and will be home in Portland this summer. I couldn't help but want to visit you, but time is short and there are many other things that need to be done, so I would guess you don't have time. I am not done reading your book, "Heaven is so real" yet. Each time I read in it I get so encouraged and so DRAWN to the Bible, Hallelujah!!!!

I want to invite you the Denmark to tell about your experiences. I want you to come and tell us, but I keep thinking who am I to ask and you must be so busy. Will you ask Jesus if you should come? Would you want to come? I have been praying about it and have asked others to pray, too. Every time I open your book I think about how the people here would really listen, I think. Because I can't get it off my mind - it keeps coming back - I had to write you and ask. Maybe you will come. I hope you have had a WONDERFUL night and
am praying for you now (it was just 3:20 am on the west coast). I hope to hear from you here before maybe getting to meet in Heaven!? ( :

Many blessings and encouragement and thank you for encouraging me!


I live in Belgium. I am a Christian for 15 1/2 years now. I read the book of Choo Thomas 4 times. My mother was dying 2 years ago from cancer and I always felt that at one day I could use this book for her. She could hardly speak anymore and I asked if I might pray for her. She said yes. I prayed the prayer in the book 'how to be saved' in her place and she began to pray after me! She could speak clearer and clearer. I knew then she was saved the day after she died.

Since then the Holy Spirit began to speak to me and has been training me until now to hear His Voice. The result of all this is that I have an intimate relationship with the Lord. I talk to Him all day long.

Last year, the Holy Spirit said to me that I had to buy 50 books of Choo to give away. I asked Him a confirmation, that if this was really Him, someone would offer me some money. I was praying in silence so the enemy could not hear me. The next day, someone called me and offered me money just like that! At that very moment, I heard His precious Voice saying: 'What did you asked me for yesterday?'

I check the website every day to see if there are any new urgent messages.

Thanks for taking time reading this, may the Lord bless you richly.


Good Morning Choo:

What a pleasure it is to write you. I reside in Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean. I bought your book, but have not yet been able to finish it, I have been so intrigued by your experience and all I could say is WAW!! A friend of mine read the book and told me that I had to read it. It is so awesome that you got that very intimate privilege to meet the Master in that way. All I can say is WAW!! I sat in awe reading your book and have not yet finished. Truly Heaven in so Real!

I became overwhelmed by all the glorious things in heaven and was equally aroused where you mentioned that there are things in heaven which you cannot talk about. I began to think what could these things be, but I always remember that God’s ways are past finding out, so I accept that. I loved how you said Jesus laughed with you; I was smiling all the way reading how you had fun with the fish and how Jesus was happy to be with you.

I was very startled by the fact that you saw your mother in that terrible place. I was shocked because I remember God’s word where He said you and your household shall be saved, so I thought as you prayed so earnestly for your mother that she would be saved, but I guess maybe I do not understand the scripture well.

God is so real and everyday my desire is more of Him in my life. Choo, I am so glad God took you through that wonderful experience and I know that your book has blessed many and will continue to do so.

There is a girl who I work with who read your book, she is a Hindu all her life and after reading the book, she gave her life to Jesus. Unfortunately she is still a bit confused and I know it is an attack from the devil, but we will continue to pray for her.

I bless God for people like you and thank you for sharing your experience and thank you for your obedience to God.

My heartfelt wish is that while I am yet alive, I would be able to get a visitation from Jesus. God has called me into the prophetic and other things and I am really seeking to get to that place where He desires me to me. My work for Him is on-going and I intend with His help to endure to the end.

Dear Choo Nam Thomas,

We just wanted to share with you briefly what has been happening in our lives as a result of reading the book "Heaven is so real". My mother and I were presented with this book by a dear friend of ours and upon reading it, we have just been so overwhelmed as to how Jesus chooses to reveal Himself to people just like us, His overwhelming love and passion for us and His deep yearning and heart-wrenching cry for the lost and for His Bride. We have been soooo encouraged that we recommend it to any and everyone we meet. We just couldn't rest without letting you know just how much your obedience to the Lord has blessed many millions like us, who need to hear the cry of Jesus at this hour and the encouragement to keep pressing on in the things of God. Our hearts are filled with a brand new love for Jesus and a yearning for His return but we also know that there is work still to be done and we must keep reaching out to those that don't yet know of His wondrous love.

Thank you, Choo Nam Thomas, once again! This book is a great tool for evangelism!

Love and blessings,

Effie, Steve & Sonia


I just finished reading "El Cielo es tan real" and I am deeply sad. I just want to say thank you Choo Nam for being so obedient to our precious Lord. I have been so blessed that words can not explain my joy while I was reading it for the last ten days, it was like a was living it and enjoyed every word Jesus spoke to you, it was like a divine appointment that I had with Jesus everytime I set time apart to read.

I am sad becuse I want more, God spoke to my spirit evertime I read the book. Thank you and God bless you and continue to use you in such an amazing way!

My name is Monica and love Jesus with all my heart, and I was praying to my Lord this new year for a fresh revelation about him and the same Sunday I made that prayer at church, later in the afternoon my husband gave me this book and I new immediately that it was for me.

Even though I am going through difficult times financially, God used this book to give me so much hope and help me focus on Him always and not to worry....

PLease know that God spoke to me and taughed me so much through your experience and I truly plan to obey and spend more time HIm in prayer.

Truly has changed my life and pray that Jesus will enable me to share this book with all people I love.

I love you so much and pray for you, I respect you and admire you. I can truly relate to you in the way Jesus is so real to you! Thank you again!!!!

Dear Choo Nam,

I read your book named HEAVEN IS SO REAL in Afrikaans. I live in Walvis Bay, Namibia, Africa and it is true that God told you that the whole world will read this book!

I can not tell you what the reading of this book ment to me. It changed my whole world and life! Don't get me wrong, I believe in Christ Jesus, even before I read this book, and so I also believed in heaven and hell, but the reality of the story in this book is so intense, I could almost picture myself in your shoes. I never wanted the book to near the end, I could'nt put it down, I just wanted to read and read and read more! It was asif I felt closer to God in the duration of reading the book as I will ever feel.

I truly believe that the end is VERY, VERY near. Therefore I want my whole family, friends, even people I dont know to give their lives over to HIM! I can not tell you how exited this book has made me, but even though I know I believe in God and Jesus, and I try everyday to live my live accordingly,and I have left everything in His hands, I am still scared that I might go to hell, that something I do or did may still cause me to go to hell... I know that God is very forgiving and loves me, but still, there's this fear.

Anotherthing, it is asif Satan attacks me even more now. He uses my weaks spots against me end my beleives.

I know that i am part of God's plan, although I don't know what it is, I realy try to live in his will and i let Him lead me all the way. I really love Him and want to please Him with everything I do. There is nothing more in this world I want more, than for His will to be done in my life!

Thank you, Choo Tomas, for obeing God and for writing this book, to give Christians like me new hope and encouragement! I would like for you to pray for me and my family, so that we don't ever get lost, and might be saved.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

Morning Choo,

Thank you very much for answering my mail, when I saw there was mail from you my hart missed a beat.

I am very excited about the book ”Heaven is so Real”, I have nearly finished reading it, I would like to read it a second time,

This time I want to have the bible with me so that I can refer to it, I think everything will be so much clearer.

I have never in my life felt like this, while reading “Heaven is so Real”, I just made me realize I want to be a true


Choo when go to sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning my thoughts are with you and the book,

I will never forget to thank the God for the book that opened my eye’s, I have always been a Christian, I now

See all my faults as I am reading this wonderful book, it even make’s me understand the bible better.

Please carry on with your good work, may GOD bless you abundantly as you are a very special person.

Thank You again – Kind Regards


Hi Choo,

My name is Sam Wong and I’m from Malaysia but staying in Perth Australia at the moment.

In the beginning of March 2008, we found out my wife, Anna Lau had a brain tumor. She is 24 years old.

We have a few pastors and church members praying for us. Thanks God that her operation was very successful.

The report came out a week after the surgery. The report confirmed that the tumor is the cancer type, which, hardly a patient diagnoses with this type of brain cancer survives.

Although we were devastated and really upset by the result, we have been praying very hard. The whole family feels better after praying with pastors several times.

I realized that God have plan on her as well as all of us around Anna. He wants us to change our lives and start making impact on others.

Anna is at home now and doing well. She has faith in God. We believe God will have miracle on her.

Few days ago, I saw your book “Heaven is So Real” on the dining table. I read this book only the first few pages last year but I didn’t manage to finish it. But this time I have the urge to read it again.

Everything you said in the book has touched me and it seems like God is speaking to me. I feel very strongly that God is in me and I have peace and strength.

I’m totally believed your experience because Christ Jesus had appeared to me when I was around 20 years old. At that time, I was addicted to partying, smoking, drugs and so forth.

God showed his anger towards me when he appeared near the window of my bedroom. The meeting was so real. And I was scared when I met him because I had too much sin.

Only now, I realize God never abandon me although I’m drifted away off his path so many times in my life. I decided I have to change myself totally and follow his words.

Choo, you are the blessed and chosen one by God, you have the power of praying and healing. I hope that you can include Anna in your prayer!

Thank you very much for reading this mail. May God continue his blessings on you!

Yours truly,


Hello Choo Nam, I'm very happy for you. God bless you.I am Edmund Abrokwa, a 20year old Ghanaian who has always tried to worship God but it always gets tough for me. The far I've gone is to stay pure for just a week. I was 20 on March 15 2008 and since then I've tried to stay pure. On the next day I went to church. The Catechist used your book in preaching and it really touced me so since then I've given my life to Christ. I've got a copy of the book from a friend and I'm still on it. It is really helping me. Thank you very much. Please I want to get close to you. Hope to hear from you soon and remember me in your prayers.


Halo there,

I have to tell you that the book you've written, Heaven is so real, which I read in Afrikaans called 'Die Hemel is 'n werklikheid' was amazing. Shortly previous I have read the left behind series also in Afrikaans, and I had a total spiritual change. The shock came when I realized that there will be a rapture before the second coming of Jesus. We have never learned that in our churches. Your book has done the rest in my spiritual life. I needed more and more information and understanding of things that I never knew. I started praying and doing research about this just to find that in my home language, Afrikaans, there is a lack of this kind of information. I do feel the urge of the Holy Spirit to publish a web site in Afrikaans about all of this, what I currently are busy setting up. And that brings me to the reason that I am sending you this e-mail. In the introduction on my homepage, telling everybody how it happened for me, I have to mention your book, because of the great deal it did for me spiritually. I need your approval/disapproval to mention your book, please. I want to publish my site, as it is actually ready, but I need your approval/disapproval first. Please be so kind to reply as soon as you can.

Greetings in Christ,



am a nineteen year old girl who lives in Ghana,West Africa.My dad's friend brought to him your book Heaven Is So Real.i took the book and read it that evening,finished the next morning.i was really a Christian and all but i sometimes like to have my own way.your book brought the realization that disobedient Christians wont get anything and that God is coming really has really put me on my toes and i praying i will be able to tell others about Jesus.i fear rejection that what kind of hinders me.i want you to know that God is really using you and your book is doing more than you have ever will hear from me.
your daughter in Christ,


Dear Choo Thomas,

Hello, my name is Andrea Pérez, writing from San Jose - Costa Rica. I read the book on the recommendation of my “pastora” (wife of our church minister), God put in his heart that the entire congregation to read. Our church is called Red de Vida Ministry, has about 3000 registered members.

This book that you wrote with God, I helped to change my way to evangelize people, my heart glad that God is preparing major ministries to be given to women, Now I know that he is happy about the way I worship and love him (which is very similar to yours, which unlike the rest of the congregation, I was always attacked by this), to confirm how important it is for Him children, now I am working in the Ministry Child and they are simply wonderful and for them is that we learn to be like children.

I thank God for you, you bless my life, therefore I also ask God to bless you with what you need these. Thanks for leave to use, being brave and also struggling.

A big hug.


hi my name is hevin iam 13 year old my sister rojin has told me a lot about u. she told me a lot of things in heven so real i was so amazed and intrested of every thing u did with God it must of been a beautyful !!!

i have also watch your dvds and listen 2 your tapes i used 2 b a muslim then i change my slef in to a christain and iam pround of it :)i can not go 2 church because my mum would not let me 2 go church because she is a muslim and does not acept me being a christain what should i do ? i do pray every day read the bible every day but not going church is really bad.:(

Eternal book

I am a student in a Ugandan university in East Africa. I happened to have gotten the opportunity to read “Heaven is so Real”. This is the first book I have read in less than a week not because I didn’t like it but I wanted to read it forever and never stop, I probably wanted to end its pages in heaven.

To be honest, I first felt jealous as to why the lord chose you (Choo Thomas) and not me to write this book, but as I progressed with the reading I found a lot wanting in me. The Lord could have made a mistake to choose me

By 4th July this year 2008 I will be seven years in salvation. Last year 2007 and this year 2008 I have been and am standing on Matthew 6:33. This is a verse that I have fervently desired to understand and live by. So I have been asking the lord to reveal to me how I can live out this verse and I believe “Heaven is so Real” is the most divine answer/revelation I got this year and probably the rest of my life, because I actually found many answers to my question s about righteousness.

I found out from this book that at one point I was a sinful Christian and after passing that stage I became a disobedient Christian which I am now overcoming. I have not been serious with reading of the word and in fact I found out that I have a hard heart in the areas of obedience and accepting God’s word and promises and yet His word is true and perfect.

2008 is a year of new beginnings as the number 8 symbolizes and indeed it is a new beginning for my transformation into an obedient and pure Christian in heart. This book which I call “Eternal Book” has made the words of the bible and preachers’ sermons come alive. It has simplified the bible for me.

Just the week before I borrowed this book I was asking the Lord to reveal to me His love; and guess what, in less than one week that prayer has been answered miraculously through this book. I feel as if I was the one with the Lord in heaven and experiencing his love first hand.

I read a book last year and thought it was the best book I ever read but right now I believe no other book will ever move me like this one; this is because, it is not just a book but reality of life; this is a matter of life and death. As for me I have chosen life and I request my Lord to support my efforts to work on my salvation.

Choo Thomas, I want you to know that I a hundred percent believe in you and in this book. I have caught the vision and I will do anything to support Jesus’ kingdom just like you do. If Jesus doesn’t come back before I begin earning incomes, I want to invest in buying this book for as many people as I can. And I pray that the Lord will totally frustrate the plans of those who want to duplicate this book for their own selfish gains.

I want to be that Christian of John 15 which is one of my favorite portion of scripture.



Hi Ms Thomas:
I really thank Jesus for His book, since I read the book for the very first time I was anointed with the Holy Spirit, when I was reading the book the part that you described when Jesus visits you, I started feeling this electric waves up and down my body, I've always been very shy to pray for others or even to pray in tongs, but since I read the book everything that was holding me up broke and all I want to do now is to please our Lord, He became # 1 in my life, I don't want nothing from this world, as I have an 8 year old boy Nathan, I read at night, but since I read the book, I can't really sleep much, all I want is to be in the presence of the Lord, it is so refreshing to my soul, I really don't sleep much anymore, I don't even feel tire, all I want to do is to worship and feel Him close, I order some books to give to family and friends or even people that I don't know, but they are going as if I'm selling bread, I have to order more, all my family in Costa Rica wants to read it, even people who didn't believe, I see a big change in my apartment complex, and in areas that I used to be very weak, I feel so strong, my friend called me up from Spain and his words were, this book is a miracle, many changes are happening and so fast. The second time I read the book was even more the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I got dissy and very light headed, exactly as if I was drunk as if I was going to faint, I even said I need to eat something maybe makes me feel better; I come from a Tropical Country, I'm always cold, but since I read the book, I was burning hot, actually I don't need the heater anymore at my home, I thank Jesus so much for this book, but the most important, for loving us so much, I could go on and on, but all I can say is that He is doing wonders. Thanks so much.

Hello Choo
I am the woman that told you that the lord's annointing on your book cured me of cigarette smoking...forever. Well, I am contacting you again to give you my testimony...  Please read it and keep me in prayer..the web address is below. My name is Queen Dixon. In the matchless name of Jesus the living Christ, In His Service.

Dear Choo,
I don't like reading book, but since i read  The Heaven Is So Real book i can't put it down, while i was reading the book i start crying, and i see how jesus love each in everyone of us,  i send this book everywhere here in america, asia, africa, hawaii and other places, they said this book is a blessing to them and totally change their life, plus i know the author of this book we attend the same church, she is my angel and she very special to me. People have said this book is a blessing to them and has totally changed their lives. I only know because it is Jesus book that's why most readers lives are changing. I highly recommend this book to whoever really wants to go to Heaven. Praise the Lord!!

Good morning Choo,

I just have to say Thank You for Heaven is so Real!  What a blessing you are!  I have been a lost Christian for so many years. My Mother gave me your book to read on my plane ride to Oregon.  What a beautiful book.  The Lord is an awsemone God and I thank him for you.  I just wanted to let you know that I am trying to get on the right path and have rededicated my life back to the Lord.  I believe every word that the Lord had you write and each time I read it, it brings tears to my eyes.  I love you Choo!


dear choo
read your book five times, and everytime i read it i receive more from the lord. I've been sharing this with my relatives and friends. i was in a backsliden condition and had little or no prayer time. since reading your book i've been on fire for the lord. So i now spend my time in much prayer and sharing the word with all, telling them that the lord is coming back very soon, and that they must prepare.

I keep you in my prayers daily, and thank the lord for your obedience and for the lords protection and blessings for you, and your husband roger.
mary strzelecki

Dear Choo,daughter of the most high God!
I borrowed the book from my 80 year old mother.I was backslidden and devoid of peace and fulfillment.
I had the book for 3 weeks in my possession before I read it, it was like waiting for me to read it.
I had sleepless nights for 3 nights,then under the conviction of the Holy Ghost, I started reading the book.I recomiited my life to the Saviour.
I started to tithe. God has changed my life through, Heaven is real!I started spreading the news.
Ester Le Grange
Cape Town
Souoth Africa

Dear Choo Thomas,
I`m Elijah Neso residing in Madrid the capital of Spain.
Woman of God,Choo Thomas,
You were born and chosen by our Lord Jesus Christ at the right time.
I bought your book on Saturday September,8Th 2007.
I have been reading Christian books but Since i started reading the book given to you by Jesus,HEAVEN IS SO REAL, the difference is too clear.
The book has settled the great question that has set too many confusion long ago about the reality of heaven and hell.
Choo maa, with dues respect to the unlimited personality of our Lord Jesus Christ, i want to thank God for you.
You have taught me sound obedience.
You taught me never to do anything again in life without receiving an instruction from our lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I have put away all lies, putting myself above others.
I have been preaching the gospel,but i have been a serious thief in the area of tithing.
I have taking decision and i know i will stand by it to Begin to pay my tithe to the lord God Almighty.
The book,"HEAVEN IS SO REAL" has  waken me for Jesus and to always listen to his Mighty Holy Spirit.
I have severally felt a great presence of the Holy Spirit since i began to read it.
2 days ago, a great flash of light shone on my face at about 5.30 in the morning and i felt the wonderful presence of Jesus Christ like in the days when i was truly faithful to Him.
The great presence of the Holy Spirit has always been felt in my life since i got this precious gift of book from God and when it comes, i always need nothing but to stop whatever am doing and worship, Praise Him and talk to nobody but just to be so calm and great speaking in tongues in the spirit.
I have received Him again and again more than 40 times in my life since i began to read the book.
Please, i can`t emphasize everything in one mail to you. I will just write you again.
Elijah, Madrid Spain

Ms. Thomas,
I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your book very much. I identified a lot with you throughout the book. A few weeks ago, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about preparing for ministry and I was led to your website by a friend of mine. However, she did not know what the Holy Spirit had said to me.
Last week, my visiting Pastor from Africa blessed me with the book. I have to tell you that I cried the entire time I was reading the book because it seemed as if Jesus was speaking to me through you. I felt the anointing all over me whilst I was reading. I have a prayer ministry and I know God is using your book to preapare us for the next level. Halleluia! Glory be to God.
God Bless you

Hi Madam Choo,
I really thank God for using  you in such a tremendous way. You have been a vessel of honour and blessing to the entire body  of christ- All to the Glory of God.
My name is Nicholas Cofie from Ghana, West Africa. I am an up and coming Evangelist of our Lord Jesus Christ the Resurected One.
Oneday,  I  was walking in Town  and  came across  a book stand, then I stopped, looked through the shelves and saw many END time books including HEAVEN IS SO REAL. I almost chose one of the others even though I really felt "HEAVEN IS SO REAL WOULD BE THE BEST" , ostensibly because of the price diffrence. 
Then the HOLY SPIRIT said to me " Are you leaving this book( Heaven is soo real) because of the price" ? I quickly obeyed His voice and bought the book. Again He said to me "  do you know the things I am going to reveal to you in this book ? Then I knew the Lord was about blessing me with this book.
Till date I can really tesify that I have been more than blessed through the book. Things I used to take for granted I do them no more. I have many times preached from the book and many have been blessed. I keep reading it over and over again!
I would like you to be praying with me that I will always stay focused  untill OUR LORD shall appear again with glory.
God Richly blessed you with everything  you need for the ministry.
Nicholas Cofie

Dear Ms. Thomas
Hi let me first start off with my name. I'm Jessica, im sure you get a ton of e-mails daily but im hoping you will receive mine and enjoy it.Last Christmas I was given your book as a gift. At first I looked at it and honestly thought, well there pretty cheap people. Here I went out and bought a great gift and I got a book. Little did I know that your book would impact me greatly. My husband and I were on our way home and I picked up the book and commented, well the family that gave it to us may not have money but at least they tried. They only speak Spanish so I was very surprised when I received this book in English from them. Driving home that night I gently pushed the book to the back of the car and thought nothing of it. Thinking to my self well if I put it away gently then maybe I would not look so ungrateful. A few months went by and I thought nothing of it. Until one day I picked it up and just began reading from there I couldn't stop it was great. I almo st dreaded having to go to work and putting it down.Choo, Ive read book that people experience seeing Christ but what I loved is that everything was backed up with scripture. Then with just the last four chapters left I spoke to a family relative that purchased the book. I was so excited for her to read it too. I was antisapating this great conversation about all the wonderful things God had done with you. Then the bomb was dropped.
She told me straight out that the book was not of god and she was not happy with it at all. Choo my heart sank and I became angry at her for her lack of open mindedness. You could clearly see that it was an amzaing book. This person I have always held with such high esteem and then hurt came in to my heart. And the weirdest thing happened I stooped reading your book.With only the last four chapters I just could not finish them.This person Choo of whom I speak of is a wonderful person she loves the Lord very much. But certain things legalistic things still have control. I guess I was scared because I knew that Jesus showed you those who would not believe. And satan used that to discourage me from finishing your book. Well a yesterday I finished it! Im writing to tell you that In the last few months Christ is teaching me to be a Holy woman of God.Reading books are great but now Im studying His Word and I love it. Ive asked Him to forgive me of my sins and to forgive for lac k of belief. I want to thank our Heavenly Father for using you for the end time prophesy.I do believe!
One day you and I will meet and I pray that I will be able to see you dance for the Lord. I will be dancing too because I know that I am highly favored say the Lord. Today is Monday and I can imagine your walk with Jesus was lovely. Have a wonderful Day!  Your sister in Christ, Jessica

Dear Mrs. Choo Thomas,
Recently I have got the chance to read the translated version of your book 'Heaven Is So Real'. It was translated and published here in Ethiopia for the first time. I was so pleased to read the book which is very assuring as the massage is originated from our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ. To be honest, I have never read a book which is so real and persuasive as your book. It made me realize that Heaven and Hell are so real. By faith I am an Orthodox Christian woman but I have never believed that much of Heaven and Hell.
Mrs. Thomas, your book has changed my perspective in life and I thank you for that but most of all I praise our Lord Jesus Christ for transmitting his genuine message through you. In the Book I felt the kindness, humbleness and love of our God towards his children (us)  which is so amazing. You are so fortunate to be favoured by the Lord.
Mrs. Thomas, I would like to ask you, if I may, for your help if you are in the position of praying for others. The reason I am asking you this is because my family especially my mother is under the control of evil forces. If in the affirmative, I will explain to you my story in order for you to pray for us.
I am looking for your kind reply in anticipation and thanking you for your patience in reading my letter.
Yours Sincerely,
Samrawit Simon

Hi,Mam CHOO i am one of the people the LORD has directed to read his wonderful book,"HEAVEN IS SO REAL" i thank you very much becuase this book has been a blessing to me.Anyway i am a boy of 16 and i am called Terry.I am in Ghana in Africa and i know it is a miracle your book reached me here.I am a young christian who knew the LORD not long ago before your book reached me.Infact your book contained all the things i need to hold on to my faith in the LORD.I bless our LORD JESUS,for without Him i wouldnt have had the opportunity to read this book.I realy have the LOVE of the LORD for you, because you have been a blessing to me.I hope u share more about your experience with the LORD with me.THANK YOU.see you.Hope to here from you. 
Slim jee

Dear Prophetess Choo Thomas,
I pray that you are feeling well and that your family are also well. I thought I would share the testimony below with you. It is from a friend of mine who I sent one of your videos to. She had apparently shed tears of joy after watching your DVD. 
My Sis Naomi from Ghana also called me about an hour and a half ago and gave me a similar testimony of a man. Naomi had iven one of your DVD's to her manager at work who then took it home. She had visitors and decided to show them the DVD HISR. One of the visitors , a man wept bitterly like a child as he watched the DVD and gave his life to Christ Jesus. Halleluyah. Praise the Lord JESUS. HE ALONE IS WORTHY of every praise and all glory. May his name be gloryfied now and forever. In the matchless name of Jesus Christ. AMEN!

Please see the email I received from my friend Roberta below. Many thanks.
Please continue to pray for me and my family. The Lord is working on the heart of my husband-I know and I am truly thankful o him for that. I know that he will complete what he began in us. I continue to pray that the Lord will keep you and your family blameless unto his coming. In the name of Jesus Christ AMEN!

Dear Mrs. Thomas
Thank you so much for writing this book!  It is the most inspiring book (besides the bible) I have ever read!  I cannot stop thinking about it and I have told all my friends and people at my workplace about it this morning (some of them I mailed and some of them I spoke to personally).  I know that some of the people I deal with every day are not Christians and that is why it is so important for me to talk about your book.
Further more, your book has given me guidance during a time where my Christianity is only starting to really grow (although I have been born to Christian parents and went through all the rigmarole of going to church every Sunday and attending Sunday school).  
Today I am a 26 year young lady currently in the UK for a certicate short course here in London.  Through these part months I have grown a lot spiritually but I am not at the place I think I need to be.  I am still holding onto things that I am not supposed to and that is bothering me.  I am afraid that these things is standing between God and me and that I am not living God's ultimate plan for my life - this is really important to me and I pray for guidance all the time.  Maybe I am a bit impatient ;-).
Thank you so much for reading this mail.  Thank you for being an inspiration to me and millions of other people!  I pray, that more and more persons will be saved as a result of your book and I thank God for leading you to write it.


Dear Choo,
Hello, I greet you in the wonderful name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. I am Robin Joseph. I'm 22 years old and I love the lord Jesus. I am from Barrackpore, a village in southern Trinidad, West Indies. I have always heard about a woman who had a first hand experience with our lord, Jesus. I was surfing the internet the other day when I came upon site which had your video of testimony. I downloaded it and watched intently. I could help the tears when you spoke of hell and your loved ones who were there. I was moved so much. It has truly worked wonders in my life.

But there's something else, I had accepted Jesus as my personal lord and savior earlier on this year. And he has been working wonders in my life since. Being saved I asked our lord, Jesus to use me as a vessel to do his work and bring many people to know him, and so he did. Jesus sent three people who prophesied to me, one saying that "god has many great thing prepared for me and will show me in time to come." The other one said: "I am being called to ministry" and the third said directly: "you are going to preach the word of god." Having all this knowledge I was so encouraged and wanted to spread the word to everyone I saw. But then I fell in sin and it continued so until I saw your testimony. I was really moved. I gave everything to my lord. He speaks to me and tells me things which I should and should not be doing. And also impresses thing on to tell other people. I worship him all day long. And I can't stop thinking of him. I'm currently reading the book you wrote and I'm being encouraged so much. I thank the lord for choosing you. You really are a child of the lord. I am spreading word of your experiences and the book.  Because not many people know of it, and not many truly believe that there is a heaven. Jesus is so awesome.
I have one request from you. I ask you to prayer for me so I can be enabled to do his work bear fruits that last. Prayer is powerful. To God be the Glory.
Thank you!
May god bless you.

Hi Choo Thomas,
I'm Eric Lee from Malaysia. Your book has literally changed my life. I was actually browsing through a Christian bookstore when somehow your book caught my eye, and God immediately led me to buy it. By the grace of God I have broken free of my old ways and now I truly want to go to heaven. However, I've thinking when I read the paragraph at page 233 about George W. Bush being the God's chosen president for the last days. Since the next presidential elections will be on 4th November 2008, and George Bush will not be running, does this mean that the tribulation will come next year?  

Sister Thomas today ( Wednesday ) I just right now from school and WOOWOWOWOWOWOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it's just awesome powerful and I mean I can even say how beautiful and
great has just happen to me sister I just receive the 2 boxes and I already open them Sister I am so happy glad blessed know there is NO words over this earth to explain you how I am feeling right now Sister.... you are a truly woman of God may our Lord bless you always.
Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need to tell you what happen to me at school ( it's was something for heaven I don't doubt that )
I was eating in lunch with my friends and a guy ( that I have never seen before ) came and sat next to me SO.....
he greet us ( he said Hi guys! ) which is not normal of a person new person who doesn't know nobody at
some anyplace but anyways ............
the guy was ( I don't know how to explain it um mm he was a Christian I could felt that )
but the weird thing is Not that it's that he told me if I was christian and I a told him YES! gladly ......
he reply with a gentle smile to me and he said: WE MUST PREACH THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.......................I was amaze by his words ( because he was the first person at school since 2 years ago who tell me that!!!!!!!!! ..............even thought I do MY BEST preaching about JESUS Repentance & forgiveness of sins and Salvation lead by the Holy Spirit ALL THE TIME )
I asked him his name and He said It doesn't matter but I told him you don't what to tell me your name???
he said it's not that...........It's just there thing out there that a are more important than a name.............he said the things of GOD
I was amaze again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just without words He stood up and said I will go to the restroom
( the restroom is like less that 25 meters were I was eating with my friends )
the guy went to the restroom but while he was walking something fell off of his hand...........I went to pick it up and I was going to the restroom to give it to him ( It's was SUPER WEIRD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sister it's was  a paper that says
"PREACH THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHIRST".................When I saw itI was breathless I could NOT explain myself that ) so he get into the restroom and I was like 10 meters behind him ( he got into the restroom ) BUT WHEN I GOT INTO THE RESTROOM THERE WAS NO ONE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YES sister the guy was NOT THERE But I saw him with my very own eyes and I even talked to HIM like less than 5 minutes ago!!
but I looked for him in the restroom but the only person who was the was ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I put the paper in my wallet because I said to myself If I find him I will give the paper to him............
I looked for him at the entire school NO ONE so a guy like him No even the teachers saw a guy like the one i was describing them
so I think that message the being had was powerful " PREACH THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST"
I do NOT have any doubt that HE WAS AN ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but what I do know is the that IT WAS A MESSAGE FOR GOD HIMDSELF TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for writing Jesus book. I love you sister.

hallow  Choo Nam,
Praise the Lord, I am a girl of twenty three years and I am a born again christian,I am attending a very new and small church in Tanzania known as JEHOVA SHAMAA.Recently I am in university taking a degree in bussiness administration.
I real thank God for your book "heaven is so real",i happen to read it several times and never got tired of reading,i read the one written in swahili and English.The book blessed me so much and it made me want to save God like crazy.I woul real like to keep on communicating with you,recenly i give the book to all people around and friends to read so that they can know the kind of God Iam serving and i hope they wil give their lives to Jesus.
may God bless you


Hello and greetings Ms. Choo Nam.  
My name is Benjie Girl Martinez. I am a 17 year old girl. I have been waiting for an opportunity to e-mail you and tell you that I have read "Heaven is so Real" and it has really changed my life. Not only me but also my family. I really love the book and it has helped my faith in God grow. There has been a lot of good changes in me and I am really very happy about it. Even now at the present, I am continually strengthening my faith and changing in the good ways God would want. I am really very thankful and very glad to have read "Heaven is so Real."
God Bless!


Hi Mrs.Thomas, my name is Matthew R. Summers, and I am from South Carolina,but I am station at Fort Lewis, Washington near you in Tacoma.....right now I am in Iraq.....and we are due to come back between May-July 08. 

Anyway I was compeled to write you because as we speak I am reading your book HEAVEN IS SO REAL!  I am on chapter 16 right now.....this book has been a
blessingto me and I am not even finish reading it yet.....It was very strange how I came across your book though....since I am deployed I always have to get on my wife about sending me a care package....but when she finally did; I found this book in the bottom of the box....I wasnt even concerned about all the other contents in the box....only the book....when I called her I ask...whatmade you send me the book....she said Derrion our six year old  son keep bugging send it....and she finally did....What does that mean?  I think it was given to a gift from Walmart are something....any way I dont care...I am glad to have it....once I finish I have to let some one else read it...also I was wondering when I am back can I meet you and your husband, invite me to your church....I would be honored to meet you....awoman of God...also add me and my family on your prayer list.....Thanks I just had to get that out.....Please , please contact me, to let me know you received the email.....Thanks for listening
Matthew R.

Dear Choo Thomas
I was so touched when i came into contact with this precious bk I  could not just place it down .I at times cried during my reading.Dear sis Choo I thank u for allowing God to use u in this special way.You are really bless, It my prayer that anyone who come across this precious bk will never be the same. It really had awaken me from my slumber of my christian life.May God bless you dear sister.


Dear Choo Thomas,
i cant begin to tell you what an amazing affect this book has had on me !!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have never read anything that impacted me so much !!!!!!!!!
i went to south africa to minister  - however, i found your book there in a bookshop and my life has never been the same since!!!!!!!!!!!
i always believed you only had to be born again to get to heaven  - so initially the things in your book were like a terrible yet wonderful revelation to me  - and i started to seek to put right alot of things in my life.   I sent letters of apology to schools and people i had wronged years ago etc.....
your book began a major purging in my life and it hasnt stopped
my flesh has hated it but my spirit has been rejoicing
i am reading your book for the 2nd time now and am buying some for others
i am sending an @ to many people urging them to buy it and read the URGENT MESSAGE on your website which also shook me up alot
i even went on a christian live tv chat show and told 1000s of viewers about your book
i would love to hear from you  - also is there anywhere i can get good discounts for buying larger quantities
if you wish to use my testimony just @ me to let me know  - i would be happy for you to do that
God bless you so much in what you're doing
Joy Molyneux  - uk

Dear Choo Thomas,
Dear sister, I'm Glorivette Rodríguez from Puerto Rico.  Your book change my spiritual life, give me hope and happiness, put my heart in the hands of Jesus with more firmness. All my church reading the book too right now. We blessed with your experience, and blessing you and your family in the name of Jesus. Please pray for me, because I want more; I want Jesus talk me too. Please you answer not other, and sorry for the errors in my letter, I speak spanish and not speak english very much. I hope see you soon and meet you in the heaven.    With love in Jesus Christ:


Dear Choo Thomas,
I just received the wonderful surprise when I went to the post office to have received the DVD's you sent me! I gave 2 to my pastor to see and share, thank you SO MUCH!
Your testimony makes me want to be so refined and pure for Him.  Because many are called and few are chosen and in your book it makes more sense than ever.
I have a question, my pastor Franklin Valverde, requested me to ask you if you could consider and pray about accepting our invitation to come next year to visit COSTA RICA. Let us know.  Our Church is Pasion por las Almas Liberia  (Liberia is the capital of the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica.)
Should the Lord give you the OK, we can start planning with time.
Many thanks, blessings and hugs,

Carmen Santos

Dear Mrs. Thomas,

We have communicated before. I passed your book along to friends of mine, one of whom has a doctorate in religious studies and deeply involved in ministry. We discussed your book at length, so I decided to put some of my thoughts to him and supporting arguments in writing. If you find my argument useful in helping sell your book to skeptics please feel free to copy it.

Your book should speak for itself, but I am doing what I can to pass it along and spread Jesus' message. I hope you find my argument useful. My intent is that I love Jesus our Lord and will do what I can to help Him and you.

Thank you again for your book. I also wanted to introduce you to another great book which is as important as yours called, "While Out of My Body I Saw God, Hell, and the Living Dead" by Roger Mills. You will not be disappointed in it.

Thank you again for all you have done. Most sincerely and God Bless,


My letter is below. I hope it may be of some help to you.:


Hi Mitch,

What a great visit we had. I am so glad we are able to talk like this and feed off of each other. I feel like you are the second half of my heartbeat and visa versa. I've been thinking about what you said regarding your opinion of Choo Thomas' book. God is one great big puzzle and we always strive to find more pieces to complete it. Each piece has its rewards. We went over what I thought were the essentials in that book - Jesus wants us to be pure of heart and obedient to His Word. Everything else in there supports this message. I was particularly overwhelmed by the fact that sinful Christians will end up in Hell. That is quite sobering. This is supported by Matt 7:13-14.

Yes, I still put holy scripture above all of these kinds of books, all of them. However, something to keep in mind. Throughout the 3500 year history of Judaism and Christianity, God has shown His love for his people; first the Jews and now the Christians. In the Old Testament, He gave us prophets and scribes who wrote down God's thoughts through inspiration by the Holy Spirit. He did the same with the apostles and scribes and many saints through out the church age. The irony is that Jews and Christians alike strive to receive God's blessings and revelations. God, in His compassion, gave us revelations through prophets and saints. But, how many prophets and saints were killed by Jews and Christians alike for revealing God’s message? Jeremiah was considered insane and ostracized. Elijah was also an outcast. Ezra had Jews killed and made outcast by the thousands who disagreed with him for claiming to be the Law Giver as well as for his ethnic cleansing. Jews put Jesus to death for claiming to be the Messiah. Joan of Ark was burned at the stake for claiming that God spoke to her. The list is endless.

My argument is that we know we are in the Last Days. God is revealing His plans, intentions and what He requires from us through countless number of people, of whom only a few are writing books about it. I am not surprised
that you take Choo's book with a grain of salt. My Presbyterian pastor considers it gnostic heresy. I'm not surprised, it's his training. He may have learned that in seminary. Gee, what a surprise!!! Only one in ten people thanked Jesus for healing them. How many threw stones at Christ for His message when they already had the Torah and Talmud? Thousands refused Christ’s message when He was present on earth.

This book got me to change my life around AGAIN. It got me to spiritually cleanse myself of all sin in my life. It got me to strive for holiness and get back into the church. It got me to put Jesus first in my heart again. It got me to REPENT of all my sins, sinful thoughts, sinful lifestyle, you name it. Was I a Christian before I read this book? You bet! Was I a sinful Christian, definitely. Did I sin willfully, yes. (Even the smallest of sins are an abomination) Have I repented, most definitely. Have I gotten my heart back right with God, YES. Is this book responsible for that, yes. Hence, it has served a great purpose which is why I think it will save many.

I am also far more focused on His return and coming rapture and I strive to be one of those few chosen to be caught up. But another interesting message Jesus gives us in this book is that not all Christians will be caught up in the Rapture. But, only those who are ready for Him - pure of heart, putting Jesus first in their hearts, and daily seeking Him for His return. I wouldn't be there, if it were not for this book.

What it has also done is revealed a new perspective that is supported by scripture. You'll notice how many scriptural references there are in the book. Does Jesus support scripture in this book, of course. It just reveals a new light on what we already know, but presented in a way that is helpful to our current times. Jesus says He has heaven all prepared for us, but we are not ready for Him. Hence, the book showing us how to make ourselves ready.

We strive to receive new messages from God. And now, when we get them, the message and the messenger are dismissed. How frustrating for God. Is the book a new Gospel? I say no. This is not the gospel according to Choo Thomas. It is an End Time message and warning from Jesus Christ, for us, given to her through many visitations and does NOT replace the Bible. If the book did NOT support scripture, then I would not have sent it to you or told anyone else about it. I would've thrown it out. I can understand why the apostles and Jews in the first century had their problems with Jesus.

Had this book been written 2000 years ago it might have been canonized. The Gospels of Thomas, Nicodemus, Barnabas, Clement and Peter weren’t canonized either. Yet their messages were great. The message from this book is clear:

1. Be pure of heart toward Jesus.
2. Obey the scriptures.
3. Jesus is our Lord and King who must be obeyed and worshipped.
4. Jesus is the only way to heaven.
5. This message is for the whole world.

God Bless Mitch,



I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and faithfulness that enabled you to write your book. Reading "Heaven is so Real" changed my walk with Christ. I have become a less lukewarm Christian and have really started incorporating God as the center of my life. More importantly, your book made me truly believe that God has a PURPOSE for me.

When I read your book (a book I actually had bought for my husband by his request) I was skeptical; then I got to the part where you talk about the fruit and foods of heaven. I accepted Christ in the year 2000. For a few years I was extremely faithful, wanting only to please Him. For my faithfulness I enjoyed a very personal relationship with Jesus. What made me believe in your story was that during those faithful years I had had a dream in which Jesus came to me. He took me to a place with two big rooms. The first room was made of wood and He had set up a big tent in it. The tent's fabric was a rich burgandy woven with gold accents. He opened the tent and invited me inside (all the while I never truly heard His voice, it was like He was talking to my spirit or my heart).

Once inside I saw silver trays full of different kinds of food. There were mostly fruits and vegetables, there was also some kind of meat dish. He handed me a plate and asked me to take some of the food and eat it. There were three kinds He specifically wanted me to have. Two of these fruits you have specifically described in your book. When I was dreaming this I remember being so in love with Him. All I wanted was to stay in His presence, just to be in the same place as He was. At the end of the dream He took me to a second room that was all white. He told me I could ask Him one question...but I couldn't all I could do was sit in wonder of Him. Then I woke up. I know by the way that I felt in my spirit that my dream was real, and what you describe in your book about the foods is so similar that I cannot believe your story to be a fraud.

Thank you,


Dear Choo,daughter of the most high God!

I borrowed the book from my 80 year old mother. I was backslidden and devoid of peace and fulfillment. I had the book for 3 weeks in my possession before I read it, it was like waiting for me to read it.

I had sleepless nights for 3 nights, then under the conviction of the Holy Ghost, I started reading the book. I recomiited my life to the Saviour.

I started to tithe. God has changed my life through, Heaven is real! I started spreading the news.


Cape Town
Souoth Africa

Im very thankful & Blessed that the Lord lead me to this book. Mrs. Choo Thomas, Heaven Is So Real! as really opened me more than words can say.

I want all my friends & family to read this Wonderful book.

I wanted you to know i hav change my Life, Im more Happier than ever when im in the Lords House.

I truly think this book was a sign to be w/ the Lord again. Thank you so much & God Bless You Monika

dear choo

read your book five times, and everytime i read it i receive more from the lord. I've been sharing this with my relatives and friends. i was in a backsliden condition and had little or no prayer time. since reading your book i've been on fire for the lord. So i now spend my time in much prayer and sharing the word with all, telling them that the lord is coming back very soon, and that they must prepare.

I keep you in my prayers daily, and thank the lord for your obedience and for the lords protection and blessings for you, and your husband roger.


Hi let me first start off with my name. I'm Jessica, im sure you get a ton of e-mails daily but im hoping you will receive mine and enjoy it.Last Christmas I was given your book as a gift. At first I looked at it and honestly thought, well there pretty cheap people. Here I went out and bought a great gift and I got a book. Little did I know that your book would impact me greatly. My husband and I were on our way home and I picked up the book and commented, well the family that gave it to us may not have money but at least they tried. They only speak Spanish so I was very surprised when I received this book in English from them. Driving home that night I gently pushed the book to the back of the car and thought nothing of it. Thinking to my self well if I put it away gently then maybe I would not look so ungrateful. A few months went by and I thought nothing of it. Until one day I picked it up and just began reading from there I couldn't stop it was great. I almo st dreaded having to go to work and putting it down.Choo, Ive read book that people experience seeing Christ but what I loved is that everything was backed up with scripture. Then with just the last four chapters left I spoke to a family relative that purchased the book. I was so excited for her to read it too. I was antisapating this great conversation about all the wonderful things God had done with you. Then the bomb was dropped.

She told me straight out that the book was not of god and she was not happy with it at all. Choo my heart sank and I became angry at her for her lack of open mindedness. You could clearly see that it was an amzaing book. This person I have always held with such high esteem and then hurt came in to my heart. And the weirdest thing happened I stooped reading your book.With only the last four chapters I just could not finish them.This person Choo of whom I speak of is a wonderful person she loves the Lord very much. But certain things legalistic things still have control. I guess I was scared because I knew that Jesus showed you those who would not believe. And satan used that to discourage me from finishing your book. Well a yesterday I finished it! Im writing to tell you that In the last few months Christ is teaching me to be a Holy woman of God.Reading books are great but now Im studying His Word and I love it. Ive asked Him to forgive me of my sins and to forgive for lac k of belief. I want to thank our Heavenly Father for using you for the end time prophesy.I do believe!

One day you and I will meet and I pray that I will be able to see you dance for the Lord. I will be dancing too because I know that I am highly favored say the Lord. Today is Monday and I can imagine your walk with Jesus was lovely.

Have a wonderful Day! Your sister in Christ, Jessica

I was so touched when i came into contact with this precious bk I could not just place it down .I at times cried during my reading.Dear sis Choo I thank u for allowing God to use u in this special way.You are really bless, It my prayer that anyone who come across this precious bk will never be the same. It really had awaken me from my slumber of my christian life.May God bless you dear sister.


Subject: The Best Birthday Present You Could Ever Get

The very best birthday present that anyone could get is the gift of faith. There is no downside to coming to the Lord Jesus Christ, and there is an unbelievable upside. I wouldn't have believed this before 2004, but after having experienced the joy and help since accepting Jesus' invitation that He extends to everyone, I am a dedicated believer. I have received much personal fulfillment since. Do you have something that gives total fulfillment in your life? Reading the wonderful book "Heaven Is So Real" by Choo Thomas brought me to Jesus.

Earlier in my life I didn't think I needed God, but after beginning to recount my blessings I realized that they weren't my doing. Achievements in life came because of God's interventions with His wonderful Grace. The only recognition that I want today is from God. Being with my wonderful wife Anita for 61 years was also responsible for our good life.

But I was advised by several whom reviewed an earlier draft, that some people are impressed with worldly achievement, so here goes. For fifteen years I was President and CEO of a fairly large public company. I eventually became head of nearly every organization with which I was involved including a Red Cross chapter board, a country club board, several smaller companies, and editor of a community newsletter. I was sought out for computer advice for many years and was a consultant in software for two chains of computer stores.

Three computer stores were owned. My investments over the years were very successful. But by failing to seek God's advice, I made some serious investment mistakes; losing $1.6 million, which fortunately I could afford. As a private pilot I owned a number of different airplanes. Over 400,000 miles were logged for business and pleasure, a lot of it over rugged terrain. I had some amusing experiences while flying all over Mexico and the Caribbean. I was able to travel to many countries and visited every state and all but one Canadian Province. I know now that God protected me and gave me all of this by His Grace. I did not deserve any of it.

After I started praying to thank Him for the good life, good health and all our blessings, blessings multiplied. But I still hadn't realized the importance of Jesus Christ to my life.

Finally, I realized that there are far more important things than our life on earth. In my childhood I had learned that my real self is my soul and not my body. I remembered the prayer that my mother taught me, "Now I lay me down to sleep, . If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take."

We are not bodies with just a mind and pulse, our real self is the soul and spirit that is in our body. 1Thes 5:23 The soul existed before we were born to this earth and will live forever. Our soul will remember everything that has happened to us on earth and will experience whatever happens to us after death. After our body dies, our soul has only one of two places to go - to be with God in Heaven in a renewed body, or with Satan and the eternal tortures in hell.

In most of my life I gave little thought to hell. Perhaps I thought, like many, that death is the end. To believe this is a tragedy beyond measure for a person's eternal life. To follow Jesus gives the greatest sense of security that is imaginable. Matthew 10:28 What else is there that gives you the sense of security to face unknowns?

The only truly reliable guide for living is and always has been the Word of God that is in the Bible. 1Tim 3:15-16 Everything that you need to know about an abundant life is in this book. It is God's message to the world. The Bible tells us that God is love, and the Bible has much to say about love. For example: And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:12-13 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. 1 John 4:7-9 We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:18-20

In the Bible, Jesus Christ teaches that the only way to be with God after earthly life is over is through Him, John 14:6 Jesus Christ. You cannot go to Heaven by just being a good person; you must accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and confess to Him that you are a sinner. We all are even if our sin is valuing something or someone more than a relationship with God. Then ask for forgiveness, and try to live as you believe Jesus wants you to live.

No matter what we have done, it will be forgiven if we ask. 1John 1:7 That is all there really is to being saved. Although you can continue to enjoy your life, even to a greater degree, you will find that you will lose interest in some things that you thought were important. The Holy Spirit who is available to help you will show you many other things that you will love to do.

There are some things though that will greatly enhance your faith experience; one especially is reading the Bible. I thought that the Bible would be boring, but it is not. Many of the books in the Bible are as exciting as a good novel but are true. Psalm 119:103

Going to church is not necessary for first coming to faith, although it could hasten it. But if you go, you will meet people who will help strengthen your faith. Others have faced trials much like your own. How do you now deal with some of the unknowns in your life? Could you use some help at times? I always thought that I was self-sufficient and could handle my own problems. While this was true to a point, I have found it far easier with the help of the Lord, and talking with other believers. Heb 10:25

Even today it is still hard for me to believe all the help I get from the Lord and the Holy Spirit. He helps me every day and I only have to ask. John 14:13 When something happens that I can't seem to grasp or solve, I just ask for help. When a heavy burden comes, and it does to me in spite of all our apparent outward "success", I just put the burden on the Lord. Matthew 11:28

The result is that, and it is often immediate, I receive peace and have the knowledge that the problem will be solved in the best possible manner. John 14:27 I don't stop working on it, but I know there will be help. There is no downside to faith, and a landslide of advantages.

Could you use a little help at times? If you want to talk about this sometime, it will be my pleasure. Just send an email with your name and phone number. Jesus doesn't want to see anyone following Satan into his inferno. John 10:10 Heaven and hell are very real!

In very recent times Lord Jesus raised up a modern-day prophet, trained her and took her to Heaven and hell. He commanded her to write a book on everything she was shown. This book is His final appeal to get ready for His
coming for His faithful ones. The book "Heaven Is So Real" by Choo Thomas, quickly became a world-wide best seller in many languages. Please check the author's website My own testimony on salvation is found by clicking on "How To Be Saved" near the top of the first page, the second article. On there is much additional information.

Choo has become a wonderful friend and I talk to her frequently. Jesus continues to give her visions of His soon coming. Choo told me two weeks ago that Jesus has shown her new visions that He will be coming very, very soon
for his faithful to take them to Heaven. Be Ready!!! The eternal life you save will be your own. Tell your family and friends.

If you are already way ahead of me in your faith and don't feel that you need this message, that is wonderful. Please then pass this information to someone whom you believe can use it.

I know that I am nobody special, just a servant of the Lord. But I plead with all whom have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, not to wait another day. No one knows when their last day will come!

George Hagen [email protected]

I have to share my joy with you!

I just received the good news from my brother in law some minutes ago!

He lived a reckless live and had been divorced two times. On Sunday 22 July, my wife and I gave him an Afrikaans copy of Heaven is so real.

His life was turned around with so much impact, he gave his life to Jesus this week and he will be baptized in water soon. He said that he could not put the book down until he finished reading it! I have never experience so many powerful works from Jesus as with this message. This is His book!

Praise the Name of the Father, the Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

Be blessed in the mighty Name of Jesus

Vic & Mathie

I have recently read your book and it has really strengthened my walk with the Lord. I was away in South Africa on a retreat to spend time with the Lord and seek Him as I know that I have a calling on my life. This woman just walked past my apartment one day and started telling me about your book so I went to the bookstore and bought it. I believe the Lord sent her to me as it was just the encouragement that I needed at the time!!

Since reading it I have begun to experience the presence of the Lord so much more - during my quiet times I sometimes get such an overwhelming presence of love, peace and power in my room - it is so beautiful! I have also begun to study the word so much more - the Lord has impressed on my heart that I really need to immerse myself day and night in HIS word - the hunger for more of His word has really increased in my spirit since reading your book!!

Also soon after reading your book I laid hands on a man for healing and felt an immense anointing and my hands shook uncontrollably!! This is the first time this has happened! The Lord is really beginning to use me - hallelujah!
I have since passed the book on to a friend of mine who is a Christian but was struggling in certain areas! She was mightily blessed by it and has since received physical healing for a condition that she had suffered for a while! Praise God! He is so good!!

We then held a breakfast for some unsaved women in our neighborhood and used the opportunity to hand out a copy of your book to each one. I truly believe that your book is going to continue to bring many more souls to salvation!


I know you don’t know me but first want to think the Lord Jesus for working through you for that book! That’s the best spiritual book I have ever read besides the Bible! I believe you 100% I stayed up late every night reading!

I couldn’t put it down! You said you talk to the lord person to person I have a favor to ask you!

Can you ask the lord if I can feel the power and fire of the Holy Ghost! I want to serve him. I want to do his will not mine! Tell I want to know him and if I have any faults tell him to tell you that I may correct my self!

I want to see the glory of Heaven all of it! I actually wouldn’t mind going to your church for the rest of my life serving it and helping you out any way I can its actually kind of a dream!

I have been praying for you ever since I read that part its time for them to pray for you! Thank you so much! I wish I could of experienced heavens glory! IN Jesus name amen!


I am a Malaysian Indian. Was born a Hindu but Jesus came into my life and I became a Christian. I was a college teacher. I also studied in a bible school and graduated. God soon brought an American missionary into my life and we got married and I joined my husband as a missionary in Africa, Vietnam and Malaysia. Malaysia is a Muslim nation.

While we were in Malaysia a Muslim women came to us because she had dreams of Jesus. After explaining salvation to her we put on your DVD and she said that she had seen things like what was on the DVD in her dream. We saw that the Holy Spirit was working in her life and she prayed the prayer of salvation with us and we prayed for her to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She prayed in tongue. A Muslim comes to receive Jesus because of your DVD Miss. Choo.


I read Heaven is so Real and it is truly awesome. Our Pastor, Austin De Boug read the book and wanted every member of the congregation to have a copy. He said it will bring revival to many. I went an bought this book. When I read this book it answered so many questions I asked to myself about heaven and hell and tithing and how to obey the Lord Jesus fully so that he can be truly happy with me. I realize that Jesus really wants to help us in our walk with him only if we ask him to.

This book I read over and over because it is packed with so much revelation that I use it alongside my bible. It has also helped me in asking the Lord to forgive my sins and I am grateful to you for your obedience to the Lord so that he can use you in such a mighty way. You are my sister in Christ and I really do love you for your obedience to the Lord because it is bringing me each day in a deeper relationship with Jesus. You really saw my Lord the lover of my soul and I really hope one day I can do the same, I just want to be with him forever.


You are my dear sister and I am so grateful for your book Heaven Is So Real. I am reading it for the 5th time. I always want to keep reading it to keep what the Lord is saying on my mind. I am working on changing some things in my life. Right now I am working on not being critical, not demanding my own rights. I want to be in heaven with Jesus and I look forward to meeting you in heaven.

You book is such a blessing to me. I have been saved since July 1979 and I had many issues to deal with. When I read your book I really reexamined my life. I was not really into worldly things but I needed to learn how to love people like Jesus would. Reading some of your book everyday helps me to remember to do things rights when tests come from the Lord. Thank you so much.


Dear sister Choo

I want to chare some testimony. Yesterday morning after wake up before I went to Church. I feel a lot of back pain. It happen around my shoulder and my neck. And after that I open the your testimony VCD.

In 5-7 minutes after I watched VCD my back pain start to be better. Until I finished watching the hold VCD.

All my back pain is totally 100% gone.

I believe that the healing power from the Lord working through your testimony VCD. I plan to use it more to the other people.

Love in Christ.

From brother Sarun.

I have received the DVD and the two CDS you sent me. I'm making arrangements to copy them and give them out to friends and to my church. They are really powerful and eye opening, I feel as if the Lord Jesus Christ is going to visit me one of these fine days. I had the same feeling last year but immediately I told someone about it, the whole thing just disappeared and now I feel the same feeling again after reading Heaven is so Real book and watching the DVD.

My husband was watching the DVD with the lights off and then fell asleep while the DVD was playing. Suddenly he felt a strong light came upon his face like in broad daylight. He screamed and woke up and continued watching the DVD until it was finished. Then he said I think the Lord wanted me to watch and hear this message without interruption and he also said it was powerful.

Thank you very much for the gift. God bless you.

Yours in Christ Jesus. Esther

I don't have words to describe the ripple effect that your book has coursed.

My mother got reborn after giving the book to her. My brother gave his life to the Lord. Now it is just my husband, father and other brother that needs Jesus in there life. Please help me pray!

Thank you for your example of obedience. I am living in South Africa and wish that you will pray for our country and my family.


I am presently reading your book and have been moved by it beyond human explanation.

I really don’t know how to explain this but it’s like as I read God is answering questions I have through it and the experiences you went through felt so real to me as I read as if I’m the one who experienced them.

I wanted to write to you till I finished but I can’t contain the burning desire in me. As I was reading today I discovered that I was actually shaking and felt fire in the palm of my right hand. Oh I wished I was not at work ‘cause I wouldn’t have to contain what I felt.

I love the quote on pg 121 about God planning to give special anointing to many daughters for the End-Time work. I want to be one of those. I want God to take over my life as He did with yours. I want to be His vessel. The world has nothing for me.

Pray with me as I also desire to be His vessel and want to be right standing with Him.


Thanks so much for writing the book, "Heaven is so real". I read it and I'm going to read it again. My mom and dad (who are retired pastors) were here visiting with me from Newfoundland. I passed the book to my dad to read. He absolutely loved and he then passed it to my mom. She loved it as well. Actually I think they sent you an email to you recently. Before they left to go home they bought the book also so they could pass it around.

My mom said she will never be the same again. I agree. It really touched my life. I believe in reaching the lost before God comes for His people. I went into an intercession for our daughter who was away from the Lord but Praise the Lord she is serving the Lord today. Now I'm praying for my boy. He's starting training for the military on July 15th. He's not serving the Lord. I pray he'll be a soldier for the Lord. Please pray for my boy, Anthony. Pray that he will realize he needs Jesus in his life and that he will dedicate his life to Him, Jesus Christ.

Thanks again for the book. I pray Gods blessings on you. May many souls come into the kingdom because of your faithfulness. Praise God. If you are ever in Canada I would love to meet you. Take care and God bless.

Marilyn, Ontario, Canada

You are truly a blessing! Your book and your e-mail have CHANGED MY LIFE! I know who I am in Christ! Thank you! I am Joy Jones and I am 18 now! I e-mailed you last June! I LOVE YOU! God has put you on my heart and I keep you in my prayers. I tell your book to everyone. I gave it to my mom and she was so transformed by it she brought 30 more! Now those are gone and she's trying to get me to order more! PRAISE GOD! She said this book is probably the best book she has ever read! I completely agree!

I heard there's another heaven is so real book out! PRAISE GOD! I AM SOO EXCITED TO READ IT! I don't want to bug you! If you're busy you don't have to write back but I just wanted to know what was the devotional book about?

Love you sister and I'll see you in heaven real soon!


I have been kind of hesitant about writing you, and the truth is because ... well I kind of thought I wasn’t good enough, but now I have learned that you are very normal. I just needed to hear you speak and stuff on your movie clip. But I just got through jumping up and down, and praising God, because you must be anointed with God’s anointing! And plus, on top of that, THERES NO WORDS TO EXPRESS HOW AMAZING JESUS IS! I love him so much!

It’s just amazing, how God could use you for this! And it’s beyond amazing! It humbles me now that I have learned you are quit normal. I know I should have already known that, but some times, because, were humans we can be silly. Besides, it’s all amazing because of how god has done!!! I mean it’s like there is no words to express how amazing he is! I read Jesus’ book heaven is so real, and I really woke up! But I know it was because... well here is what happened, I really wasn’t interested much in stuff like that because I didn’t know if it was true or not, but I was were our couter is, and on the computer desk shelf, my mom it belonged to, any ways, I picked it up and started reading it, and in a few pages, I already was and still do believe it. Because the lord Jesus has anointed it! I know the lord will take care of it all, and thanks for letting god use you!

I think you are special, and you’re very precious, and that’s because of how you live your life for god, you’re very beautiful on the inside!
You are a virtuous woman. And the lord loves you very much. Please don’t give up, and Jesus is my friend and he's yours to!

Jesus loves you, and I do to!
In Jesus name,

My name is Bill. My wife, Angel, and I live in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. We have 9 children and 6 grandchildren. (We have a lot in common with the Brady bunch. His, hers and ours. We love the Lord with all of our hearts and understand the times we live in. I have just finished reading you book, "Heaven is so real". It is the best book I have read since I read Benny Hinn's "Good Morning Holy Spirit" 15 years ago.

I have been a Christian for 19 years. Over this period I have searched and prayed for revelation of God's prophetic scripture and have come to believe that the Church is missing a very important key that unlocks the prophetic scripture. I have recently put together a piczo site in order to reveal what I have learned to the body. I must warn you that it is different and requires much prayer as you search it out.

Now I am not telling you this to get you to read it, but rather I wish to put a link to your book on my site. I have done so but am willing to remove it if you so wish. It is for this reason that I have sent you this email. I would like your permission to keep the link as I have made it. If you are willing please let me know. I have to tweak this site some for the lord is dealing with me on a few of the entries. The wording and the presentation especially.

I must tell you that you are very special to the body of Christ. I understand that this book is not yours. it belongs to Jesus and therefore it belongs to me and every other member of the body. It has renewed my zeal for the lord and brought me back into focus. I haven't cried so much since my early years with Jesus. I thank you for your sacrifice and obedience and envy you in a good way.

I look forward to meeting you with Jesus very soon.


Greetings Sister Choo. Your book is one of the most significant revelations I have read next to the Bible. We are featuring links to your book and video here on our home page where our "Jesus" profiles are sent into all the world via our ministers. We currently have 12 Internet missionaries taking these "Jesus" profiles here on Into nations where it is almost impossible any other way.

Here is the link to the home page and if you click on the Jesus pic in our top friends you will find an example of one of our missionary profiles.

Here is the address to our oldest "Jesus" profile:

Currently we have had over 105,000 visitors in less than a year to our "Jesus" profiles. There are 177 million profiles and growing by the thousands everyday, so please pray for us that the Lord will raise up at least 1000 more Internet missionaries to bring these "Jesus" profiles to everyone on

Captain Willy
Director Yellow Brick Road Ministry

I'm one of the Christians who rediscovered her faith from reading "Heaven is So Real". Thank you very much for writing this book and praise the Lord for using it to bring back as many children as possible to Him.

Thank you for your kind attention. God bless you.


Firstly I would like to thank God the Father, Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit for using you powerly in this end times we are in. Ever since I begin to read Jesus' book "Heaven Is So Real", I have been touched mightily by reading it.

I believe everything of your book from front cover to back cover. I am a born again christian and I have been so cold in obeying the things of God, even in reading the bible was an occasional thing when it suits me. But after I read “Heaven Is So Real” I felt thirst for the word of god as well obeying everything he instructs us to do.

It is a real awakening of my heart and soul. All I want now is to live a life that brings glory to my Lord Jesus. I just want to share the gospel with anyone i come to contact with, I don't know how but I trust God will give me the courage.

May you and your family be richly blessed.

Yours in Christ,

Your book “Heaven is so Real” has blessed me more than any body in the whole wide world. I am so grateful to God Almighty for using you to bring me back home to Jesus.

At first when my wife ordered the book I didn’t want to read it. But reading it has changed my life. We are on FIRE for the Lord. I do pray for you that God will help you accomplish every assignment before the D-day.
Please, pray for me also to preach the word with boldness, power and compassion and to feed the poor. God bless you and your entire family.

Yours in Him,
Jones Osei-Baning

May the Lord bless you a million fold and even a trillion fold for this great, great book. This book has changed my life for the better. I did not try to change. Merely reading this book has brought about a transformation in my life. I believe this book and everything that is written in it. I love the Lord Jesus and I love you for writing this book. I am a born again Christian but after this book I want to have a clean heart and to be pure.

If you have the time please I beg of you to please pray for me and my family.

1. That the hearts of my wife and me will be prepared for the Lord
2. That we will be raptured together
3. My mom and dad will be saved and raptured together
4. That my sister, her family, my brothers and family will be saved and be raptured with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please pray that the Lord will make me a true Gentleman like his Son our Lord Jesus Christ.

Again thank you for writing such as book and such a great topic. I am hungry for more. I need mercy- loads of it. I wish that the Lord may bestow upon you wealth on a Solomonic level. That riches will be like that sand of the seashore for you and your family.

Thank you thank you thank you very, very, very, very much.

Your new friend and brother in the Lord

I have just read HEAVEN is so REAL and nothing has touched me so much as your encounters with our Lord Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus has manipulated my way through the internet to 2 different sites. #1 is and #2 is I have been searching for more information to help me see the truth in things that the Bible tells me about. I love the Lord Jesus so much I just needed something like this to help me understand him even more.

Bless you for writing this book which has also helped my wife who doesn’t read so well. This book has been a blessing for both of us. You book is a great recruiting tool for unbelievers and lukewarm Christians as well. I would like to ask you for your advice about our home situation if it is ok. I will wait till I hear from you before I ask. I don't want to burden you if you have to many emails to respond to.
Thank You

Your Brother in Christ

Thanks God that you answered my letter. I will do what you said to study the Word of God everyday and obey it. I know it is very hard but I will ask God to help me.

On June 1, 2006, I found Heaven is so Real at the National Bookstore and when I read it at the back cover of the book, I’m interested and I say to myself that there's nothing wrong if I believe in this book and it will help me be closer to our Lord Jesus.

As of now the books I bought already are 130 pieces. 98 pieces were already given to others. My two daughters Mechiel and Meme help me gave the books to their classmates and teachers in high school. My husband also gave his friends. We also burn 50 pieces of your DVD and gave it to others.

I’m always thanking God for the book because my faith to our Lord Jesus Christ become stronger than before. My husband and children also.

I say to myself that as long as God gives me breath I will continue to buy this book, Heaven is so Real and to give it to others.

I already read the book twice and I will continue reading it as many times. I’m so lucky that Jesus gives this book to me.

Thank you Jesus. I love you Jesus.

I believe this mail will find you well and blessed. This mail will be very simple, as I just want to say thank you for being faithful to the calling the Lord has given you and completing the book.

I am from South Africa, I have read Heaven is so real. And have returned to serving the Lord. Thank you.

I gave my life to the Lord at a young age and i was in the ministry for about 5 years, a youth leader. I had backslidden. Thank you to you being faithful and the Lord having Mercy on me I read Heaven is so real and since then repented and turned back to the Lord.

I am attending church, Tithing, spirit filled, baptized. I am praying every day and am starting to read His word again. Looking for a cell group to fellowship with. Again thank you for being Faithful i pray the Lord continues to bless you and your Husband.

I pray daily that the Lord help me to have a serving and loving heart like yours. I pray daily the Lord gives me the strength to make the right decisions that will please the Lord.

God Bless

Oh thank God for your obedience and for writing such an amazing life changing book. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I picked your book up on a best seller shelf in the café of a Christian bookshop. I was so attracted to the title ‘Heaven is so Real’ and was intrigued. As I sat having lunch with my 2 little children I flicked through some of the pages and the tears just ran down my cheeks, I knew I was meant to read this book. And of course like many others I could not put it down.

As a busy mother of 2 little children it normally takes a few months to read a book but not this time. I can only say that I’m changed for life. I’m actually love-sick for Jesus and am diligently seeking Him out with a passion to go deeper in my walk. The things of this world seem to have lost their appeal. I am ready for what God wants to do in these last days. I told the book store what an effect it had on me and they said they have sold thousands of copies of your book. I bought 4 more to give away and told them to re-stock their best seller shelf in the café so more people would see it (and they agreed to).

God bless you Choo, and thank you for your devotion to Jesus Christ.
I hope one day to meet you if not on earth then in heaven

With love and prayers
Your sister in Christ

Dear Mrs. Thomas,

Thanks so much for the materials you sent me to help enhance my evangelism for soul-winning. I am so excited to connect with your highly favored, anointed ministry. I know this is the will of God because He has seen the hunger in my soul to serve Him, hence this tremendous open door. I don't know what the future holds but I am determined to fight for ALL the PROMISES of God concerning my life in Christ Jesus my Lord.

The revelations in your book are awesome. One thing is to behold the fullness of His glory and to eat from His table. I am believing God to order some books (HEAVEN IS SO REAL) and ship them to GHANA, West Africa, my home country, to promote evangelism with it. My wife didn't like fasting, after reading the book and going to your web site her life is transformed. She has fasted for 21 days surrendering, and preparing her life for God to use her in a very special way. Sister Choo thank you so much.


Dear and beloved Sister in Christ,

Thank God for His coming to you. Thank you for your obedience to Him and writing such a wonderful book. I'd like to see you so much! I invite you to visit us. Our whole church is waiting for you. I brought one copy of your book to my hometown from Moscow. Many people in my church were crying and repenting as I started to read the book aloud during our worship services. Everyone wants to get into heaven.

Dear and beloved in God Sister Choo Thomas, please come to Russia and visit us! Everything what you have written in your book surely comes from heaven, from God Himself. I love you so much and invite you to visit us. In our church we also practice dancing, clapping and doing improvisations. I invite you to join with us in glorifying Jesus Christ - He is the only One who is worthy all Glory and Praise. Please pray for us, and we will pray for you. We are looking forward to receiving your reply.
In His love,

Pastor Yelena

Greetings from Wisconsin!! This morning I finished reading "Heaven is so Real"!! Over the years I have read hundreds of Christian books. I must say, other than the bible, your book is the most important book I have ever read!! I have read two other books where God took people to heaven. One was a man in a tragic auto accident. God took him to heaven for 90 minutes!! Then I read the book by Mary Baxter where God took her into hell!! But your book was as if Jesus was speaking directly to me!!

Before I read your book I thought I was headed to heaven! Now I am not sure I was. But now I will change my lifestyle. More than ever I will forgive those who did me wrong in the past. When my dad was alive he gave me a very hard time. I now know he was, if not possessed, troubled by demons. By your book I have truly come to the place I can forgive from the heart!!! I am going to give your book to a friend. Hopefully he will receive it and give his life to Jesus!! I attend church at Mountain Faith Church in Lake Delton, Wisconsin!! Once again THANK YOU!!! Someday in heaven I will thank you face to face!!!

Truly yours


Hello Choo Thomas,

My name is Robin and I am almost finished reading "Heaven is so real". Through the course of reading this book my whole relationship with our Lord has changed. I have been a Christian since I was eleven years old but over the years I have drifted away from God many times. He has always been there with open arms ready to take me right back. But something is different this time. I have become closer to Him like never before and He has blessed me greatly for it. Just a few days ago I gave my life back to Him and ever since then, He has shown me in many ways that He is with me.

Thank you so much for allowing God to use you in such a great way. I am sure that you have pleased Him greatly. I want to do the same. I want to live my whole life for Jesus! I want to do everything possible to please Him.

This book has been such a wonderful blessing to me. It is so hard to stop reading it when I have to do something else. I almost do not want to finish it because I have enjoyed it so much and I know I will miss it when I am done. My whole life has changed for the better since starting this book. My prayer is that God will reach as many as possible through this book.

I love you and I thank you. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY, HONOR AND PRAISE!! And may God bless you greatly!

Love, Robin

I was introduced to the book Heaven is so Real by a new friend I met at a marking session. I managed to buy the book and I started reading it. The other day when I was still reading I felt sleepy and I took a nap, and it was during the day. I experienced the body shaking and still in my sleep I prayed in tongues. I continued reading the book and after finishing it I experienced the second body shaking and still in my sleep I prayed with tongues. I had to share the message of the book with others friends, relatives, workmates and other people I managed to have a chance to talk to.

I am now living a happy life my heart is free because. I have the assurance that heaven is so real. I stared living a life without worries because I have the assurance that the word of God is so Real and the lord doesn’t want us to be worried. Everybody I have told about the book Heaven is so Real wants to read the book but some of them cannot read English can only read Setwana language spoken in Botswana. I hope it was possible to translate it into Setswana language and I pray God to provide me with the conditions to buy more books so that I can save a lot of souls before the LORD JESUS CHRIST comes. I thank the LORD JESUS CHRIST for having revealed to me the reality of Heaven.

The book has really blessed my spiritual life. I hope that I will hear from you very soon and that you will send me cassettes and CD's at the above adress.
You are such a blessing!

My walk with God was okay until I read your book. After I read your book I realise that there is so much more that God wants me to do. I now know that the world needs me. My life is no longer about my needs but about what God desires of me.

Your book came at the perfect time, I wanted to break up from a relationship that was slowing my walk with God and your book gave me all the reasons to break away. I now know that God wants to use me for something bigger than I can comprehend. Each day I wake and say thank you God that you are using me as I am to bring your children into your Kingdom…what more can I ask for than to know that I am pleasing God and walking in righteous by Faith everyday.

Keep Blessing the world we need you Choo!
And Praise God for you!


God bless you for being a mighty blessing to my life through your obedience and purity. I have just read Heaven Is So Real. It was given to me by my friend's husband. Reading this book revealed to me the true nature of my own heart. For the first time in my Christian life I realized just how filthy my heart has been. The heart is truly and desperately wicked but my gratitude to God now is that I know that He is more than willing to help me purify my heart and to help me live in obedience to His Word.

Could you help me pray for the Grace to discipline my mind so that it will meditate on the Word of God and nothing else. I believe God has a great assignment for me but my heart condition has been a hindrance all this while. This is the greatest need of my life right now.

I want to fulfill my purpose and surely do not want to miss Heaven.

God bless you and your husband, Roger.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Dear Sister Choo Thomas,

I pray that divine peace and joy be with you. Sister Choi Sun Soon is visiting here from China to see her daughter. She came to our church last Sunday and reported this;

Since last June 2006 until last month she printed 31,924 copies of the Heaven (Heaven is so Real) books. The books are almost gone now. The total Chinese translated book has printed over 75000 copies to give away.

She said that the American dollar is getting weak in China and the rate has decreased some. She received a report from Shen Yang that a man who had a terminal cancer in last stage. His doctor gave up on him and asked him to go home and die. The man went home in hopelessness. Someone gave him a hope of heaven with the heaven (Heaven is so Real) book in Chinese.

He read the whole book in his bed and a miracle happened. He felt much better and went to his doctor to check him again. The same doctor checked him and found nothing wrong in his body.

He came home and told everybody that the heaven (Heaven is so Real) book healed him. The word spread fast through churches in Shen Yang and near cities. Many churches and people request the books more and more. Praise the Lord!

God is still using the Heaven books to bring many souls and healings.


Pastor Michael Park

Dear Choo Thomas

Greetings from Wisconsin!! This morning I finished reading "Heaven is so Real"!! Over the years I have read hundreds of christian books. I must say, other than the bible, your book is the most important book I have ever read!! I have read two other books where God took people to heaven. One was a man in a tragic auto accident. God took him to heaven for 90 minutes!! Then I read the book by Mary Baxter where God took her into hell!! But your book was as if Jesus was speaking directly to me!!

Before I read your book I thought I was headed to heaven! Now I am not sure I was. But now I will change my lifestyle. More than ever I will forgive those who did me wrong in the past. When my dad was alive he gave me a very hard time. I now know he was, if not possessed, troubled by demons. By your book I have truly come to the place I can forgive from the heart!!! I am going to give your book to a friend. Hopefully he will receive it and give his life to Jesus!! I attend church at Mountain Faith Church in Lake Delton, Wisconsin!! Once again THANK YOU!!! Someday in heaven I will thank you face to face!!!

Truly yours


Respected Sister Choo Thomas

Joy to talk with you by phone. Much love, joy, peace and abundent blessings of our Lord be with you all the days of your life. I believe with the end of this week the Afghanistan
translation will be completed and from next week we will be ready to print the book in Afghanistan language. Dear sister you are doing a lot for His kingdom to bring back the lost sheep in His presence. I really honour your love, compassion and burden to prepare the people for Rapture.

Every day I am receiving many phone calls from the people who are blessed by our Lord's book. Our Lord's book is read more than any book in church History of Paksitan and this is one of most popular and favourite book of the believers and unbelievers in my country.

May God bless you and use you mightly to fulfill His plan on the whole surface of the earth.

In Christ
Pastor Sarwar

Dear Mrs. Thomas,

I just wanted to let you know how much your book has done for me. I am a 14 (going to be 15 in may) year old girl living in Lynnwood, WA.

Reading your book has been a turning point in my life. Through that book, i realized my great need for Jesus. It has impacted my life more than anything. I was raised in a Christian family and i go to not only a Christian church but also school. I was absolutely thrilled by the wonders of heaven and i just can't wait to be there and join all those awaiting.

I am trying hard each day to please God and live only for Him. He has done so much in my life, and thanks to your book, i now realize it more and more each day. I know many people are out there and are starved to hear God's word. Many people are having an extremely hard time that i am sure is harder than mine. But i am honestly trying hard to live each day like it is my last. And i know it will be worth it all.

Thank you so much for obeying God and bringing this book for all to read. It has changed my life. Your rewards will be great!

I love you dearly, and i know we will one day meet.

Your sister in Christ,

Hi Choo

I would like to say may God bless you and your family more and more, you are a wonderful sister in Christ. Between November and December 2004 my mum started telling me about your wonderful book from Jesus heaven is so real and it touched her and me, this book was a wake up call for me. I've never really liked reading books but with your book i could not stop because i believe every thing in it, it is the best book i've ever read and not got bored.

Me and my mum have introduced more than 20 people and now we are trying to get many people to read it in England where we are based and around the world too. You are a true blessing, I'm a 26 year old man and god gave me the talent to rap, so from January 2005 i started writing songs inspired by god, me and my rap partner call this style of rap music Jesus rap and our name is S.O.G (sons of god). We rap the gospel in our town on the streets every saturday afternoon with an amplified system. We are aiming for teenagers mainly and anyone who will be touched by it, to give there heart to Jesus. Thank you so much, your book was my wake up call and now i will use rap music for the right reason Jesus will break the barriers and many teenagers will be saved 2007. Glory to god, hallelujah.

God Bless you


Thank you for the wonderful book jesus used you to write . i was led some how to buy that book by the holy Spirit. i couldn't contain myself while reading it, my heart, mind, body, soul and spirit could hardly take it all because it is too good to be true. i had read both books by mary K. baxter before now , that was about two years ago and they were so beautiful.

I know the Lord was leading me to buy it so I can do more for Him. i haven't really done anything yet but my deepest cry is to love Him and do more above all else. i am a student in my state university in Benue State, Nigeria. i live in a town called Makurdi, that is where i come from too. I am a Catholic but much more than a Catholic. I'm in year three studying Languages and Linguistics. I'm 22- My name is Ochanya Angela Ako- Ako is my surname. I only bought it last week and I'm through reading it now and giving everybody to do so too.. i wish to hear from you personally through my e-mail or my phone - i will be most honoured. Thank you so much for blessing my life.

Daughter in Christ,

Dear Sister Choo,

God bless you for obediently putting forward the book ‘Heaven is so real’. I got to read it just after Christmas and I haven’t stopped talking about it. The book has not only blessed me beyond words but also has convicted me deeply. I sincerely hope that I become more on fire for the Lord!! My boss gave away each of us six teachers a copy of the book Yes, I believe in Heaven ( and hell) and that Jesus will come back one day for us …. But it’s only after reading your book that I felt it’s almost now!! The best thing I loved about it was the interaction between the Lord and you…it’s so wonderful to imagine you having a race with Jesus on the beach!!! WOW!!!I think I would faint with excitement! You are sooooo blessed. And I’m truly grateful I got to read the book before He comes. The problem now is that there isn’t enough copies of the book available here to pass around ….. the church here will be placing an order soon because so many people are hearing about it . All I have to say is” Jesus is coming soon and are you ready!?!” and we are on a roller coaster!! My boss also tells me there’s a devotional now with the same title- we are going to order that too.

Please let me tell you a little about myself. I’m Sarah and reside here in Kuwait . I had accepted the Lord as my Savior nearly 28 years ago when I was younger. My walk with the Lord hasn’t been so obedient as yours even though I love Him very much. That statement is contradictory isn’t it? Even though I know I am here for Him I got side tracked with so many things,
responsibilities etc. He still is so gracious to me that He lets me hear Him sometimes. Jesus placed me here in the only Christian school as a Pre K teacher for the past 12 years and the only reason I’m here is so I can teach children of different nationalities about Jesus. And yet I’m ready to leave everything for Him if I have to. I owe Him my all, my very life. I’m married
and we are blessed with three wonderful boys who love the Lord too. So there, you have another friend ! My sister, who is also my neighbor (Mary Mathew), has already written to you (she was one of the first ones I shared your book with). So, dear sister Choo, I will sign off here . Take care and God bless you abundantly!

With much love,


Dear Choo, my name is Maria. The cover of your book was so compelling to me. I left the store without buying it, but kept thinking about it. I'm on a strict budget, and I didn't want to spend the extra money, particularly on something I knew my husband would not approve or understand. Eventually I could not help myself, and I bought two, one for a dear friend.

I've met the Lord. Not Jesus or the Father, but the Holy Spirit. A righteous, awesome force. I believed and trusted, and gave everything in my heart and soul. It was an unbelievable experience that I believe you would understand.

The most important thing that I believe I'm learning from your book is how to pray.

The reason for this correspondence is to let you know about the part of your book that has had the biggest impact on me. It is when you're writing about the power of prayer and the Lord tells you, "It is time for them to pray for you."

That sentence thrilled my heart, and I bowed my head.



I just wanted thank you for your selfless obedience, faithfulness & steadfastness in allowing Jesus to write Heaven Is So Real through you. I have been in a dry season hungering & thirsting for more & more of HIM and the gift The Lord gave to you through your book so blessed me. My spirit was & continues to be SO stirred by what HE shared to you in your visitations - HE is amazing. Lord Jesus, help us all to be about reaching the lost, your precious brides to be, no matter the cost!!!! Thank you, Choo - know the smile of Jesus is eternally upon you! Hands to the plow - heart after HIS Harvest!

In HIS service,

Hi Choo

I greet you in the name of my Lord Jesus , I’m busy reading the book I can’t wait to finish the book I’m on page 203 chapter 23.Ever since I’ve started reading the book it has change my life completely as a Child of God now I see things differently and have Hope that our Lord is Coming soon for His children the Book made me to have passion for people preach whenever I see people my desire is to do Gods will and seeing the way God uses you I respect the anointing I always made an example of your book and I now have a picture how Heaven looks like it made me not to worry about earthly things the more I read the more I want to know God more and when ever the Lord visits u when He calls you My Special daughter I’m touched even more .

The part that touched me is when you cried when He showed you His Hands and when you were also transformed, when the Lord was busy with the body work and the stretching like the cross I’m touched more I also felt the same when u wanted to be with Him always, the time you did not want to come back and when you cried He will wiped your Tears. I heard about this book from my sister in Christ and I thought let me buy it. I’m so great full what our Father did, For He Loved the world He send His only begotten Son, and that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. I feel like preaching to those that are far because I want everyone to go to the King Dom of Heaven.

I’ve learned a lot not to judge people and I can quote many things from the book I Thank the Lord who chose you to write this book it Blesses me a lot and sometimes I would laugh when I’m reading it, when it comes to the point that you complaining about something and the Father would listen to you and you will realize that I just complained and repent afterwards and what touches me is your obedience towards the father I’m blessed. Love you


Zukiswa, Gladys

Hi Choo Thomas

I have to thank you for your book, Heaven is so Real. It has grasped me from the moment I opened it and started reading it. It as if an energy flows from it and touches every part of my body and soul. I am in tears most of the time as I am now wrighting this e-mail. It is tears of sorrow, joy (maybe more gratefulness) and hope. Maybe even more. I am not even half way through it and I want to read it again and again and again, maybe like you just wanted to go back to Heaven with Jesus. Through you Jesus has managed to open a window for me to see the joys of Heaven and a door to Him. Should I rather say; He knocked and for the first time in almost 29 years I’m listening and I have opened the door. I think I’m having tears of gratefulness now.

I wish I could read faster to finish the book and pass it on so someone else could have the joys of reading it. But maybe it is God’s will for me to also read it slow and have as much joy from it as you had on your visits with Jesus to Heaven. I think I am going to buy as many copies as I can with each paycheck as I can and give them to people. I have a burning desire to do so. I don’t have a great knowledge of the Bible and find it limiting to talk to people (for now I pray). So I pray that at least in this way I can help in getting more people on the right path.

Pray for me as I take my first baby steps as a Christian and that I can become a strong Christian so if it is Gods will, to do many great things for Him in this time.

Than you again for doing this great work for Jesus our Lord and all praises to Him. He is truly our King and Saviour.

South Africa

Dear Choo Thomas:

I read "the book!" I felt as if I was with you visiting heaven. My faith has really come alive and I am sure that more than ever that I know where I will spend eternity. I admire your courage to write this book, to do exactly what Jesus said - we so often fall short thinking about what others will think of us. God bless You!!!! I feel that I know you and I am so in love with Jesus, just knowing how He loves us and really cares. I will keep you in my prayers and please remember to pray for us, the readers and believers.

Choo, Heaven is So Real.


St. Louis, Missouri

Paarl – Western Cape
South Africa

Hallo Choo Nam

Thank you so much for a wonderful, God inspired book about your life, and Heaven that is waiting for all of us who, believe in our Almighty God, and His Son Jesus Christ.

Never, did a book impact that much on my life as a Christian. The book changed my life forever, and never again shall I let go.

I love God more than I love myself, and I love you, as one of God’s chosen disciples.

Please pray for me and my family. That is me Johan, wife Adri and two sons Carel and Billy. I sincerely need God to use me as his disciple as well. I urgently need to win souls for Jesus.

There is so much that I need to discuss with you. Will it be ok if I e-mail you from time to time?

I praise the wonderful name Of Jesus.

Please e-mail me back, and I shall pray for your wonderful work that you are busy doing for our Lord.

Please send my regards to Jesus, and please thank him, on my behalf, for this fantastic book !

Kind Regards in the Holy name of Jesus


Dear mrs Thomas,

My name is Atticia, I'm 27 year's of age. I live in Suriname that's a Dutch speeking country in South America.Pleas correct any thing I my spell wrong, becaus my English is not that perfect.

I have read your book and I want you to know that it has reached it's goal. I'm a different person now. All my live I knew(know) about our Lord Jesus but it was always a problem in the churches. There were always church members who wanten to do there own thing and not Gods will. So we moved from church to church sins we were small with my parents. And for a very long time we didn't even attend any more, but I alway kept praying. But sins I got this book in hand from a colleague I prayed to the Lord and asked him to show me the way, and if you believe it or not that same night I saw my self in a church wich I knew of. The first sunday in this year I went there and felt at once at home. Since then I haven't miss one sunday.

I could tell you your book changed me in one split second I even cried, and was so sad when I reached the end. In your book you revered to a book written by Marry K. Baxter. Well I could tell you that the Lord has his way in doing things. Becaus as soon as I opend my mouth to ask if any body had that book, and it was another collegue who brouth it for me.I realy admire you for being so faithfull to the Lord, I told my boyfriend that I realy want to meet you to know and hear more about our living God. I read my Bibel every day now and have learnd from your book how to pray.

I thank the Lord that he has touched me once more and pray each day for his protection and for me to be faithfull to him always.

I have so much more to say, but this e-mail will be to long. I hope you reseave my mail and pray for me and my family.

Sincerraly yours,


Please reply soon

Dear fellow children in Christ.

My name is Christine. I live in Pretoria, South Africa.

Last year God really brought me to my knees....

I couldn't understand why he would put me through depression when I have been a "Christian" all my life!!!

Just as things were at its lowest, I heard about Choo's book from my mom. I couldn't understand how a book could have such an effect on any person.She really irritated me, because she brought it up in every discussion!!

Little did I know that he was giving my life a 180. I started reading Choo's book, and the Holy Spirit filled my life.

Everyting wasn't about me anymore. I focused so much on all the negative things in my life, that I never saw God's light!!

God says that we should LISTEN. I don't think we really do. We sit and read our bible to feel better about ourselves, and we pray continiously, without really giving the Holy Spirit a chance to talk to us.

Today I have more blessings than I can count!! (And please try to count them - it gives you perspective of how much you have to be thankful for).

Ever since I listened to what he told me through Choo's book, every single prayer (even those which I have prayed for years and years) have been answered beyond my wildest expectations!!!!

I am living proof that if you obey, and try to live your life Jesus would, He will bless you in abundance.

I ask you today to help me pray for each and every soul. I have given Choo's book to many, but not all were filled with the Holy Spirit.


With all my love in Jesus's name!

Dear Choo,

I just finished reading your book. WOW....... God is Good....... I am a christian but i have lukewarm for a very long time. and had fallen into some sin for the past 7 years and have been shutting God out of my life. Well no more the book Heaven is so Real has changed my life. I have been one of the disobeident and sinful christians, and I don't want to go to one of those places. Through your book the Lord has given me a shake and said wake up Debbie my time is near....... It has changed my life..... Thank You Choo for your great Love and Obedience to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I want to be ready for him when he comes, I have a hunger for him again and I now repent of my sin dailey because I want to be him when he comes, and I want to hear the trumpet. My whole family is lined up and ready to read you book now that I am finished, my husband starts tonight! then my four children 3 of which are teens are next. they all can't wait to read it. Bless You Choo, I am praying for your dance ministry.... When you wrote about your viists to heaven and hell I felt as if I was right there with you and Jesus. Now I will buy a copy of your book for My Pastor and his Wife...

Many Blessings


Your Sister in Christ


Helo my name is John and i have been a christian since april of 2005. I just recently picked up your book "Heaven is so real" for my fiance. my fiance, her sister and myself were reading it at the same time. Yhis book that you wrote is absolutely encouraging. After reading it i gave it to my mother to read and because of your book it got her to read the bible and she gave her life to the lord. Praise God! I wanted to thank you and i also wanted to ask you a couple of questions in your book.

Ok Question 1: i notice in your book you talk alot about dancing for the lord and doing these dances. I was wondering if you can explain alittle further detail about it. In the bible it doesnt really talk to much about dancing and after reading your book you say a bunch on it.

Question #2 you say that President Bush is our end times president. How is it that satan knew that George Bush would make a difference to the christians of this world and the enemy was so against him. as it reads in your book. By George Bushs actions today i cant see that it is possible. I cant see sending many of troops over seas to get killed will justify it. This doesnt sound christian like to me. I was wondering if you can go into further detail on that subject. Choo thank you for writing this book. I thank God for for this book. I have told alot of people about this book. I still have a few more family members that need to read this because i do believe time is running out.

God Bless,

Hi my name is Grieta actually my Christian name is Magrietha. I just want to thank you for an excellent book that you have published. And I thank God every day for you and what that book meant to me in my life. I have grown up in a Christian home went to church every Sunday throughout my childhood until I was a grown woman, started working and got married, although I stayed a Christian I drifted away from the Church and I was not as close to God as I should have been.

Well thanks to you and the book you wrote, the book passed my way and ever since I have read your book I started making changes in my life. I live more with Jesus in my life, I go to church every Sunday, I give 10 percent of my earnings to the Church and institutions that buys Bibles and hand them out to people. I must say my life is not 100 percent where I want it to be, because sometimes I find myself still doing wrong things, only afterwards to realize that I should not have done such a thing. But then I must say I can feel the difference in myself, I used to be always fighting with everyone, swearing the traffic, I have felt myself changing and the change is for the better and then I tell myself Rome was not buildt in a day, I will become more and more what God wants me to become everyday.

I went to Church on the 17th November 2006 and I can't describe to you what happened to me, the Church Minister asked which one of us want's to give your heart this moment to God? The minute I put my hand in the air I felt something ice cold went through my body, we were a couple of people that wanted to give our hearts to Jesus at that moment, I started crying I just couldnt keep myself from crying, dont ask my why I was crying, I was just crying and crying and I couldnt stop myself from crying. Sometimes just out of the blue I find myself singing songs that we sing in church Sundays, to me it is a sign that the Holy spirit went into my body on the 17th November, the day I promissed my sole to Jesus and I am trying very hard to live up to my promise. I thought I just wanted to tell you my story and again to say thank you for changing my life for the better. I am buying a couple of your books every month, I dont buy them for specific people but whenever I get a feeling to give someone a book, I hand the books out according to my gut feeling. Keep well and God bless.


Good Day Mrs Choo Thomas,

I would just like to express my sincere gratitude in the fact that you shared your experiences with me through your book "HEAVEN IS SO REAL".. Through your revelations and visions, I truly believe that God is ALIVE. This book has changed my life and will be changing more and more lives. I borrowed it from my father-in-law after his life was remarkably changed by it. There were many things that I questioned that were revealed in your book. My only prayer now, is for my husband and other family members to be saved. Please pray that the Lord takes complete control over my life, so I can set an example to my family.

Thank you so much

Yours in Christ

I want to thank the Lord and you for writing this book. I've believed for a long time in God and that Jesus is the Lord and Savior.

This past summer I re-dedicated my life to God, and it was the best thing I've ever done.

After reading your book, I realized that I need to be doing more for the Lord and developing my relationship with him and helping to bring others to him.

I want to know that when he comes that I'm going with him. I want everyone to be saved and to know the Lord. The Lord has blessed us so much, and he deserves our love, faith, and obedience. Thank you for helping me realize that I could be doing more.

God bless you, ~Nicole

My wonderful sister,

Your book or better still, the Lord's book has been a mighty blessing to me. I am now praying for a pure heart.

I am very desperate to make heaven. I am sure my twin brother who died before I was old enough to know him is there, waiting for me. I have been talking about the book since I started reading it-have only 3 pages left. I am a military officer and one of the several pastors of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Nigeria.

I ordered 10 copies and sold them before I had started reading it. When I began reading it and saw what was inside, went back to the bookshop and bought the 3 copies that were left.

There are key people I want to give the copies to. I publish a monthly journal-the Messenger, that focuses on the second coming of the Lord Jesus. Your book has added more momentum to my work. I and another brother are planning to order 100 copies of the book to send to key pastors. We are sure the body of Christ in Nigeria will be heavily influenced.

Will you kindly permit us to translate it into the 3 major Nigerian languages? My regards to your husband. Pray for me and my family. Time is very short. Your brother in Nigeria, Africa,



One of my dear brothers in Christ sent the email below and suggested that I write and request this book. What do I need to do to purchase or contribute so that I may recieve it?

I presently live in Saudi Arabia and am enjoying a new and revived secret life with Him who has saved us. I look forward to hearing from you.


Hey Folks, I just want to pass on some info on a book I just read. It is entitled" HEAVEN IS SO REAL'", by "Choo Thomas. .Folks, this is got to be one of the best books I've ever read besides the Holy Word of God. This sister has many living encounters with the Lord who takes her to heaven, hell, and gives her many words for the end time people of God.

He is coming soon and wants His children ready. I strongly urge all of you who truly love your King to get this book. You can purchase it from Elijah List or you can email her direct for other possible ways to purchase it. I tell you folks, I've never read anything like it and it really woke me up in some areas of my life. I know all too well you be sooooo blessed by this book.

Believe me when I tell you your enemy doesn't want you to read this book. So don't be surprised if you experience some resistance. God is using this precious book to get His people ready for his return, God bless you all, Bro Bob--Oh , almost forgot, her email is " [email protected]. thanks,

Dear Mrs. Thomas;

I'm sending you a check for 14 books($98.00)tomorrow.

My step daughter had a guest speaker at Mountain Grove Brethern church this morning. Her name is Theresa Simmons.

She went to the gates of heaven but the Lord said that it wasn't her time. While there she saw people walking outside the gates wearing brown robes and extremely depressed. These people were "Christians" who did not have a pure heart or obedient to the word.

Let me know if you want any other information about her. Love in Christ, John and Carolyn

Hi Choo,

I have been a back sliddin Christian & hot & cold for last twenty years! I have just finished your book 'Heaven is so real'. It is more than a blessing, I believe this book, "GOD's BOOK" has saved my life. God Bless you Choo & thank you for being so obedient to our Lord Jesus.

I think I am finally learning to know how much the Lord loves me & I am beginning to love Him. I am surrounded by a family & friends of non believers, I pray for strength in the Lord to stay strong & NEVER fall back into the world again. I now have to work on witnessing, being strong, brave & bold. Something I have not been good at! But Jesus is with me. Praise you Lord Jesus!!!

Love & God Bless to you Choo & your dear husband & family.

from your sister in Christ


Dear Sister Choo Thomas,

my name is Jacinth, 13 years old and I am from Singapore. I have just accepted Christ a months ago. I had been really disobedient when i haven't accepted Christ; I used vulgar language everyday and i loved to curse people.

I had many bad habits too, like not doing school homework and I did not read my Bible. After I accepted Christ, I was still the same. I thought after cursing or doing some bad things, I would just need to repent and it would be just fine.

When my parents told me about this book, I was so interested that I could not put the book down. Although I did not really understand some difficult phrases and sentences, I continued to read the book. I found that I did wrong and I did not repent. I am afraid that I go to hell after reading this book and I do not know how to pray for repentence.

I have changed much and I am now trying very hard to do the things God wants all His children to do. I wish you could pray for me that I change my ways and that I do whatever God wants me to do. I wish you could tell me how to stop worldly desires, how to put Him first in our hearts, how to be obedient to God and what it means by following His Words.

May God bless you Sister Choo.


Dear Nam Choo Thomas.I thank God Almight for the grace that he has showered you.Ibought your book "HEAVEN IS SO REAL" IT IS A VERY PEQURIAL BOOK.

I have read so many Christian books but this one really touched me.It touched my inner man revealing my entire life style in the open.It hs made me retrack my steps in tha wwalk to the Father.

I saw myself as if I am nowhere near to God I have to start afresh.because the way I picture my self ther I hacve an uphill task of climbing the ladder to heaven.I love God so much although my walk with God has always been a strugle.What II want to ask you today is that now that you have such a personal relationship with Christ please i beg you to ASK GOD TO FORGIVE ME FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO FULLFIL MY PLEDGES THAT I CIMMITED MYSELF TO GIVE FO THE BUILDING OF THE TELEVISION STATION FOR OUR MINISTRY ALSO FOR NOT FUFILLING MY PLEDGE FOR THE EVANGELISM MINISTRY I wanted to do that with all my heart and soul but money seems not to be in my favour.

I hopped to get help from my children but they too could not provide me with that amount for me to hounor my pledges.iFEEL VERY GULIT EVERY TIME i THINK ABOUT THIS i HAVE ASKED FOR FORGIVENESS SO MANY TIME BUT ALL THE TIME I FEEL CONDEMNED PLEASE HELP ME SO THAT MY CONCIENCE GETS CLERED.Secondly I have a broblem of swelling of my legs I have tried every kind of therapy but to no avail what iI am asking you beloved of God to inteceed for me so that my legs get healed and return to their nomal shape God created me that I MAY WALK FREELY WITH AN UP RAISED HEAD TO DO THE WORK OF GOD.

Once again thank you so much for the book it has become my inspiration if at all iI THINK OF REBELLING gOD i AM REMINDED BY THE BOOK tha if I am not carefull I wiill no make it heaven then Iretruck my steps to be right with God againRemeber me in your dialy encouter with God Send my greetings and my LOVE to JESUS DO IT FOR ME PLEASE ASK HIM TO REMEMBER MY CHILDREN. May the love of god be with us always.AMEN MELANIA.

Choo Nam,

This is just a thank you note.

I read your book and from the deepest corner of my heart I want to thank you.

I believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, but your book opened my eyes even more and I will never be able to say Thank you the way I want to. Your book SAVED me in a big way.

I asked God to take my heart, my life and all I have and make me His child and since that day my life could not be better.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Dear Mrs. Thomas,

I sent a book to my family in Costa Rica. My niece read the book in one sitting. She is not Christian, but she said that the book touch her very deeply. When I talked to her on the phone she was crying and through her tears she told me she now wants to change her life so she can go to heaven.

Thank you again and still pray for me.


Dear Sister Choo Thomas,

Praise Lord!

I have already recieved your video & CD. It's great!

Thank you!

I invited my nine family members and around sixty high school students to visit your home page.

I do pray God that they will be touched by your wonderful witness and will surrender their hearts to our Lord, Jesus Christ! Amen!


Your brother in Hong Kong


Dear choo nam

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.I would like to let you know that I thank the day i first got hold of His book.It has really blessed me and answered all the questions and doubts I had before.I can proudly say I am born again .I have been a church goer but I am a new creation.Thank you! My husband is a backslider but since he read the book he has changed but is scared of going to church.He told me he wants you to pray for him.I would really like to see him with me at church praising the Lord.I really feel peace since I accepted Him back into my life and God is blessing me everyday!

I got the book from our ,Pastor Caroline from South Africa .She visited us in Botswana for a month.God bless her! Thank you! God bless you too!

Mrs. Thomas,

Our Bible study group has recently finished reading your book, Heaven is So Real. What a wonderful journey we had as we read the experiences you have had with our Lord. Do you have a study guide that goes along with your book? If so, we would be interested in purchasing it. Please send us details. Thank you.

Yours in Christ,

Hi maam;

I've recieved the cd's u are sending to me yesterday and then i watched it together with my bordmate's, friends and my parents here, and i'm so glad because they really like it. And they were be touched with ur testimony about the heaven and hell. Some of them cry and repent. Some of my friends borrowed that cd's coz they want to save also thier parent, friends and family who did'nt know about God's Word.

I want to distribute it. In all areas of my country so that the people here will be aware about the second coming of God. And conduct some crusade together with my pastor here, stablished many churches. But we were facing financial crisis here in the Phillipines. Can u offer some help maam. I really want that all people here in my country will be Go to heaven not in hell. Coz as what i had seen with ur CD's its so painful there in hell. I dnt want the people here in my country will put it there. I want to save them, and the only way u could help me is you.

Thanks a lot Maam For sendings me ur CD's and spending me a little time. I'm so very Glad to know u, and im so Proud of You maam and specially God. Ive learned a lot of things from u maam about the heaven and hell and the Words of God.

More Power to you maam and May God Bless u always as wait the second coming of God.

Sincerely yours,


Dear Choo

Thank you very much for your reply to my email, since your reply i have brought my boyfriend to the church, he is reading the book,he is learning about our wounderfull lord and enjoy's comming to church with me which is something i thought would never happen, Praise The lord! it would be a blessing to recieve your video and cd choo so they can help me in wittnessing to others. My address is as follows


Hi Sister Choo.

Today you surprise me a lot. After I received your package I feel that some thing happen in side my body.
This seem to be like fresh holy wather flow and spread in every part of my body and I have a lot of peace and joy all day in the office.

I know that the DVD you send me is the same like the website.
But the important thing is the anointing in your package , is very important for me. This lead me to open DVD and watch again with my wife.
And like I thought , I feel about Holy Spirit power over flow from TV screen. Thank you so much , for sharing the anointing to me.

*** If you need any help from me , please let me know. I willing to do for you. ( especially about Internet technology becasue this my strong point ) ****

Love in Christ.

Hello Sister Choo,

To God be the glory!

I am Benette from Bacolod City Philippines. I am 26 yrs. old. I am a Pastor's Kid who is now serving God in different ministries. i am a full-time servant of the LORD.

I don't know how to start this conversation but i know the Holy Spirit will guide me. I am so amazed and blessed of how GOD talked to me through your book. I praise God for using you as His vessel to write a book and share this powerful experience with others. For me, HEAVEN IS SO REAL is not just a book but a great experience with the Lord. And i had the book not because i bought it but a strange story that there was a lady named Roxane who is also a filipina residing in Australia who gave me the book. I never knew her and never seen her before but God is so good that we're just so excited to see with each other.And yes..we meet in our city and she made a lot of effort just to meet me in person. And then she gave me a blow out and treated me in a restaurant. And then gave me the book. And surprisingly, i was actually looking for such a book in my entire life that answered a lot of questions in my mind. It was powerful because as i read it i cannot express how i felt. I was crying, laughing and standing in awe of who our God is and how Heaven looks like.It was a wonderful journey with the Lord! And now..the Lord is calling me to a great task but still waiting upon HIM because He will train and equip me first before sending me. I believe deep in my heart that He is calling me in the mission field. May i ask for your prayer that i will have a fresh revelation from the Lord about His work. There are so many things in the book that is actually happening also in my life right now.i just pray for more and more of God in my life...

God bless and hope to hear form you.

Hello Choo Nam!!
I want to thank u for the book "Heaven is so Real".Before that book, I dont know much about our Lord.I want to learn everything I can and I want to do whatever its take for him to forgive me for my sins.My English is also 2nd language,so its a little hard to understand some of the words,but I do understand allot.I really want to know more.I'm Russian also married to American now we are in Germany( he is military).My husband was the first who told me about Lord, I never knew anything,but that He exist.I got lucky to meet wonderful family in Korea (Mr. and Mrs. Danett).They told me about your book and I got one.I love to read it all the time and I want to ask you if your book was translated to Russian ,if so where can I get it.I told my mother about your book and she wants to have one.If not i will translate it with dictionary.I really want my family to be safe.You helping me allot in my life.I'm really happy that you doing this to save allots of people.And I'm so happy that God bless you and choose u for this.You did a great job and also you saving allots of lives.Please let me know more about our Lord.Also i want to ask if it is Ok to fast on Monday's??
Thank you very very much.
with love,Oxana

I would like to thank you so much for all your love, patience, courage, obedience to the Lord, in working to get this precious book in so many people's hands, including mine. A few months ago, I joined a Christian book club as I found myself needing to become a better Christian. I started going to Church more often and actually switched churches in the process. I was looking for a more Spirit-filled church. After listening to a pastor preach about the worldly things I enjoyed daily ( e.g. listening to Hip Hop, watching soap operas, etc.), I immediately made a decision to stop doing these things. I think I was obsessed with one of the soaps. Ever since then, I have had this thirst to know more about Jesus and how I can serve Him better. The Pastor at my church recommended your book and I bought it from the church. You should have seen how people were literally scrambling to get a copy (like one of your visions predicted). It took me a few days to finish the book as I had to read each and every word and understand it clearly. I have told a number of people about it and will continue to do so, for everyone needs to take this seriously. I will continue to pray for your continued spiritual success as the Lord has suggested. I wish you all the continued joy and love the Lord has blessed you with and if you ever need my help with anything, please let me know (although I know the Lord supplies it all) :) I am originally from Kenya and would very much love to get as many copies as possible over there. We speak mostly English and Swahili in Kenya. You are so eternally blessed and I am so happy for you and thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. I pray that I may get to experience the immense love for others and humility that you have, though Jesus Christ.

Your sister in Christ


My dearest sister Choo

Thank you so much for your email. Last night I have completed reading your last chapter of the book. I want to read it over again. My son is eight yrs old he is going to read it and I promise him when he finished reader I am going to give him $100. My son love the Lord and he is very sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I pray that the book would change his life forever. I have got three boys eight, five and nine months baby. The baby is with me wherever I go prayer meeting, bible study. I pray that I will raise them up to be mighty warrior for him. Thank you so much and thank you Jesus for awaken me to get ready. Now when I send my boys to school I met all the Christian I told everyone you must read this Heaven is so real. I began to witness to whoever I meet. I use to love things in the world and now things doesn’t mean much to me. All I want is to serve Him. The Lord spoke to me thru dream almost everynight two words flashing before me Ready and obedient. My dear sister Bless you with all my heart. Love you dearly in Christ.

My address


Hey. This is shaun from Australia. I an writing to you to tell you how much your book has inspired me. My life has made a complete turnaround since i started reading it. I used to go to church, and i walked away from God, but since i read your book, i'm going strong for God and chasing him with everything that i have. You have helped me see the lost as people that need saving. Thankyou. Please pray for my friends jamie and dee to come to the Lord. God bless, and thankyou again. Shaun

Dear Sister Choo Thomas,

I am Judith, Chinese ,live in the Philippines. I read your book "HEAVEN IS SO REAL" and I am touched by the grace and power of our LORD JESUS. I never felt this feeling I had when I am reading the book of Jesus; chapter by chapter every feeling is different. Tears & shamed I had felt when Jesus speak about obedient & Trust. I really am happy that Jesus has used someone like to you to call my attention . I have been a Christian at age of 6 up to present. I know that I felt ashamed of the Lord Jesus because my Christian life drifted apart as I become matured not like when I was a child -- I am devoted ,attend sunday school and I love Jesus as my Savior sometime I could hear whisper in my ears and I know the Holy Spirit is beside me .My Christianity drifted aparted maybe because of this earthly things around me and temptation grown . I always told myself that I am just a human being. One thing for sure , wherever I go I long for Jesus to be back in my arm .
Few statement strike me in your book are when Jesus said that "The only person who will go to Heaven are pure heart and obedient children" ; "The Lord is coming soon" "that we don't belong to this world but in heaven we belong".--This phrase strike me the most , I said to myself "hey, that is the phrase i used to said whenever i have one on one conversation with the Lord", I knew that I don't belong in this earth and I know that I am born to be a follower of God which is also the meaning of my name JUDITH.
I always see myself as the humble servant of Jesus.

Please do pray for me to ask Jesus could come into my life again because I miss him so much and hope that he will guide my path .

I hope that you will be my guiding partner although you are far away.

May the Lord shower upon you.


Dear Sis. Choo Nam,

A blessed day to you! I am one of the readers of HEAVEN IS SO REAL book. I got a hold of the book last 20th April 2006 and finished reading it within one week. After reading the book I felt as if I was born again for the second time. I cannot explain how the book touched my life. I also felt the annointing of the Holy Spirit and was used for my father to received Jesus as His Lord and personal Saviour. Until now i still keep reading it and I want to know how our Lord Jesus Christ is using you now in His ministry. By the way, I am one of the prayer intercessors in our church. Please pray for me too (as well as my husband Jessie, he's in education ministry, and our 8 year old daughter Jessie) that the Lord will use our lives mightily in serving Him. Can you ask our Lord Jesus if He has any message or revelation for us? We are Filipinos but we are permanent resident here in Singapore.
Thank you very much. I'll be excitedly waiting for your email. God bless you and your family. More power from our Lord Jesus Christ!

In Christ Love,
Sis. Maris

Dear Choo,

I got a hold of your book by accident, it was sent to us by a relative for my brother in law just recently and he was good enough to let me read it first.

Like many christians I thought being good and going to church was enough but how wrong I was and the fact that I received the book quite by accident is a sure sign from our Lord to remind me of his expectations from his children.

Reading our Lords book, I felt guilty for there are many things he said that I don't do and it certainly tested my faith once again. I felt fear when you describe hell and pure joy when you describe heaven and I also felt blessed for having received our lords book and for our lord Jesus Christ giving me and my family yet another chance to do the work needed so that we can have eternal life.

Anyway, Im sure you get a lot of emails, just wanted thank you so much for the book as I now know exactly what I need to do to show my love for Lord Jesus.

God Bless


Dear Choo,

Iam a surgeon working in Johannesburg South Africa.

I came across this book by Grace of God.I was helping my sister to look for another book after church when accidentally i saw this book.What i call "accident " is actually the Will of God.The Lord had mercy on me that is why he showed me His book.

After reading the book i trembled and repented on the wrong thing i was doing.example :I used to tithe but i backslided; suddenly i reached out my cheque book and fill a cheque. I was really dormant christian.

I decided to order 10 french version of the book for my family in D.R.Congo and Belgium.

Thank you Choo for being obedient.

I praise the Lord for His will is that we all go Heaven but we have to live by His Word.




Dear Sister Choo,


Peace be with you.

Thank you very much for your reply. God is really using your faithfulness to touch many people's lives and save many souls. To God be all the glory!!! I just want to share you about my nephew, he's 20 years old. He just finished reading the book and as soon as he finished reading the book, his sister e-mail about his testimony. So i called him, my nephew who's name is

Ryan is so in love with the Lord, he wouldn’t stop talking about the Lord. He told me that after reading the book, he immediately remove all the ungodly things in his room, even his collections of CD's and poster of his favorite

bands. He immediately shared the book to his friends and bought 2 books to give to his friends. He's even planning to sell some of his things like cell phone to buy more books. God really touched him. Glory to God!!! Before he started reading the book, he covered it with his favorite band poster, he said he was ashamed that somebody would see him reading such a kind of book, and besides he's just curious that's why he wants to read it. But God do works in mysterious ways, right after reading the book, he immediately remove the cover and said sorry to the Lord, He said he was so ashamed to the Lord for covering it because it's the Lord's book. Now he reads the bible all the time and he even went to his other cousin's house to share the book. He even went to a prayer meeting to share his testimony, how the Lord God changed him and He truly loves him. He even volunteer in the church to be their guitarist and in the prayer meeting, and he invited his band mates to be in the church. He said that he never realized how bad he was, how displeasing he was to the Lord. Now the only things he wants to do is share the word of God and to please God in everything he do. He is so thankful to Lord Jesus for giving him another chance to know and serve God. After hearing his testimony, I cried to God and thanked Him for what his doing in my family. He his truly an amazing God and he is really faithful in his promises. I thank God for using you in these last days and thank you

for your faithfulness.

Thank you so much and God bless you and your family always...


In Christ,




  Dear Pee Barbara,


Thank you for giving us many Thai version on the book of Mrs. Choo Thomas.  Two men who had been backslidden and never desired to come back to God and to church read the book and they repented. They came back to church in the past 4 Sundays.


May God bless you,


Ps Varun Laohaprasit



Choo Thomas


My name is Immanuel and I come from the Netherlands (Holland). I was reading your book for a few days. I am 17 years old and I saw a lot of troubles in my life. I live now for a few days in a woman’s house that I now from the church, here name is Truus. There are a lot of troubles on the place where I used to live. Why I choose to live some where else is because I wanted to take rust and I wanted to find God and I wanted have a better relation ship with him. And God blest me and I find the rust I needed. And a week later I saw the woman where I now live reading the book. And she told me a few things about your book. So I tacked a few minutes later the book and started to read. I always believed in God and in Jesus. But my relation with him was not good. And I believe that God brought me here to read this book. And this book has touch my hart and gave me the power to find the way better to Jesus and waked me to live in His Word. I believe that He has a plan for me in this world. I ask you would you like to pray for me. When I have the time for it I would like to meet you the place you live and the church you go. I

need some body ho support me and I loved to meet you on a day in America. To talk and to pray with each other. This book ‘‘Heaven is so real’’ is so beautiful and help me to make my relation with God better and make me to

take a stap to read the bijble. If God want that I ever meet you here on earth I will see you some day. God bless.



  Dear Choo Thomas:
I thank God the Father and my Lord Jesus Christ for the inspiration given to you to write this book. My spiritual mentor recommended it to me, and I purchased multiple copies so that I could share it with members of the intercessory prayer group at my church. We were all touched instantly by the power of the Holy Spirit captured in every word. Your own testimony is awesome in itself, and I can relate some similar experiences that I have had in my quest to seek the kingdom of God. I continue to re-read sections because I feel that I am joining you in your encounters with Jesus, and I have such joy and comfort in being near to Him.

Please pray for my son who was diagnosed recently with some form of bone cancer that is inoperable. I believe that his faith is sustaining him through this ordeal. His name is Jayston. Pray also for me as you are led by the Holy Spirit.

I just wanted to thank you for making heaven even more real that I imagined and for igniting the fire that I already had within to abide in Jesus as He abides in me. I love you.



Dear Choo,


Greetings from Iraq! Reading your book "Heaven Is So Real!" has been a heart stirring time for me. The message in it has really touched my heart and I have decided to turn my life completely over to the Lord Jesus Christ. I have decided that I will serve Him with all my heart and soul. As I have read your book since Monday the 23rd of this month, the Spirit of God has been moving upon my heart and some of the words that Jesus spoke to you have really encouraged me.


Since Monday last week, I have had the privilege of leading two of my fellow soldiers back to Christ. I just prayed with one of soldiers a few hours ago. Praise the Lord. My heart is touched.


I am on chapter 26 of your book "Heaven Is So Real!" and I should be done reading it tonight. On page 225, you wrote that after eight months of street ministry, on July 30, 2000, the Lord told you that your street ministry was over. That was exactly six years ago today. That date was particularly interesting to me because today is my birthday. I am now 33 years old.


Sister Choo my heart is touched. I'm trying to find the right words to say to you. I just want you to know that I appreciate you and I thank God for you. God bless you.


Yours Sincerely,


Hello Mrs. Thomas-

I wanted to drop you an email that you might enjoy about your amazing book--I gave a copy to my best friend and she put it aside for several weeks.  I hoped she would take time to read it. Then her Aunt came for a visit and told her that she had a dream in which Christ is sitting by her bedside and he says to her: "Your time draws nigh, are you ready?"  So after hearing about her aunt's dream, my friend was moved and decided to read your book at my prompting.

After reading your book, my best friend became very enthusiastic about her faith and your book. She took it to work and at least 3 people asked to read the book. 

Amazingly there was a woman at work who my friend knew had been troubled for a while about something, because she seemed unhappy.  She saw my friend's copy of "Heaven is so Real" and she asked about it.  My friend said she had no idea why of all the things in the book she should mention to this co-worker of hers about the section on abortion and how God dislikes abortion, but when she did the co-worker seemed to hang her head and admitted that she had recently had an abortion.  She said she felt terrible about it and my friend has since been talking to her about her decision and she thinks it was amazing that she should mention that one section of the book only to reach out to a woman struggling with her decision.  We thought this was amazing.  Many more great things have been happening with your book--too many to mention.

Thought you might enjoy this story,

In His grips,


Peace be with you Sis. Choo =).


My name is Glenda, I live in Los Angeles, I'm 29, married with 1 baby and expecting another one on the way. I read the book "Heaven is so Real" last April 2006 and i can say that that’s the only time I got born again. I'm married to a Christian and since we got married in 2004 I've been attending their church, listening to their pastor, but  I'm just doing those things because of my husband. You see I was born and raised from a catholic family, since i was a kid I've been a church goer and I've been raised by my parents with love of God. I thought what I know is enough, that I'm good enough to go to heaven. God truly changed my life through this book, I realized how much God really loves me and I can say that I fell in love with God. The moment I finished reading the book, I immediately called my mother, my sister and my other family members back in my country (Philippines) and shared the book. My husband and I ordered 30 copies of the book and I sent them to my families and friends. Glory to God, because all those who received the book, also received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and

Savior and they too fell in-love with the Lord.

Truly the book is the Lord's book, it's His one way of showing us how much HE loves us. That's why I always thank Him for giving me another chance to serve Him and to know HIM, for calling me before His second coming. My life literally changed after i read the book. Now i read the bible everyday, I pray to the Lord all the time, everywhere I go and whatever I do I always talk to Him. Now I now that the Lord is always with me. I am more aware of what Im doing now, all I want to do is to please the Lord. I don't want to do things my way, I just want to do things according to His will. Everywhere I go I share Lord Jesus, even though I know that they will think I'm weird, i really don't care now. All I care is the Lord, I just want to please Him in everything I do. Now I don't wan to talk to somebody unless our topic is the Lord. Now I'm always excited to go church and listened to God's messages. Truly we serve an awesome God.

Sis. Choo, please include in your prayer my brother Neil Figueroa and his family, and my brother Arnold Figueroa and his family. May the Lord God reveal His Holy spirit on them and bring salvation in their lives. And also include my whole family.


Thank you Sis. Choo and God bless you always and your family.


Love you Father God, Love you Lord Jesus and Love you Holy Spirit.


Maranatha. Amen!!!!


your sister in Christ,


Choo Thomas

Smoking cigarettes was something that I did for 21 years ( have sent another email, don't know if you got it)..the day that I read this book....the anointing fell on me and I was immediately healed of smoking cigarettes...YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM..AND HOW MUCH MORE THAT I HAVE FELL DEEPER AND DEEPER IN LOVE WITH JESUS CHRIST. I will minister and be led for and by Jesus Christ thru the HOLY GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Mrs. Choo Thomas,

My name is Gena and I am almost half-way done reading yours and Jesus' book,

"Heaven Is So Real!" I actually was visiting my mom over the weekend when I noticed this book on her shelf because it stood out so brightly for some reason compared to the other books and magazines in the shelf. Out of curiosity, I pulled out the book and started reading the first pages and asked my mom if I can borrow it.

I can't seem to put Jesus' book down and it is so addicting to read. I've cried many times while reading and experienced shaking within me also.

I had just also went to your website, read some testimonials and urgent messages, and even viewed your video clip on the windows media player. I was crying uncontrollably.. I know it was God's presence... I have also repeated the salvation prayer with you at the end of the video..

There is a question that I always was wondering about over'for the past 5 years and wanted to ask God. I would appreciate it much if you can ask God for me:

"Should I go back to Shekinah?"

He will know what I mean..

Whenever at your convenience, if you can reply to my e-mail, I will appreciate it very much. Thank you for writing Jesus' book- it was the wake-up call that I needed again at this time..



Dearest Choo Thomas

My name is Annelize (28) from South Africa. I got hold of Heaven is so Real by chance. I grew up in a Christian home, went to church ,read my bible & pray, but the hassle of everyday life got hold of me. I was to busy to read the bible & pray anymore. I also had so many questions about Christianity. Thanks to your book so many of my questions got answers. I know now that my life is not my own, Jesus paid for it on the cross. I ask now everyday for God to give the strength to do only His will & not my own.

I purchased more books, printed the prayer list & how to be saved from your website & is busy distributing it among everyone that cross my path.

God Bless you & your work

Thank you again


Dear Mrs. Thomas,

My name is Stéphan. I will be 32 years old on the 31st of August and I am a proud South African man. I have a burning desire to tell you that the book Jesus blessed you with to write, has changed my life completely. I was raised in a loving family of Christians and had the privilege to learn about Jesus and Christianity since I learned to speak. I lived close to Jesus when I was a child. Since my university years and subsequent start of my career as a pharmacist, I must admit that I became a person who knew about Jesus and His teachings, but can now in all honesty say that I was a person living far from Jesus and close to the world, although I had given Him my heart earlier on in my life.

How disappointed and sad I must have made our Lord and Saviour! And yet, in spite of my lukewarm life as a Christian, Jesus brought His book that you wrote into my life. I started reading Heaven is so Real! with the intention to criticise it. After only a few pages I realised that I could not, even if I wanted to. I felt ashamed (and still do) of my life and for the first time I saw the fraud of a Christian staring back at me in the mirror. I am not worthy of Him, nor His saving of my soul. I know that now.

I will beg Jesus His forgiveness every day and night of my life and now believe that He has washed away my sins completely. I want to be His son once again and make Him proud of me. With all my heart I pray that I too may enter heaven one day. Not because I am afraid of hell, but because I want to be in the presence of Jesus and our Lord God. To praise and worship Him with my family and friends. I have bought a copy of Heaven is so real! for every one in my family and for my close friends. The message of the book must be shared with as many people as possible and I will do my part in distributing it!

It is my wish to also experience Jesus whilst on this Earth, as you have. I want to do His bidding and will wait for Him to answer my prayer of His blessing.

I pray, and will keep on praying for your work and talking to people’s hearts about Jesus. Even when you sometimes feel run down by the world, know that your contribution to the saving of my soul, here at the southern tip of Africa and thousands of miles away from you, is eternal, and for that I thank you.

May God bless you more abundantly than you have ever thought possible!

Kind regards,


Dear Choo Thomas

My name is Sunette. I live in South Africa in a town called Vanderbijlpark. I have just finished you wonderful book. I could not put it down until it was finished. I just want to thank you for the wonderful book. It came at the right time for me. I got lost along the way but after reading your book I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus again. And I want to share the book and the Lord with everyone I meet. But firstly I am going to give my copy to my parent to read.

Thank you once again.


Dear Choo

I have just read your book. Thank you for writing it. I loved it, and I read it in only 2 days because I was so thirsty to know it all. I cried through most of it and I could feel the anointing of the Lord on me. My body got hot as I read. This is a familiar occurrence for me at church but never before whilst reading a book at home.

The book answered some questions that I had about heaven and made me love the Lord even more and also want to make sure that I put Him first in everything and that I give Him every area of my life. The presence of God is getting stronger in my life and now even as I write this to you, my body has been shaking a bit. Now I have just been laughing uncontrollably in my office. This has never happened to me at work before.

After reading your book I also realized that my youngest child being born with cerebral palsy was not the worst thing that ever happened in my life but something which has been turned into a great blessing because it has made me seek the Lord with all of my heart, and now I love Him more than life and I need Him, I cannot do without Him, and yet I know there is more, that I have to get even closer to Him and go higher.

The Lord bless you.


In Jesus’ name

Dear Sister Choo,

I just finished reading your book this morning. I am one of the many that our Jesus is wanting to "wake up" before it's too late. Now my desire is to put everything aside except winning the lost and luke warm Christians back to Jesus. I would like to put together a soul winning package as you did. Please let me know how I can obtain Mary Baxter's c.d. " A Devine Revelation of Hell". I thank the Lord for your obedience to Him.

In appreciation,


Dearest Choo,

Bless you, bless you, bless you!

I just finished your book and my hair stood up!

I am a christian woman for 31 yrs. now and I never read a book like yours..I

have been taught for the last 10-12 years that you are saved by grace...that's it...and our behavior was not that important, because all our

sins were covered at the, anyway, I took by actions with an attitude of..oh well, God knows I am weak and He has covered it...I don't think that anymore!

Your book frightened me and blessed me at the same time...I want to buy 100 books and pass them around for everyone to read!

My commitment to the Lord is to swiftly back away from the love of the world, and to cling to my Lord Jesus in a way I have never done before!

Your book "woke me," and I am grateful to you for that! I feel like an evangelist for your book, because it confirmed to me what I have felt the spirit of the Lord saying to me over the last few yrs..(my husband says its my old catholic teaching that makes me fear the Lord)

I don't want to slide into Heaven just under the gate..I want Jesus to be pleased with me and how I have lived my life for Him...up to this point in my life..I have been on the throne..w/His help, I will step down, and allow Him to take His rightfulplace!

Since reading your book, repentance has been a daily action of mine..I am so happy that it is, as my heart had become numb to the things of God, tears of repentance and the joy of the Lord have eluded me...again, my thanks to you and your love of God that made this book possible!!!! God bless you Choo and Roger

If at all possible, but not necessary, please respond to my e-mail...Mary

Dear Choo,

I'm Patricia and I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! for the packages you sent to me.

I havereceived them at both addresses which was surprise me.

Me and my husband Ben are really touched by you and your husband kindness, we realized that Roger sent the packages by himself, please send our thank you to him too.

We have listened to the CD and watched the DVD, we are really thrilled, including Matthew, he was so happy.

Honestly the testimony about hell really scared me andmakes me think about many people who don't know Jesus including my mom, I believe that at The Lord's time she will be saved, I just need to put my trust in Him, keep telling her about Him and He will help me about my mom and also for my other relatives.

I also have one good news that The Lord has brought my father in law back to Him after he read Heaven is SoReal. Initially he said he doubt about your experienced with The Lord but after we told him about Matthew experience (by The Lord permission) he's able to read the book until finish and CHANGED!!! Praise The LORD.

He even got healed from his heart problem, he'd never believed in healing ministry before but The Lord has changed him. Our Lord is really good.

Once again thank you vey much, we always remember you and Roger in our prayer.



MS. Choo,

Glory to God in the Highest! Thank you for answering my email.

Heaven is so real is the first book that i read in my whole life. I am now 24 yrs old and this book change my life.

I was born christian cause my dad is a pastor already, I know all the bibile stories i know about the rapture, I always go to church but I just found out that I am one of those lukewarm christian! That's why I thank God so much because of his love, he still gave me a chance to change thru this book.

Please pray for me that God would use me to this end times. Pray that I would overcome the struggles in life.

I am holding God's word.. " I CAN DO ALL THINGS THRU CHRIST WHO STRENGHTENS ME"...I know that nothing is impossible to those who beleives in him.

Thank you so much again and thank you for your word of encouragement.



Dear Choo

My name is Louise, I live in Esperance, Western Australia. I have been filled with the Spirit since October 2004 and first read your book in September 2005. Soon after reading Heaven is So Real I knew I needed to share it on a large scale. God has blessed me financially, so to date I have been able to purchase over two thousand books.

God is amazingly providing me with people to distribute the books along with cd from Spirit Lessons of Bill Wiese and Mary K Baxter's revelation of Hell. God is Awesome!

I consider all of us to be workers in His harvest field. Not only has this book changed my life and got me on a closer and more intimate level with our Lord, but I have also been privileged to see the same result in a number of people who choose to believe in the book. Thank you for being such a willing instrument for Him.

I have set up a Company called God's Saving Grace and hope to distribute a lot more as the Lord calls me to.


Your sister in Christ

Dear Choo Thomas,

HI! I'm Esther of Columbus,OH. I am proud to say,I am one of your sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ. I am only eleven going on twelve this month and I have thoroughly enjoyed the book you have written. The book really put the fear of the Lord inside of me. It also showed me more about his unexplainable love for His children.The book has ministered to me deeply, it literally strengthened me and my faith in God.Some people think "tweens" are too young to be in-love with sweet Jesus,but they are wrong.I know you understand that.It doesn't matter what you are physically, it matters what you are spiritually in the Father. I like how you explained in your book about your spiritual encounters with the Holy Spirit. I believe your book was definately a"God-thing". I know in my heart that the road and gate is so narrow,but I believe I need to just ask God for guidance my WHOLE, ENTIRE life.He is my lifelong treasure.
I love Him dearly,He is my best friend and my King!

Love your sister in Christ,

ESTHER( King's kid)

P.S.If you wish to,feel free to e-mail me or my parents back(they loved the book too!)

My dearest sister Choo Nam,

It gives me immense pleasure in sending this email to my sister in Christ. I am 27 yr old, unmarried girl, software engineer by profession, and I love my Lord Jesus. I was saved 7 years back.

I praise God that your book 'Heaven Is So Real' has been a tremendous blessing to my life. I just finished reading it. The Lord himself had led me to a christian book shop one day and made me see the book on the shelf. The moment I saw the cover, I grabbed the book and I had a strong urge to buy it. I told all my friends about the book and will be passing it to some of them and also to my own family who is not saved.

As I was reading the book, I just believed every word with all my heart as I knew my Jesus and the way he speaks so well. I was so enacouraged in my spirit, reading the way he worked in your life, because most of them seemed very much like the way he is working in me. I praise God - your obedience to the Lord and desire to live a pure hearted life has inspired me so much to live a life of obedience to him and to live closer to him. I loved everything you described about heaven and I am longing and waiting to be there with Jesus.

The anointing of the Lord was so powerful in the book, that it filled me and I began to speak in tongues while reading it. It is truly the word from Jesus. And I have never found another book that is so important to be read, after the Bible.

May I request you to please pray for the following prayer points

1. Salvation of my dad, mom and brother and the rest of the family. I will be presenting them a copy of 'Heaven Is So Real' next week.
2. Please pray that I walk an obedient and pure hearted life for Jesus and live to please him and serve him with all my being.

Thank you sister. May God bless you and use you mightily. You are truly the servant of almighty ushering the coming of Jesus.

I would love to hear from you.

In His love,

Chennai, India.

Dear Mrs. Thomas.

My name is Johan. I am 46 years of age and I live in South Africa. English is not my home language, but I want to make a few comments about your book.
" Heaven is a reality" was given to me to read by a good friend of mine. I am a Christian and, I agree with all the things that you quoted from the bible. I allways wondered what life after death must be really like. After reading your book I received such a peace within myself that came from the Holy Spirit. I have never in my life read a book that gave me so much direction of what Jesus expects from me from now on.
There is only one question that I would like to ask you. My son passed away when he was 10years old in 1995. I believe he is in heaven now because just before he died, he wrote in his bible that Jesus loves him and he loves Jesus. I know now from your book that we will be together again in the after life, but did you know what was happening on earth while you were walking with Jesus in heaven?

After reading your book, I realised how many things in my own life are also still not right, and it was a real wake up call.

I would like to thank you for what you are doing and I would probably not meet you now, but definetely one day.

Thank You once again.

Healed of whiplash and born again

Raphael is a young Indonesian man that loves the Lord. He is married with two children.
He faithfully serves the Lord and I know him personally. This is what He told me.

“As I got “Heaven is so Real” I couldn’t stop reading it. It touched me deep in my heart and I felt convicted.
I also felt a deep need to give myself afresh to the Lord, as if I repented for the very first time. I wept while I surrendered my heart afresh to the Lord. After praying this prayer I felt as if I was born again for the first time. I felt a new man and a new spirit inside.

Some time earlier I had a car-accident that injured my neck. They call that injury a “whiplash”
I was unable to work because of the whiplash, which also affected us financially.
Medically there is no cure for it, and I had the perspective to have to live with this permanent pain.
At times it made me depressed and whenever I did ignored it did work, I would experience more pain afterwards.

But after reading “Heaven is so Real” and praying a fresh prayer of repentance, I did not only felt born again,
But the next morning I discovered I was also completely healed of the incurable whiplash.
Not I am back at work and my heart is singing new songs of salvation.


The prodigal daughter that returned home

Jaap Dieleman tells: One day a man called me on the phone and thanked me from the bottom of his heart for publishing “ Heaven is so Real” in Dutch. When I asked him why, this is what he told me.

“I have my daughter back!” My daughter, ones a lovely girl, that always joined us to church and serving God.”
Slowly but surely however she began to change. We did not know what happened. Probably wrong friends and wrong music.

She started change her dress code, she began to wear ‘gothic’ type of cloths, heavy black mascara and lipstick and a lot of piercing in nose, lips, eyebrows etc. From her bedroom we heard heavy metal and rock music.

Whenever we tried to talk to her about these things, she got angry and aggressive. She didn’t listen and rejected whatever we suggested. We felt we had lost our daughter and we could only pray to God, which we did many times under tears.

Then the book “Heaven is so Real” came out and we bought a copy. While it laid on the table in the living, our daughter picked it some day and started reading it. She was very quit for several days and seemed to be totally caught up into the book. Then without explaining what happened we saw her appearance change.

The piercings disappeared from her face. Her countenance became peaceful. Heavy make up disappeared and she became softer. Then from her bedroom we heard no longer hard rock.

In stead we heard Gospel music. Then we realized that God had answered our prayers and we had our daughter back.

Thanks you so much brother Jaap, for publishing “Heaven is so Real” in the Netherlands. It has saved our wayward daughter.

Now we have our daughter back. Thank you so much and God bless

A thankful father

Dear Mrs. Thomas,

My name is Darnita. My friend Kizzy told me about your book Heaven is so real. I went and bought 16 copies so far. I started reading the book immediately. I cried as I read the book and I prayed and confessed my sins to the Lord and asked him to forgive me for backsliding and to forgive my sins and to create in me a pure and clean heart and a true desire to serve him in all that I do. I asked the Lord use me for his will and not my own. My life has dramatically changed and is still changing. I gave copies to my sisters, friends and my ex-husband. I divorced him last year but we are still in the same house. We have two kids, 7 and 6. This was my first marriage and his second. I have seen a remarkable change in Don. He would never take our kids to church even when I asked him to. Now he goes to church and pays tithes. This was always an issue when we were married. I had a tubal pregnancy in 2003 and I would like to know if I would get my baby back. I did not abort it. The doctors had to take it and my right tube. Since I have read the book I have praying a lot and witnessing to people I don't even know. It is like I can' t keep my mouth shut about Jesus. I feel so peaceful inside and not the turmoil I was feeling before. I pray now more than I have in my entire life. I am just so happy to know Jesus. I have always talked to my children about our Lord and Savior and I constantly tell them about Jesus and how important it is that they know and love him and live by his words. I have a question about baptism. I was baptized in 1990 at the urging of my mother. I grew up in a Christian home and I think I was 20 or 21 at the time of my baptismal and I got baptized because my Mom wanted me to. I don't think that I was ready at the time to do the Lord will. I feel like I need to be baptized again because it was not for the right reasons the first time. What do you think? Please write me back. I am sorry for talking so much I just have so much to say. I would like to thank you for submitting to the will of God and writing the book it has made some things so much more clearer for me and everyone that I know who has read the book. You can really feel The Lord' s compassion and loving kindness for all that love him and the ones that don't. I have decided that the things of this world are not worth going to hell for and it is my desire to serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ all the days of my life. Thank you.

P.S. Will you please pray for me and my family.
May God continue to bestow his blessing upon you,


Dear Sis. Choo,

I just want to let you know that you blessed our church last Sunday morning service as you shared with us your powerful testimony.

Yes! believe it. I showed our church the VCD you sent. Almost everyone jumped off their seats and came forward to confess to God, pray for the salvation of their loved ones and make more commitments to the Lord! It's amazing how the Lord is using you and your book.

Some of them are asking for copies of the CD, but I said I want to ask for permission from you first.

By the way, I am so sorry for replying just now. Forgive for my long silence after I received the CD. I was trying to meet a deadline for something very important that I almost put all things aside. But I appreciate the CD you sent. Thanks very much.

You might want to pray for our church. Meet our members. Many of them heard your message. By the way, they have been praying for a church building.

In Christ,

Pastor Jun

Hello Mrs. Thomas,

My name is Theo (28) and I live in Holland, a beautiful and yet horrible country, where end of time signs are very visible.

In March my wife and I have been to Costa Rica for four weeks. There I read your book, which was a present from my younger brother (21). My brother has completely changed 180 degrees his life. He used to be drinking and partying a lot, but now everything in his life is appointed to Jesus. Everybody who comes on his way must hear his words about Jesus Christ, because he read your book.

While I read you book, I also broke in two. I realised that my life is so depressing and empty. I truly believe in Jesus Christ and his Holy Father. I experience His presence during difficult moments, but I know my life is not the way He wants.

During my holiday I cried a lot about how I acted towards my Creator. And now, I am a kind of stuck.... All my energy seems to be gone and I don’t know where to start again. I pray a lot, but I pray wrong. I expect things to happen immediately, but at the same time I know it is impossible.

The way Jesus Christ treated you is wonderful. While reading your book, I got so very jealous on you, because you could see Him and talk to Him! I hope to get a relation with him only 1% the way you had.
I pray for the fact that His gospel will be spread around the world very soon.

I thank God that he gave us a sign in the end of days by your book. I want to ask you if you want to pray for me as you speak to your Father if He wants to change me the way He touched my brother. I know everything about Him, but I do not really know Him, although I want it very much. I pray for everybody in my surroundings, that they may see the greatness of Jesus Christ.

May God bless you and be with you till the He comes back to earth.


Dear Sis. Choo Thomas,

I felt priveledge to read your book and required all my Pastoral satff and leaders to read it. Last Sunday many of them testified how the book impact their lives.Your book challenged us to desire more for God's presnece.

I am happy to share with you that two of our staff last Sunday testified that as they enter our worship Center in the 3rd floor of one of the University here in our City, coming up to the second floor they heard a beautiful sound of music so they are thinking that members of our music team minitry arrive earlier than them.When they reached the 3rd floor no one is around and the light are still off, suddenly they were embraced with strong presence of God that they start to shake. We have then a great worship. One thing more your book help one of our church leader to understand why she always shaking everytime she is embrace by the power of God.

Please send a greetings adress to Life In Jesus Family, I will be very happy to read before our congregation this coming sunday.

If ever the Lord will allow you travel, please do consider our country, we are very much happy to host you and organize a revival meeting for you.

To God be the glory!

In Christ,


Dear mrs.thomas,

you may not know me,but i'd like to tell you, thank you!

you're book has been a real eye opener for me.i have been a Christian my entire life and i've never really thought about it much but i'd always thought that i would go to heaven.but now,i cant believe that i even thought about going to heaven.i was constantly lying,and thinking dirty thoughts and my mouth was as impure as my thoughts.i was also always making promises to the Lord that i would either forget or break.i thought that he would just forgive me if i prayed.but now i know that what i was doing ws hurting our Lord.and that he would cry because of me.i mean i even hated going to church and tried to get out of it.i wouldnt even listen to the priest talk.but now i enjoy going to church,i go w/ my mother to her prayer meetings(well i'm going to,i've just read your book you see:),and i dont think bad thoughts and dont say impure things,and know i pray like i've never prayed before!!! thanks to you mrs.thomas,i've turned my life around.i've learned to put God before everything else.if it were'nt for you, i might have ended in the pit of hell.but now,i just may have a chance! So thank you,thank you,THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
with lotsa love,

i'm sorry my e-mail is so long,i hope i didn't bother you w/ anything






Hello there!

I'm Jonathan, a 17 yr.old Filipino boy.
I have read about the book HEAVEN is so REAL!

I am so BLESSED with it & I really enjoyed reading every page of the book!
I got the marvellous book from my Mom in which she had borrowed from a pastor. It is now clear to me that there is a real Heaven & Hell. By that it changed a lot the way i think about LIFE. I also wanted to be with JESUS through eternity in heaven. That's why all i think about now is how i can be pleasing to HIM. Every time I imagine about the good things in heaven, it put a lot of Hope in my life & it made me smile!

I'll tell my friends about the book & i'm sure they will really like it the way I do.

I just want to have this opportunity to express my gratitude for JESUS that He made use of CHOO THOMAS' life to be an eye opener for every christian-believer or unbeliever.

GOD BLESS you more!

Dear Choo

God’s Love is with you! I have received the DVD and CD’s that you have posted to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR IT! I immediately started to make copies to every one I know. Ever since I read your book, I told just about every body about it, because it made such a miraculous change in my life. Every time I look at a sunset or a sunrise, I can actually imagine God’s wonderful throne room and the crystal clear waters and all the other beautiful things that you teach us of. The first time I read your book, I was so anxious to get to the next page, that I did not read it with the Bible next to me. This time, I use your book as part of my Bible study time. Your book changed my whole way of praying, worshipping and the whole image that I had of our Lord.

This past weekend I went to a different church where I could actually feel the Holy Spirit at work and a lady prophesized over me about Gods love for me. I needed to know that with my whole heart, because, sometimes I just cannot believe that I am worthy of His Love. I sometimes have a very low self esteem. Saturday evening when I got home, there was such a beautiful moon up and when I looked at it, our Lord showed me a fetus of an unborn baby, and in my heart I felt that He wanted to tell me, just as a fetus grows in his mothers womb, the same way He will let me grow in His Kingdom. It is as if I need reassurance from Him every day. My whole life changed three years ago when the Lord told me to turn from my sin and make Him the King of my live, and ever since then I have been reading, praying and searching for Him with everything in me. Your book has opened so many things about our Lord to me, suddenly I also want to dance before Him and raise my hands to Him when I praise Him.

Thank you Choo, can I correspond with you from time to time? Is there somewhere where I can learn more about your Dance Ministry and listen to your Heavenly songs?

All of God’s Blessings to you


Dear prophetess Choo,

In the matchless name of our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, warmest greetings.

Yesterday afternoon I received your package containing the book "Heaven is so real" together with the DVD’s and CD’s you gave. My family and I were so happy and we appreciate so much your loving goodness as well as your generosity. From the deepest of our hearts, we give you are heartfelt gratitude. Thank you very much for your wonderful gift. Our family and I cherished very much. From the time we received and after we viewed it, we really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. It is really a great blessing for us.

From the borrowed book that I've read, my brother made a Xerox copy so the rest in our family could read it and from that time on we shared to others even to our fellow members in our church and they also made for a Xerox copy. Everybody were so desirous to read it. I am so glad... so happy now because I have a tool in our Jesus Cares Ministry in the community. Rest assured, I'm going to burn and share this to others, use to reach out souls.. souls who are waiting to hear the good news... the lifesaving miracle working message of the Lord. I believe time is redeeming and yet many lost souls are waiting ahead to hear the gospel of the kingdom.

Even my lukewarm loved ones were awakened and changed upon reading the book and much more upon viewing the DVD. Even my nephew and granddaughter, six and eight-year-old were enlightened. I'm so glad my loved one's perspective regarding their spiritual life was totally changed, and really I'm very, very happy. All glory and honor to the Lord God!! Hallelujah! Thank you very much, you are such a great blessing to us even to million out there. Thank you for continually praying for my family circle especially for continuously interceding for the complete healing of my sister Jeanette Castaneda who is afflicted with liposarcoma. She really embraced your gift when she received it. I know and I believe God is really moving, healing her in a very special way hence He is our great healer and who heals the same yesterday and today and forever!! Hallelujah!

Again thank you very much

God bless you and your family. Praise be to God! We love you so much….



I just finished ready your book "Heaven is so Real" I've been christian for many years and did read Mary Baxters books on Heaven and Hell. Your book was so deeply spiritual and moved my heart in a way I can't even explain but know I see things differently and long to be with God in a greater way than ever. I pray and ask God to show me who I can this book too so they can turn to him like never before. Thank you for all your devotion and hard impacted my life and I know many others...

Your sister in Christ,


Dear Sister Thomas,

My name is Carmen. My wife (Nancy) and I have read your book and were totally overwhelmed. In fact I am re reading it, and have ordered 100 copies to give away to my co workers. I am also going to use the rest to give away in homeless and street outreaches. Its on my heart to share your book with those who would never be able to purchase it, or that wouldn't purchase it.

But thats not the reason I am contacting you. Next April 2007 my wife and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We have been talking about doing something specail for our tenth anniversary for awhile now. We even thought about taking a trip to Hawaii. After reading your book my wife told me that if she had her preferences, she would rather us take a trip to where you are and worship the Lord with you.

I know that this may seem like a strange request so far in advance. My wife also loves to worship God in dance. And since we live in Huntsville Alabama, I was hoping that you would have your itinerary for at least the next 6 months or so, so that we could possibly plan a vacation around it. It doesn't really matter though. No matter where you are at the time, we a praying and asking Jesus to allow us to come and worship Him with you. Please pray and let us know what God puts on your heart concerning this matter.

Dear Mrs. Thomas,

I doubt if you will read this message yourself and I will not blame you... I am sure you receive thousands. I love reading. In fact I do not know anybody who read as much as I do. I am 43 years old and I have been in full time ministry for 18 years now. I have never been married.

This book, is by far, the best and most meaningful I have ever read and I thank our Lord for it. I SO DESPERATELY needed to "hear" all these things. It changed my life dramatically, spiritually in a time where my loneliness was getting very hard without that special someone...Although I still would like to get married, I have decided to pour all my energy and time and focus on the Lord Himself, in a new and fresh way because this book has enspired me and encouraged me anew that He will take care of me. I have learned so many things. PRAISE GOD!

Just a question:

On page 212, second paragraph from the top, you write: " Whoever wants to be with the Lord Jesus forever, must work for His salvation daily, all the days of His life."

I am a bit confused. Can you please help me? Maybe I just do not understand the context here. We are saved by grace are we not? And not by anything we did, except to acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Saviour. I also am not saying that after that we can live in total disobedience and continue partake in wordly activity, not going to church... Obedience, the holy life is an outflow of my salvation and decision to follow Christ. I am not saved BECAUSE of that right? If so, what do you mean by that paragraph then?

Mrs. Thomas I so wish I could speak to you in person because these things (e-mails) are so impersonal. Please know that I mean nothing negative, I just need clarity.

I thank God again for this wonderful blessing and that you have been faithful and obedient.

Blessings and love in Christ,


Dear Sister Choo

I thank God for your life and your obedience to enable Him to use you in such magnitude. I read your book or shall Isay [His book], Heaven is so Real about a coulpe of months ago. I cannot express in full how the book has impacted my life as a christian. The message in the book made me aware of my presumptiousness, my unbelieve, disobedience, procrastination and fear of man.

The book has also confirmed and clarified those things The Lord have told me concerning my life. I have gained understanding of parts of the scriptures used in the book, it has become so real to me. I was revived after reading the book. I was in awe that The Lord will use someone in our life time in such a way, this has again emphasize His unconditional love for us.

I am writing to you because your name came to me this morning when I woke up, althouth wanted to write when I finish reading the book but did not have the courage to do so till this morning, and also say how I appreciate the work you have been chosen to do for the Lord. please let me have your ministry address and web site if it is possible.

Please pray for me that I will also walk in obdience with The Master and love him with everything within me.

Again I thank God for you. And To Him Alone Be all The Glory Your sister Victoria with Love from London.

Dear Sister Choo,

I have just finished reading your book, it has taken me two weeks, which is unusual, as I normally finish a book in a couple of days, but I read it slowly, savouring every word. Your book has gone to no.2 on the Christian best seller list here in South Africa. I want to purchase as many as I can, and give them to people everywhere as the Lord leads me.

I have a copy of Mary K. Baxter's "Divine Rev. of Hell, and am about to read it again. What I would like is a copy of her tape that you mentioned in your book, as it's unobtainable here. Can I order it through a retail out let in USA, if so please can you forward me an address.

As I read through Heaven is so Real I was almost jealous of your relationship with our Lord, but at the same time realised the sacrifice you have made to walk with Him so closely, how I admire you, I love the Lord yes, but I don't know Him as you do, I want to, but am almost fearful of asking Him.

Thank you Choo for being so faithful and obedient, had you rebelled against the high calling, we would not have had this wonderful book, I believe every word of it and my prayer is, that The Lord Jesus Christ will find me worthy at the Rapture. ( If He Does, I'll see you then)

once again ... thank you
you are so blessed


Dear Choo

I want to praise our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for using you to write His end time book. This book has literally changed both the lives of me and my wife. The Lord has taken control of my life and I live to serve him every moment of every day. He fills my thoughts all day long. I truly love Him with all my heart.

Thank you


Dear Madam Choo-Nam & Mr Thomas,

I sincerely thank you for your amazing courage, faith and grace to publish this close encounter with our LORD Jesus. Reading the book has been a life-changing experience for me, a believer in Christ, since 1983.

Heaven is so Real, and so is hell!

On my first and second readings of the book, I did lots of Bible-searching using many translations, and soul-searching before God. I confessed my many sins and many shortfalls before the Holy God, in repentance with fear and trembling. I am reading the book for the third time in 3 weeks.

In the last few days, I have been constantly meditating on :

Matthew 5v8, Malachi 3v10, Psm51v10, John15v14, Hebew12v14, Rev 2v4-5 , 20v15, 21v1-8,27, 22v4,12-15,20 , because

-I want to be a obedient and pure-hearted servant of the LORD

-I want to See HIS FACE, and I want HIS NAME to be on my forehead, and enter the gate into the holy city of the Holy God , the new heaven.

-I do not want to be left outside the city of the Living God.

I have been telling and persuading many friends and my family - believers and unbelievers - to read the book, and check against the Bible. I have been sharing with my wife and 10-year old daughter from what I learnt, about the realty of heaven & hell. Both are believers. My gifting is evangelism.

Please advise:

1. Your understanding of "the Thousand Years" in Rev 20 v 1-6. I love to have a better understanding of this passage

2. Where I could order copies of the book -in Korean, Japanese and Chinese language- as I know many of them here in Wellington, New Zealand. I am a Chinese. What other languages are there?

3. Any other tools and materials that are helpful to spread the gospel

Any other advice from you?

When you can spare a few seconds, please pray for me:

-Purity of heart.

-Obedient to God’s word and Spirit's voice.

-To watch out against idolatry (anything/anyone that take God's place in my life/thought). The temptations are so gradual and subtle.

-To fix my mind on Jesus and heavenly things.

-To treat my wife and daughter with extra kindness and patience.

-To boldly share the gospel.

God bless you and your end-time ministry, mightily ! Eph2v10, 3v20.

Jesus is coming again, very soon !

Yours in Christ,


Dear Choo Nam Thomas

Your book was the turning point in my life. I have distributed more than 125 copies and only four people have said "this is not my thing". I have had a business career most of my life, so I am not shy at speaking; but now, for the first time in my life I feel comfortable in discussing Jesus even with strangers. Your book has done this for me. The following is part of the message that goes along with your book.

This message was written because I believe it is important; it is about a book that has changed my life. Before the year 2004, I had never discussed our religious beliefs with anyone. I now feel that I must and am doing this. This book makes it easier. The book, “Heaven Is So Real” by Choo Thomas was the turning point in my life. Our friend Nancy who sent this book to me, has tried over the years to bring me to true belief in Christ and Heaven but it took the book to do it. It was the wakeup call for me and it has moved me for the first time in my life to discuss worship of Jesus with others. I am pleasantly surprised that many are so receptive. I now find that the book opens the door to talk about religion even to strangers. I have never had the urge (or courage) to do this before. I always felt that beliefs were a personal matter and not something to be discussed outside of church.

I am now seriously concerned about the afterlife for the first time. I thought that being a “good” person was enough to gain Heaven, but this is absolutely not so! The Bible records what Jesus said: “No one will see the Father except through me”; and “I am the way” in many other places. The book also made me think about hell and Satan. The alternative to going to Heaven is terrible, and it is for an eternity! I want to avoid this by doing whatever it takes, and to help others understand this. Until I read the book, I had given little thought to salvation of our real selves, our souls that do not have a life span, that live on after our earthly body dies.! The Bible makes this clear in many places but I only started to read the Bible after reading Choo’s book.

This is the way it happened. Before retiring one evening I started reading the book “Heaven Is So Real”. After going to sleep, I had a strange occurrence early in that morning of February 2nd, 2004. About 1:00 AM when I awoke briefly, I realized that I had dreamed that I could see a panel of bright light although it was not brilliant. I quickly went back to sleep. At 1:58 AM I awoke shaking, after seeing a panel of light that was like looking at the sun without sunglasses! I have never seen a bright light in my dreams before, nor have I ever awakened shaking, almost uncontrollably. I accepted it as a sign that the book is important, very important. After reading the rest of this wonderful book, I was convinced. In the Bible, confirmation was found of everything in the book. I knew then in my heart that the earthly author, Choo Nam Thomas is a modern day apostle of Jesus.

What would you do if you knew with certainty that life on earth as we know it would dramatically change while we are still alive? And what if you knew that this would also affect your family, friends and everyone on earth? I don’t know when Jesus will return of course, but now know that it will happen and the thought is startling! Even if someone doesn’t believe this, we don’t know when we might be killed or die of an illness. Thus we need to be prepared for our afterlife. Knowing this, what would become important and urgent? My experience with the dramatic change in my life is so beautiful that I only wish it had happened much sooner. Ideas of what is interesting and important in life have changed markedly. I now have a thirst for more knowledge about my faith. I still lead a happy life with my family and friends, but many of the things that took a lot of time are no longer important.

I now know that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are with me all the time, a wonderful feeling. Thus reading the book brought me back from the time that I was unsure of Jesus’ place in the world, to an unshakeable belief in Him. I now intend to try to do everything that I think He wants me to do. Renewed interest in church attendance has brought many new friends into my life. It is also exciting to experience the difference it makes if I ask for the Lord’s help in even daily activities.

I know now that I was missing so much by excluding Jesus from my life. I am grateful that reading the book caused me to be shocked into changing. As important as anything is the peace of mind that came with this, even more happiness, and a renewed purpose to life. Yes I have always enjoyed life, had plans and goals, but something was missing. What a difference a real purpose makes, and this purpose, spreading His Word, drives me all the time! I also now believe it vital to follow Choo’s advice – “Be sure to read the Bible every day. This will tell you what you need to know.”


April 04, 2006

Dear Choo Nam,

Hello, my name is Jill, from Taiwan but now living and working in Shanghai, China with my parents. I can't believe Im actually writing a mail to you! I pray that you will read this mail.

I can't tell you how greatly this book have changed my perspectives toward God, Heaven, and most of all my life pattern; my first goal in life now is to do things that are pleasing in God's eyes.
After I read your book I just have so much that I want to tell and ask you, and I figured you would be really busy now since the work of God has begun, but I just pray that you would have the time to read and reply my mail.

I started reading this book because of my ex-boyfriend. He totally changed after he finished this book and broke up with me. So for a long time I hated this book(sorry) . I couldn't understand how can he change SO much just because of a book?! And I was so jealous at him and envied him because he seemed to be so much at peace about leaving me, like walking away from me didn't hurt him AT ALL! Then out of envious,because I wanted to be at peace too, I started to read this book. From that moment on, my life is changing even bigger.

Life is even harder now that I know how much He wants us to put Him first, and that I will have to be alert of everything every moment. Frankly, I believe most of the Christians don't do that, so according to your book, does it mean that most of the Christians won't be able to go to Heaven? But I've always thought that as long as you welcome God into your life you can go to Heaven, is that wrong?

I just want to say that your book really saved and helped me. If hadn't been reading this book, I am very likely to become one of those who will be left behind (I still might be if I don't keep this in heart and follow it continuously.)!

Thank you for going through these tasks for the sake of God, and thank you for being so patient to finish my mail. Last but not least, although I know He already is, may God bless you more than you can ever expect. Amen!!!!


Hello Ms.Thomus

My name is Manna, i've finished half of your book. Thank you for you great obedience for Jesus. because of it, you have bring such great blessings to me and people all around the world!

I've been grown up in a christian family and i believe Jesus is always with me since i was born. Your book encourage and give me willing to share the gospel to people. The problem is i forgot how to witness.

Because i've been christian my whole life, i have no turning point in my testimony. when i was young i brought some people to Christ, however, as i grow up it's harder to do. i have no idea why... it seems like i've lost the words.

I want to please the Lord and share His love to others too, but i don't know how to do it and it grieves my heart. I read your book and i can imagine the ones i love in the pit. It's the scary thought, and i know i must be hurry to bring them back to Jesus.

i believe that to share the gospel i need the Holy spirit to guide me. i don't want to ruin Jesus' works. Because of that reason i've often ask Jesus to tell me what to do, but i still have no idea about it.

i wanted to know how do we know God's will in our lives? and could you tell me how to meditate on the Bible verse? how to get a closer walk and relationship with Jesus? i mean i'm having a relationship with Him, but somehow i want more and more. Especially after reading your book it makes me more hungry to have relationship with Him.

Thank you

Dear sister Choo,

I am so glad that you answered my e-mail. I have watched the video through clicking on your web-site. The video encouraged me much. When I shared your book with my parents, my father hesitated and answered that he just believed the bible. But after seeing the video (through internet) he then was touched and confirmed that you are genuine and sincere.

I also informed my sister about the video and the book. After she watched the video, she then rushed to the Christian book-shop but was disappointed to find out that the shop was closed for a few days. She will probably have the book by now. You see that people are eager to read the book!!

I would be very pleased if you could sent me a the DVD and the CD, which you mentioned. It would help to share the message of the book and the soon coming of our Lord. Please note our address:


Dear Mrs. Thomas,

Hope that this note finds you in good health and in good cheer. May the Lord always give you the strength and energy you need to keep on doing God's work for those that the Lord calls according to His purpose.

Mrs. Thomas, I just finished reading your book "Heaven is so Real!. What a beautiful message. The work, the detail, the effort and the time you put into it, amazes me. Thank-you for your perseverance, diligence and faithfulness to our living God. Thank-you for helping me realize that even though I have a prayer life, there is so much I am lacking and I also realize that I fall short in my commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your message not only open my eyes to the realization of heaven but makes the Lord a real person that I can count on. I know without a doubt that the Lord has feelings, knows my name, and He longs for me to come to Him with all the details of my own little life and the world I live in.

The Lord Jesus Christ is always there, but I am the one that doesn't seek Him nor include Him in my life like I should. My lack of a true commitment to Him is shameful. I just pray that I am able to leave my routine behind and spend more time in quiet moments with the Lord.

Thank-you for opening up a new way to nourish my relationship with the Lord.

May the Lord continue to bless you with His presence.



Hello Prophetess of God

Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ from the UK. Hello there l hope and pray that you are strong and well.

I was so happy to receive an e-mail from you few days ago, God bless bless you for that. Please send me the 40 minute video and the CD to witness with.

Anyway, l had already started to witness to my workmates about the reality of Jesus Christ and that "Heaven is so Real". Some are believing it but some are saying to me "You are brain washed", but as for me l am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation. l will never give up l will continue to preach.

Many saints at the assembly that l fellowship have read the book "Heaven is so Real" and our church services have rekindled the fire of the Holy Spirit. Saints are fasting and praying so much, and the love that we have for Jesus is growing daily.

Please pray for me prophetess Choo that the anointing of the Holy Spirit will flow upon me to preach the Gospel with power and signs and wonders following. And pray for my wife Pamela also, God called her to be a dancer during praise and worship.

May the Lord God richly bless you, and remember that we love you so much.

Yours in the vineyard,


Hello Sister,

Heaven is so Real' is an awakening book. I do'nt know how I got hold of it but it was so striking. Positively, I knew it was Jesus' love for me that the warning was pass on to me. I thank the Lord for the book and I ask forgiveness and I'm determined to please Him now. Thank you too for your sacrifice, it is like Ezekiels' trumpet giving the lukewarm time to work for its anemic acts.

Do you have other products, such as tapes and other books? I want to order a volume of this book to give to my unsaved and lax friends? Maybe 50 or so.If you have tapes or CD's give me information on how to buy and where to buy maybe at a discounted price.

Thank you and may God continually use you that others may be truly saved.



Hi. Choo.

Yesterday I bought more books (6).

And gave one to Paster Hank Widjaja at the prayer group (LastRainMinistry Church [Indonesia community] ).
Today I just finished reading all the entire book. And my wife are also reading too ( I gave the new one for her ).

Tomorrow at the church service I plan to give to another 4 pasters (all Thai church. in NYC)
In NewYork city has 4 Thai churches community. In each Thai church has member 8 - 15 members.

I need to share some testimony to you.

I while I am working in office last week. Some of my friends saw the book on my desk.
They asked me about this book. I start to talk a little bit about your experience in this book. I feel that some things happen when I start talk about the book. My spiritual strange come back (happen 2 times in office).

And this thing also happen today too, while I was walking with my wife at supper market. When I mentioned about some of story in the book ( just only little bit ) I found the peace from Holy Spirit touch both of us.
And my wife she said she also feel very happy ness too. I think this must be from God power in this book.

I will send you more email.

Love in Chirst.


Dear Choo,

I confided in a friends that I was being visited by the Lord and that the visits involved hours and hours of strange things - such as immense heat so that my body feels like molten gold etc. These friends looked at one another and one of them got me your book from a cupboard and said "you must read this!"

I am experiencing the same things as you. The violent shaking stemming from like a kick in my abdomen then intense heat. I am aware of the Lord but have not seen him - though I am aware of where He is. At the beginning He said to me "Do you trust me?" There followed hours where I am inscribing my own body with patterns - repeated over and over again. Very precise - then often a smoothing with my hands in a flatter position. Loads and loads of detail on my face - around my ears eyes - all over. I have got more and more tired and my lovely husband has found it hard as it is impossible for us to sleep together and He was concerned about what was happening. I asked the Lord and He told me that I was putting on incorruptibility. I too have been aware of demonic faces watching and that has made it even more difficult for me. But the Lord said that He was layong a table for me in the presence of my enemies.

The Lord told me when I was on mission in Uganda that He was calling me as a prophet to the nations. He uses me in incredible ways in battle in the land - always using my body to act out what He is saying. You have so encouraged me. I think the Lord knew I was growing tired and apprehensive and needed encouragement. The anointing on me as I read your book was so strong I could hardly lift the book. I am so encouraged to completely submit to what the Lord is doing in me. Thank you so much.

I live in England. We are seeing such wonderful things as we worship and love the Lord. In Him I live and move and have my being. I am also being taught dance steps!

Thank you again and God bless you and your family






Dear Choo Nam - I call you that because Jesus did. Once He told me that He dislikes nick-names as they had no meaning, so the meaning of our names must be important to Jesus. I am wondering what Choo Nam means.

Your book has had the most profound effect on me of any book I have ever read, except for the Bible. It has changed me permanently. Before I had even finished it, I was giving out tracts(first time ever). I feel such an urgency. The anointing from your book was on me so strongly that when my friends touched me, they lost their balance!

Years ago, Jesus taught me to "think eternally", and my perspective toward life changed. I was able to keep things in balance after that (nothing is that important).

I so desire to help you build your church. How I wish I lived near you.We spend six months in Florida and six months in New Hampshire so we couldn't be farther away (smile).

I wish I had 100 of your books so I could hand them out everywhere. Do you have any special packages for larger orders?

I'll be speaking to a group re your book on Thursday, March 23. I covet your prayers for their spirits to be receptive.

Thank you for your wonderful obedience. We are all benefiting from it. I share your childlike wonder and awe of Jesus. I met him 36 years ago, and now am praying to really, really know Him! I want to hear Him call me His friend!

How grateful I am for your book. How I would love to see you dance and hear you sing!

I pray every day, "Lord, how can I please and bless You and hook into Your plan, not mine.

Each time I think of you or the book, I weep. What is God doing? I don't know, but I know there are and will be changes. the Lord said He would begin the changes in 2006 and He surely is!

I pray for your strength and energy as you fulfil your destiny.

My husband has to do all my emailing, so I wish I could write to you the "old fashioned way", but I don't have your mailing address. I would like to send you a copy of my little book about some visions from the Lord.

I send you blessings and love -
In His precious Name,

Sister Choo Thomas,

I know that it’s not by change that my brother gave me a copy of your book “Heaven is so Real.” I am a born again , Holy Ghost filled born again believer in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our soon coming King. I count it an awesome experience to have read your book, I believe every account of you experience with Jesus in heaven, this has put a greater hunger in me to be a witness for Jesus now. I have been slack in going to the high ways and by way proclaiming the good news of Jesus, I have been having prayer group on the job, but after reading your book, I feel like I have done little. I love Jesus with all my heart, and now I feel compelled to spend all my time for Jesus now, oh if you only know how blessed your book have blessed me, I only focus on my eternal home now. I felt lead by the Holy Spirit to hand over the copy of my book to a Chinese co worker of mines, she is a good person, but do not know Jesus Christ as her Lord. Her name is May, please help me pray for her salvation, she is married with two children. She hugged me upon receiving the book, and told me that on Tuesday March 14th she will be on vacation for 4 day with her children and will be reading the book. I plan on purchasing other copies for co-worker who wanted to borrow my copy but I felt I had to lend it first to May. My sister I will pray for you as the lord lead me to do so, I have not met you, but I love you. I do hope if not on earth, our mansions will be nest to each other in heave.(smile). I admire your obedience and boldness for the things of God, I pray that that same spirit rest and abide within me continuosly. Another thing is that I use to pay my tithes from my net income, but thanks be to God, from this Sunday reading your book has caused me to want to pay from my gross. Thank you very much for availing yourself to be one of God’s end time servants, so that many like me could be blessed.

Love and blessings
In the name of Jesus Christ.


Dear Sister Choo,

My name is Joyce. I am a staff member at Living Praise Church. Last month my Pastor saw an ad in Charisma magazine about your book He is always talking about heaven. So we ordered 20 copies for our Bookstore. The response has been so well that we have ordered approximately 300 copies. Now we have members in our congregation who want to share the book with friends and family that speak other languages.

I have talked with our representative from Strang and he suggested I contact you directly. We want to get copies in Korean, Vietnamese, French, and Russian. Do you have any copies in Korean or do you know how we can go about getting the book in other languages.

My pastor is on television and he desires to offer your book to our TV audience. I know you must be very busy, but he would love to talk with you about your book and offering it to our television viewers. Could you please call him at the church office?

We look for ward to hearing from you soon.

In His Service,

Dear:Sister Choo,

I'm Stefanie from Miri,Malaysia.I have read your book 'HEAVEN IS SO REAL' and I got touch by every of your words.I am not a Christian but after reading this book I feel that I really know little about God and would like to learn more about him but I do not know where to start,Sister Choo.

Please help me and I am willing to learn anything.
Thank you.

Yours Sincerely:

Hie Choo Thomas

I am writing to let you know that the book you wrote "Heaven is so real" has
inspired me so much. My faith has been raised to great heights, and l am
filled with great expectation for the second coming of our Lord Jesus

l want to say thank you for being so faithful to the Lord that He chose you
to reveal what is going to happen in the last days. I love you with the true
love of the Lord and my desire is to see you face to face before the rapture
of the saints.

My name is Gilbert and l would be grateful if you reply me, l have a burning
desire to hear what the Lord is saying in these days.

God richly bless you.



To begin with I am a South African [working in Iraq] - not a mercenary.[Reborn] .While working here a can see the hand of GOD working in my life and that of my colleges.

Thank you for being obedient to Jesus and doing HIS work for HIM.

Just to let you know while reading this book of JESUS - tears came to my eyes,and certain names,to which i must give this book to read as in urgent.

From a long time ago i believed en the kingdom of JESUS and knew that it was always there,but this book brought the urgency to me of HIS coming.

If JESUS directs you to come and visit South Africa let me [us] know of your visit.

There are so many question's which i would like to put to you - but i understand that it will be imposable to answer every ones question's.

There are so many people out there which are false and i have read many books on heaven ,angels ,hel ,ect which is out there to make a money - but this is the first time that i have read a book that spoke to my heart.It is not a hard book to under stand and in very plain words.

Thank you again [and all the glory to our KING].


dear sir/madam:



dear loved choo thomas

i am so pleased to reply to you becauce i am so happy now and i know jesus is happy about me . because it had been my greatest desire to make him happy and smile about me .

i am a medical student at university of kwazulu natal . after reading your book . i never had interest in studing because i felt like i just have to cry pray and read the bible.
because i just want my lord to be happy.

many of the worldly things iused to love i no more have interest . thank you lord. my dear know that i love you so much . i know i will be with you in heaven so you can see you where talking to.



Dear Choo Thomas,

My name is Sonja. I just finish reading your book Heaven is so real! I have to tell you it has change my life. I really wasn't praise and praying to the lord like I should be. But after reading your book; for now on I will do anything for Jesus. I would like to have the same relationship with Jesus like you did. Can you tell me how?

Also, what is your daily life? Do you watch tv or do you praise him and pray all day. Once again thank you for writing this book. By reading this book; it has change my life forever!

God bless you,



Moreno Valley, California






Mrs. Thomas, my name is william. I am a 20 year old college student from amarillo texas. and i was introduced to your book through my aunt, her and my uncle are pastors in south bend indiana. and she said that the lord told her that her family needed to read this and for good reason. i just read your chapter on hell and i am a saved christian but i know some of my acts god has seen as questionable, abd your chapter realy hit home and sent a chill through my body about the scene you saw of those christians just walking around in hell because they didnt realy serve him. and i just want to tell you that you, i know that that was the jult that my spirit needed. Also i have a question did u every see any evil spirits or satan in your visits with the lord. please respond.

Thank you




Hello Mrs. Thomas

My dad gave me his copy of Heaven Is So Real to read. He said other than the Bible it has done more for his relationship to Jesus than any other book he has read. And he has read a whole lot of books about the Bible and our Lord. He is 74 so he's had a good head start on us! He even wrote a book called Living Stones: Becoming A Rock Solid Christian. I think your book is having an effect on me as well. I am becoming more conscious of how I can blend the belief in Jesus with the behavior of a Believer. This is something only the Holy Spirit can do for me but I can become more willing to let Him have His way in my life.

I very much appreciate your obedience and the courage you showed in writing this book. I'm especially grateful for the effect it has had in my dad's life.

Would you look into dividing the current video download on your website into smaller sections. I have a high speed internet connection and am not able to complete the download because it is so large. I imagine many others have the same problem. I am a web developer by trade so if you need assistance please do not hesitate to ask.

Best Regards,


I want to personally thank you and praise the Lord for using you to witness to lost souls and christians as well. I'm a christian and my life has changed because of this book, I believe this is a true revelation from Christ Himself in this modern time. Both my brother and sister have read it and we all share the same conviction about this revelation from Christ. I have been praying for my parent's salvation for a long time now (more than ten years now) and I still pray fervently for them everyday. My burden for them intensify since I read this book, "Heaven is so real", and I realize the second coming of Christ is sooner than I thought. I don't want my parents to go through tribulation and I want them to be saved. I told my mom that we would all walk in the same path together as a family in Christ to heaven if we accept Christ as Lord and Savior. The greatest mission field for me right now is to witness to all my immediate family members. My mom is a strong Buddhist but lately she has stopped praying to idols and I felt the Lord has answered my prayer by breaking the strong hold in her life. Please pray for my parents' salvation (my mom's name is Tan Siew Poh and my dad's name is Liew Yoon Chin).

I will pray continually for more lives to be saved each day before Christ's second coming.

In Christ


Dear Choo Thomas,

My name is Michelle and I am 15 years old and live in Australia. I became a christian when I was 8 and attend an Assemblies of God Pentecostal church. I recently attended a Planetshakers Christian Conference in Melbourne and while I was there I bought your book, Heaven Is So Real. I actually don't really know why I bought it but I picked the book up without hardly scanning the back for what it was about. Which is odd for me because I love reading books and I always read the blurbs.

Anyway I started ready your book and I just couldn't stop reading it. Everything about Heaven seems so awesome and beautiful and your experiences have been truly aweing. I read it like no book I have ever read, soaking it in and learning from it. My faith has been fully strengthened by this book and its realizations.

Thankyou so much and thank God for this impacting book which has changed my life. I now pray more than I used to everyday and read my bible more. My whole life is now God focused and I think He is finally ready to use me. One particular thing about your experiences was the Holy Spirit dancing which you experienced was amazing. I did dancing for 7 years before I quit a while ago and have done some dances in church but never on inpsiration of the Holy Spirit. I believe this is an important ministry that God can use people in.

Amazing and praise God is all I can say. Also I believe God wants you to know that the book is His good work and that he loves you Choo Thomas. Thankyou again for your persistance and patience in God for it has truely blessed many people across this world.

God Bless you from,


Dear Choo,


My name is Derek and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I heard about your book via a friend and had for some unknown reason the incredible urge to buy your book. I read the book non-stop and finished it last night. I am in awe after realizing that heaven is so real and such a wonderful place that Jesus has prepared for us.

Thank you for being obedient to Jesus to write this book. I know it was tiring for you. It made me realize that I was destined to be in one of the two groups that wore the sand colored and grey gowns. I am now going to heaven. To the place you described so wonderfully in the book.

You are so privileged to have seen Jesus and his angels. I pray every day to actually see Jesus or even one of his many angels like you did!

Thank you very much for writing this book! I have bought a number of books and I am going to give it to all of my family and friends.

God bless!


Dear Choo,

I just finished reading your book. Thank you for writting it and all that you have experienced to be obedient to our Lord. I always believed the things you wrote down. It is so good to have it confirmed for sure. Alot of what you recorded from the Lord, I never understood, your book helped so much to put things in better perspective. It also challanges us to be more urgent about being ready and how important it is. Everyone can make a difference.
I belong to an Intercessor group in our community Church. Several are now reading your book and we think it is a 'must read' for all of us, including the pastor and staff.
Is the Lord still visiting you every time you call....I mean taking you to the beach etc?? That is so wonderful!! Thank you again for the gift you have given so many. We will pray that all will come and find Him. God is so Good! Sue

He who has revealed it all to you will surely bring you to it.

many members of my church who had ready your book have had their lives totally turned around. May the Good Lord continue to use you for this Glorious end of time harvest in Jesus Mighty Name.

Yours in His Service.

Pastor Felix

Ps:I pastor with my wife Sabrina at a Church here in London England

Dear Sis. Choo Thomas,

Halleluia! Praise be to Jesus the Most High!

I want to thank Jesus for choosing you as His End-Times prophecy and for writing this WONDERFUL book. This book was given to me by a bro-in-Christ whom I have known for almost 11 years as a gift. I thank and praise the Lord for touching his heart to give this book to me. Actually, this brother had also been to Heaven once.

When I read the leaflet enclosed inside with this book about how Jesus brought you to Heaven 17 times and to Hell twice, my heart got excited and was very eager to know more about what’s inside this book. I wanted to share what I have experienced while reading this book. When I started reading, my whole body was filled with the anointing of fire and it continued everytime I read. I was so very touched and I truly admired what you have experienced with Jesus. I could feel His love, sweetness, tenderness, caring and patience. I have learnt to talk to Jesus more.

In Chapter 6 – A place called Hell (A Smokin Pit): I was so sad and hurt too when I read the passage regarding what Jesus had shown you. This awaken me! I said to myself that I must share this to everyone starting from my family, my church members and others too. I have brought a few books (in English and Chinese) to give to whoever Jesus leads me to.

Indeed, I have learnt a lot from this book. Sometimes I just can’t put it into words. I pray and hope that Jesus can one day bring me to Heaven before He comes back.

Sis. Choo Thomas, where can I get this tape or book of Mary’s A Divine Revelation Of Hell? Or if it is possible, can you send one to me? Once again, I thank Jesus for His love and that His children after reading this book will be able to change and be ready for His coming.

May God Bless you and your family.



Dear my sister in Christ, Mdm. Choo Thomas,

My name is Denise Heng, I'm 29 and I am a Chinese-Indonesian. I have received Christ in 1993 and served in the church, but then I become a lukewarm Christian and I cant remember now when was the last time I went to church, and I married a non-christian husband.

A friend gave me the book Heaven is so Real 2 years ago but I dare not read it - I was afraid of what I would find inside. So it stayed in my book shelf until 3 days ago. I have the strong urge to read the book and I'm very glad and grateful that I read it! I cried many times reading the book and I just finish reading it a while ago. I have so much to say but my English is very limited, I want to thank you for all you have done, you have changed my life, I feel so sad that I have wasted so much time before, that I wasnt a pleasing daughter to God, it is so frustrating. Then I started to pray and ask for forgiveness. Dear sister, please pray for me and my family too, I want to please the Lord from today on, I want to make sure I do not waste anymore time that He has given to me. There are a lot I need to do. My husband is not saved yet, and he is not a Christian yet. I have a daughter 5 years old and a baby boy about 2.5 months. I want them to be saved also.

Tomorrow is Sunday, for the first time in my life I will bring my daughter to church. What you have written in Heaven is so Real answers so many of my questions, about tithe, offerings, and how if I wasnt allowed to go to church, about whether my children will be with God forever, etc.. God bless you! There is still another thing bothering me, I was water baptized before but the pastor never give me the certificate, do I have to be baptized again in the new church? Will I be forgiven for marrying a non-christian? I'm sorry if you dont like my questions, I just feel confuse.

I hope you understand my message, I wish I could write better, my words are not enough to describe how I feel at the moment.

Thank you sister.

In His love,


dear Choo Thamas

hello my name is priscilla i am twelve years old and i live in new zealand. i wanted to let u know wat this book means to me. i am very touched by your obedience and i thank you because without this book i would not be able to know the truth about the lord. i have always thought that the last day would be after i die or at least 20 years from now but after reading this book i dont think i would ever experience going to university. right now i am reading the last chapter but i just had the desire to write tis email to you. the way i live now is very different compared to the way i have before reading this book. whenever i wanted to do something or say something i say to myself will this please God? i believe with all my heart that every single word in this special book is true. a few of my sunday school friends are also reading this book and i hope that this book can also change their lives. for my friends that havnt read this book i am planning to lend them my book so they may also read about the incredible things that happened to you. i want to give the worldly things that i love, one of the biggest ones is tv that is why i am not watching tv tonight like i used too. i dont want to be an off and on christian but to stay on until the last day comes. hopefully you will pray for me so that i can be a blessing to the Lord Jesus Christ.

your faithfully


ps: God bless you

Good day Lady Choo

I am from South Africa and is currently busy reading the book you wrote for the Lord (Heaven is so real).

Never in my life before have I read a book so intriguing and fantastic. I honestly do believe that God has chosen you for these experiences and to write the book with Roger and the Holy Spirit. What a privelege! The first though I had of you is "Be holy like I am holy"!

I have to tell you that I don't think I have cried so much in my life, like when I was busy reading the book. I actually sometimes feel desperately sick after these "crying sessions". It feels as if God is personally addressing me through this book.

You know that the times I read about Moses in the Bible, I also cry a lot. I often go crying by my Lord, asking Him to bless me like he did with Moses.

PLEASE would you intercede for me! I am going for Healing sessions. Things that I have been carrying around in my heart from childhood, which I needed to resolve. I have forgiven but I do need to forget it (as you did with the picture of your mom in the pit). I do pray a lot and read my Bible, and since I have invited Jesus into my life (April 2004), He has been changing a lot of things in my life, but I need more a lot more faith and trust. When you pray for someone, does God give you messages for/about these people!?

What would you suggest I do to strengthen my faith and trust in the Lord? I so desire to have a personnal relationship with Jesus!

Dear Ms. Choo Thomas,

My wife and I started reading your book last Friday. Halfway through, we immediately bought 50 additional copies of your book in order to share with our friends and family. Many of those who received a copy of your book started reading immediately and were very thankful.

I was always crying when I was reading your book. I finished reading it last night, and I really believe everything you mentioned in your book. Now, the Holy Spirit is leading me to save many of my poor Filipino brothers who do not really believe in Jesus Christ at the moment. Initially, we are thinking giving out more copies of your book every month to all people we know.

Next, we are thinking of converting your book in the Philippine language in order for the poor people in the Philippines to understand your message. Will you allow us to do this and publish it in the Philippines?

The Holy Spirit is also leading me to other activities like explaining your book in radio and/or TV using the Philippine language. Will you permit me to do this?

Do you have plans of visiting the Philippines?

I am very thankful to our Lord, Jesus Christ, through your book, that He has renewed me. I pray that you can advise me soon on how I can save my poor Filipino brothers.

Thank again and God bless,


Hi Mrs. Choo Thomas,

My name is Wilma and i am from Bacolod City, Philippines. I am one of those who got hold of your book, "Heaven is so Real" and i was tremendously blessed by the content of the book. It was introduced to me at first by somebody from a different church to sell that books during the "Open Heaven Conference" held in our church here in Bacolod last Nov 2005. I sold those books without an intention of reading it. Somebody in our church told me about the book and i grab one copy and began reading it. I was amazed by all the visions that was written in it. I could not believe it at first but as i began to seek the Lord,
tears just flowed out from my eyes becuase i know that everything that is written in it, is the DESIRE OF OUR GOD for us as His children. I could not tell the joy and the hunger that God has put in my heart by reading that book. Actually, i am at the middle part of the book and i am always excited to read it everyday.

One thing that i know for sure is, i want to experience what you have experienced. You are very privileged to see these things and favored by the Lord for doing what he has called you to do. God has changed me a lot. One thing that i learn from this book is that, no matter how good and excellent christian you are, if you dont have a pure heart you cannot enter His Kingdom. the book of Revelation says that no impure can enter HIs Kingdom, that's why we
must have to make our heart pure everyday of our life, to get rid of those unforgiveness, bitterness, etc. from our hearts.

Now, i am advertising and selling that books tremendously. Nobody is paying me to that because i wanted to let others know about our eternal home.
Actually, Ms Joji (she's the one who introduced that book to me) gave me four copies to sell, at a start and now i am ordering around 30-40 copies and people
just phoning me for additional orders. it is now circulating around the province and cities here in the Philippines.

Lastly, I just want to THANK YOU for obeying the Lord for writing this book. For sure, many people will be
blessed and changed by this (i am one of those).

I will keep sending you mails for more updates.

In Christ,


Dear Choo,

I have waited so long to write this letter that I don't know where to begin! My name is Debbie, a friend of Santa from South Korea. I didn't want to mail you while we were still busy with the translation of Heaven is so Real. Now that everything is done and the book is printed and I have the privilege to send you a copy of Heaven is so Real in Afrikaans – “Die Hemel is ‘n werklikheid”.

While busy with the book, I have I had so many thoughts about what I wanted to say to you and as I sit here, I just want to say thank you for being obedient. I know it is not for me to say, but the book has meant so much in my own life that I have to say thank you. My husband's life changed through this book. He said one day to me that for 42 years he didn't really know that he served the living God, that God that is real! He doesn't read books at all, but one night he took your DVD and after that he said, I want to read this book and that changed his whole attitude towards God. It isn't a ritual anymore but he now knows that it is a relationship.

I want to tell you a little about what happened while printing this book. It was not all smooth going but He was/is in control every step of the way. The printer said to me that he has been so blessed through this book spiritually and all of his workers as well. One day while visiting them, one of the workers asked me, where is the author of this book, because he wants to know the secret about this book. We experienced two mishaps with the printing procedures, but the Lord showed the printer what must be done with these books.

I realize that the timing of our Lord is perfect in every way! No matter what we planned and how we saw the marketing, etc., the Lord came and showed us that everything around this book is for Him to decide. Everyone who must be part of this book, He will see to it and it is so amazing to be part of it and such a blessing to be able to see what our Lord is doing in other people's lives. It was all at all, thoroughly the most wonderful experience that I could have had. I know that I am just an instrument, but it is so nice to see and hear all the testimonies regarding this book and what our Lord has done with their hearts. In the beginning, I cried a few times because I cannot understand why He wants to use me. It is still almost unreal to think that I'm part of the process in South Africa and yes I know He can use stones if necessary.

I want to share one last thing with you. While praying one morning, I ask our Lord for what I can pray for Choo about and there was, there was nothing that He placed in my heart, nothing and I can ask Him to do or to give to you and your family. It was amazing because all I could do was thank Him for you! I thought about it afterwards and I realized that He said in the book that He will take care of you until he came. It was really a wonderful experience for me because it was first time that it happened to me that I could not ask for anything, but say thanks. Thank you for all your prayers. Santa told me that you pray for us who were involved in Heaven is so Real.

I know it is not the end of the work and I just pray that I will hear His voice and will be able to do what He wants me to do around this book. I know this book belongs to our Lord and He uses who He wants, but I want to say yet again that it is an honor to be part of it.

Choo, thank you for reading my letter and I hope I will hear from you soon!

Blessings to you and your family.



Dear Sister Choo,

Thank you so much for your response. I would love the video and CD. I have been asked if you have a CD that others can listen to while driving?
My sister shared this wonderful book with another Christian man. He took the book and read the first couple of chapters, then brought it back and said, "I don't believe it." Julie asked if he would take it back and finish it, then he would understand. So, reluctantly he took the book and read it the next couple of days. He brought it back, changed. he said that God delivered him from nicotine after he finished the book. Praise the Lord.
I belive that many of the miracles that God will preform will happen after people finish reading the book, because many children will choose to become obedient and seek a pure heart to follow after God, repent of their sins and be healed.
I am so excited about my new found love for my Savior, I can't contain it. I've been told to calm down so that I don't force people to believe what I do. I can't calm down. I can't stop sharing. I tell people they HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK, IT WILL CHANGE THEIR LIVES!!!!! The most compelling theme throughout this book is that JESUS LOVES US!...that we can have an intimate relationship with the Lord, and that He is coming back so soon for a pure bride.

Thank you again, so much for being obedient to our precious Lord, to the point of your own personal sacrifice.
In God's Wonderful Love,

Pastor Bruce

I thank God for this book! Very easy to read, this book has had a forever life-changing impact on my life! I am a born-again Christian and do my best to walk holy before God. After just starting to read the first third of the book, I could clearly see where God wanted me to do some "cleaning up". It has stirred up in me the fear of God and an intense desire to evangelize in these last days. The beautiful words of Jesus just came to life as though he was speaking directly to me! I want to cry every time I read them.

The anointing is so intensely strong on this book, I believe God wants everybody to read this book! Knowing the reality of heaven helps wonders in what we Christians can look forward to, since before reading it I never could invision it. This book also puts emphasis on some scriptures that are often overlooked in the church. It teaches us to wake up, for the coming of the Lord is nearer than we think! Jesus is coming for his bride, and wants his bride pure and holy. The others will be left behind!

Luke 13:24 - "Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to." These are Jesus' words.


Hi, Choo.

My name is Jenny, and I'll turning 12 in one week. I'm reading your book(or should I say, Jesus' book! :) ), "Heaven is so Real!", right now, and I've learned ssssoooooo much!

I think that it's really neat that Jesus even told you what the cover of the book was going to look like!
Through "Heaven is so Real!", I know how magnificent and perfect Heaven really is. When I first met Jesus (when I was around age 6), and learned about Heaven, I just wanted to die, and go to Heaven right away! But now I know that I still have lots of work to do for the Lord here on earth.

I'm an only child, but my mom was pregnant about two years before I was born. (Don't worry, she was already married!) But she didn't know that she was pregnant. One day, she lifted something very heavy, and lost the baby. I often wonder what it would have been like to have an older sibling, but my mom said that if that baby was born, I probably wouldn't have been born! So maybe it was God's will. I can't wait to go to Heaven, and meet my sister/brother!!

Your visit to Hell really made me want to spread the Gospel to my loved ones. Hell is so awful!!
I'm loving "Heaven is so Real!"




I just read your book and I must say it has been life changing. How wonderfully blessed you are to have the relationship with our Savior as special as the one you share. I cried all last night reading your book. I cried because you helped me to understand that I have not been the Christian God wants me to be, far from it actually. I, like you, also have a strong desire to be pleasing to The Lord, but I have been lacking thus far. I struggle with obedience, but, I have committed myself today to being obedient and pure hearted.

Thank you for your book and your example of what Jesus truly expects of His people. How I cried for my own unsaved mother when I read about yours. I know I still have time to pray for my mother because she is still alive, but I feel for you so much. Last night I went to my 8 yr old son, who knows the Lord and wants to be baptized, I had him say the sinners prayer with me and I prayed over my 3 year old and asked God to forgive his sins. I also prayed that my family legacy would be to be obedient, warriors for Christ, that love Him eternally and no matter what never let Him go.

Well, thank you again, God bless you (more ). I feel like I know you, I guess that's why I am rambling on about my personal life. I will pray for you and your family.



Dear Choo Thomas,

I have just finished your book HEAVEN IS SO REAL. I use to think that I have a good relationship with God, but now I really am experiencing a deepening in my faith and love for God as never before! Because of what He revealed to you and because you obeyed Him by writing it all down and publishing it, I see Him through different eyes.... He is the loving, caring , humorous, and Almighty God of the only kingdom in the universe!! Your book changed how I pray, it taught me to worship all day and night, under all circumstances and to build a really close relationship with Him, because He is the ONLY being that deserves to be loved and praised!!

God loves you so much, you are one of His dearest, He is proud of what you achieved and all your hard work, you are a good example of a Spirit-filled child of God!

May God bless you abundantly and protect you for His work that remains to be done by you on this earth.

Kind regards


Dear Sister Choo Thomas Ministries,

I read your book "Heaven is so real" and was greatly blessed. It really brought us so close to our Saviour Jesus Christ. Ever since I read the book I am simply longing to see heaven and Our Lord Jesus. Thank u so much for writing the wonderful book.

Could u be very kind enough to let me know how I can buy this book, because my sister and I had only one book which our friend loaned to us. I want to circulate this book to many others.

My sister was reading this book while she was suffering from breast cancer, it gave her so much of strength to go through the trial. Pl be kind enough to let me know how I could buy this book. God bless u.

Love and prayers


Mrs. Thomas

Hello,my name is Tracy and i want to start off by saying praise the lord!! He has truly blessed you!

I thank the lord that he has impacted your life and has gifted you to write this book,because of this book I am REDEDICATING my life to jesus.

I am half way thru the book and i have already cried,prayed,and shared with my husband the visions the lord has given you.

I have always believed in the lord but to be honest i have strayed away and this book was definately a Wake Up Call for me. I normally don't e-mail authors but I was so moved and compelled to let you know how this book has impacted me.I thank god for his mercy and pray that he continues to bless me.

The Lord has touched you and blessed you,and i

Thank You for your testimony-it will help MILLIONS of people,i know because it has helped me.



Dear Sister Choo,

First of all, i want to give all the thanks to our Heavenly Father who always be with us and be our provider. My name is Bourne Wong and from New Zealand. I became a Christian since last year. I did my baptism on May 2005, but i have doubt God many many times. I didn't really believe in Him even though i gave my life to Him. I kept asking God to show that He was real as well as heaven and hell. I strongly believed that God wanted me to read the book a few weeks ago. The book answered me every question i had in my heart for long time. I was so thankful to God, Choo.

I was such a lukewarm Christian. That's why i was real nervous as i read through your book. I didn't want to go to the valley after my earthly life. God really emphasizes that OBEDIENCE and PURITY are the keys to get in to the heaven. Yeah, those words sound pretty easy to say but it is extremely hard to act it out as we are all sinners. However, i will try my best to obey His Word and live according to what He says. God is so great. Please pray for me, Choo. Pray for my Christian life. You know Jesus more than i do. I really want to become more like Him. After i finished reading the book, i am just a new born Christian again. Love all beyond words.

Pray for my family as well. None of them is a Christian, i don't want to see my mum in the pit of hell. She is a nice mum but Satan has tried very hard to prevent her to know God. It is really bad.

I was really disappointed to see some Christian people live like normal people out there after i finished reading the book. They know the truth more than i do but they don't really have much different to unsaved people. I talk to my friend Jenny that i am not afraid of death any more because i know where i will head to after i die. I am not really interested in earthly things any more. What i really want to do now is live in obedient heart and pure hearted to God, so i can gain a permission to heaven on Judgement Day. Furthermore, i want to reach out unsaved souls before Jesus comes back. Honestly, almost every day i question God whether today He comes back to earth or not. I love Him more than my life. Love you heaps. I want to make sure that i will see you after my earthly life, Choo Thomas.


Brother Bourne.

I want to thank you for this book. It is now the December holidays and every body were going on holidy.My brother in law came from Cape Town and he brought the book (Heaven is so real) with him. During the holidays he told us about the book. About 3 months ago me and my wife stop drinking and were trying to get our lives together.

He had a copy of your book and gave it to us. When I started to read the book I cold not stop. I have finished the book yesterday and my wife started to read the book today. I have never read a book from start to finish. Your book was the first book I have read through.

During the time that I was reading the book I started to see what was wrong in my live, and I now know exactly what to do to go to heaven.
Me and my wife had given our harts to JESUS now and and want to live only for Jesus.

Thank you for your book, for your book wave opened my eyes.
I now want to live and work for Jesus.


Dear Choo Thomas,

I like to thank you for this book. The events and happenings which you have experienced is beyond my imagination, but i believe it's true. I felt the presence of God while reading this book. This book made me to be more fearful to Jesus.

I have shared this book with some of my church members, and they were so excited. I can't help but telling people about this book. Thank you for giving us, Christians to 'visit' heaven through you.

I pray that God will use you mightyly as He has promised. Wishing to meet you in person. Tried to get your testimony on VCD but couldn't. May the Jesus who blessed you and assured you a mansion in heaven will bless the people of this world to know Him and to receive His salvation.

Please reply if you are able. I will be happy to receive an email from you because you are a special Christian sister for me.

Thank you,

Love, Victor

Dear Choo Nam,

I would love to express my thanks to you for your obedience to God and his requests in your life. You are truely an inspiration to me for your persistance and love of our intimate God.

My name is Laurelle Kinsman and I live in a little place called Emu Creek, just outside of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

I saw your book in a Word catalogue and instantly knew that I knew, I had to read it! I have always been open to God's promptings in my life, and was very excited to read the book you wrote with God. I had bought it for my husband Mike to give me for Christmas so I had to wait two or three weeks to read it. I told four other people about it before I read it. I began to read it on Boxing Day.

It is hard to sum up everything I feel about the book you have written together. The best way I have been able to is to call it a truely "spiritual journey". The depth of my desire is so deep for God now. Like you, although I have not experienced seeing or actually talking to God, I cannot stop thinking about him. Praising Him is so important to me now, and praying and singing to him. My faith is building up because I have worked out an intimate connection with him, and am teaching myself to totally focus on him only, when praising and talking to Him. I have never seen my prayers answered so quickly and assuredly. God is proving Himself over and over to me in only a couple of weeks. Praise you God! I wish I knew this earlier than now!! I know God's timing is perfect however.

Others I have mentioned the book to have been resistant to it which has shocked me as I knew that God was telling me to read it. However, one close friend, after feeling a little cautious, began it and cannot believe the change she is experiencing in her relationship with our Mighty God.

Choo Nam, thankyou so much for your wonderful loyalty and trust in our awsome God. In the past I have focussed on God and then "lost it" over time, going back and fourth. Now I pray every day that I will not become complacent. His work is too important and Heaven is too wonderful.

You have increadible courage Choo Nam, and I desire to be used by God deeply, in the way he chooses to use me, with courage like yours!

I pray for you each day Choo, for continued blessings, courage and determination for God.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

Kindest regards,


Dear Ms. Thomas,

I can't begin to thank you enough for being God's willing servant and writing this book. It was sent to me by my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. I sensed it was important and started reading it Christmas Day. I can't begin to tell you how it has transformed me.

I think many, many Christians prefer to avoid thinking about hell - it's not a subject anyone wants to dwell on - but you've made it very clear that it's real and forever. As I've told others, the title of the book (for me) was "Heaven Is So Real.....and SO IS HELL"....subtitled "Scared Straight" by Choo Thomas!

My walk with the Lord is now focused on what "HE" wants and expects from me, as He directed through His Word. Gone are the "warm, fuzzy, hopeful" beliefs that everyone who's 'good' will go to heaven.

My husband, Scott McDaniel, who is a strong Christian, read your book after me, more to make sure it was Biblicaly correct I'm sure. He then e-mailed you and was very surprised, AND impressed, when you responded. His very strict Christian training had his mind questioning some parts of your book, and we had very loving, spiritual "debates" over them. I know the Holy Spirit is now strong within me because I can discuss with him the Bible with a confidence I never had before.

Anyway, I know your book had a profound effect on him as well because, after he read your e-mail, he came and quietly sat next to me on the couch. He then simply said, "You've only got one more book" (I had already purchased a copy for my daughter). I told him that was all I found at the store but I could order them on-line. He then started counting, "We need one for Lori (his daugther), Mom, Teri, ..." and the list went on.

We came up with 10 names right away so I just finished ordering 20 books to give to friends and family. What a small price to pay for saving the soul of a loved one!

Again, thank you for literally my eternal life. I look forward to meeting you, if at all possible, in this lifetime and if not we will meet through the glory of God in heaven!

In Christ's holy name,


Dear Ms. Choo Thomas,

My name is Yura from Indonesia.
I have some questions about religions or shall we say beliefs.
I have no doubts about your experience with Jesus.
I have read "Heaven is So Real". It makes me cry and to tell you the truth this is the 1st Christian book that has touched my heart and consciousness so deeply.
Some of my questions has been answered by this book.

I am Christian but I want to be the real Christian.
Which is not easy for my parents do not believe in Jesus like many Chinese families in Indonesia (even the world).
I hope they will receive Jesus as the Savior before it's too late.

I need someone who can guide me through the process. I know Jesus will guide me, but I need someone who I can share and ask about my doubts or questions. Will you be my guide Ms. Choo Thomas? Please? This email address will do?

Hope I can get your positive reply soon. I know you are very busy.



Merry Christmas to you and your family Choo Thomas.

This week the Holy Spirt was impressing upon me to visit my friend bookstore. I walk in and notice this book. I open it and began to read two lines and said to myself and my son I have to buy this book.

I have not put it down since I began to read it. Had a restless night and got up early at 5.30 to continue reading and to share the things we have being praying about and verses in the Bible that brings joy to our hearts with my prayer partner who is exciting to read it after I have read it. To God be the Glory I have experience a somewhat experience of flying in the air.

I would like hear from you. My Home phone No is 1- 847-776-1449.

Be Blessed for the season.


Hi Nam Choo

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ .I have read the book,It is life changing book . I want share with you about my testimony before I hear about the this book somebody send me an email which say conversation with God , & this email I once read it about two years ago but it did not make an great impact that it did in my life . The email was preparing me about the book & This book when I heard about the I did not hesitate to buy went to all the christian bookshop look for it & I even bought one for my Pastor the way it really change my life all together It even answered some of my questions I did have & tought me lot of things that I did not understand

Thanks for allowing God to use you for end-time & God Bless you.

Yours Sincerely


Dear Choo,

I have just about finished reading your beautiful, amazing book, and I simply had to write to tell you how much I loved it. The first day I started reading it, I could not put it down and read until 3:00 a.m.! At one point, I had to stop reading to put my head down and weep, not over your stunning account of the sights of heaven, but over the beautiful intimacy between you and the Lord Jesus.

I have been a born-again Christian since 1973 (married, mother of 5, grandmother of 4 little granddaughters), and your book re-awakened memories of my own times of intimacy with the Lord. In 1991, after my children were all in school, I felt the Lord sending me back to college to complete my degree and begin a career as an English professor. While I am certain the Lord sent me back to school, I have long lamented the time that my studies and my career have demanded, and my relationship with the Lord has suffered from neglect because of this. Indeed, although I have never stopped loving Him, I have been in despair for a long time because I have *lost* this intimate relationship with Him. That is why I wept when I read your book, because your story reminded me of times when I would be overwhelmed with the sense of His anointing and His presence, even while vacuuming my house . . . One time my knees just gave out as I tried to vacuum, because I was walking in such a strong sense of His presence. In recent years, I have even feared that I would appear before Him one day and hear the most fearful words imaginable: "Depart from Me; I never knew you." I kept telling Him and myself, "He can't say He *never* knew me, because I have all my journals where I recorded His words to me." However, this did little to quiet the gnawing uneasiness in my heart that I was not where I want to be, even though I consider my classroom my mission field, and I talk to my students about the Lord all the time. I structure my lessons around readings that will cause my students to consider Him, and to think about their lives in relation to Him and eternity (the first "story" on my syllabus is the Parable of the Prodigal Son). Yet, I can not go on like this, just talking about Him rather than to Him, and your book has been a huge wake-up call to get me to stop and put Him first and foremost. Because my job requires hours and hours of almost endlessly grading papers, I don't know how to properly balance these duties with my desire to sit at the Lord's feet.

Please pray for me! I am desperate to find Him again and find my way back to the warm and tender intimacy I used to experience with Jesus. He used to call me "My Dove." I imagine you will appreciate that, since you saw how special doves are to Him. I don't fully comprehend how special that is, but I am taking your word for it. I feel like the Shulamite, looking for Him and I don't know how to go about returning to that place I once knew.

I will finish the last few pages of your book tonight, but then I plan to re-read it immediately. I have been telling everyone I know that they must read this. Thank you again for your faithfulness. I am so grateful for your obedience! I want to be ready for Him, and I have heard the urgency in your book. Thank you so much.

In Him,

Hello there Sister Choo Thomas,

My name is Melisa and i'm from Malaysia. I want you to know that i am very blessed by your book-Heaven is so real. My friends bought your book for me on my 22nd birthday which falls on the 28th OCtober. I finished reading your book in 5 days as it was so intriguing and i just can't let it go off my hands without completing it. Reading the book has really opened up my whole being. I realised that i have not been obedient to Jesus and have been a luke warm christian all this while.
Sister Choo Thomas, there's so much i wanna tell u but i'm not sure if u have the time to read. Besides, honestly i'm afraid you may not be reading this mail personally and might have delegated it to some people to help u out reading (i'm sure you'll be receving thousands and thousands of mail everyday) Anyhow, just want you to know that i'm very grateful for all you have done and sacrifice to help me and others see and understand the reality of Jesus in our life. Thank you once again.

God bless you and family and all your ministries,
Love and regards,

Hi Choo,
I would like to share with you that I was lost in faith in darkness and decided to pick up your book one day at the Christian book store here in San Diego. I could not put it down and I have shared the book with so many of my friends. It is such an insipirational book. I am so glad that I ran across your book. I so much understand what heaven is all about. I thank you and through the grace of God sharing this lovely, beautiful and unbelievable book has opened my heart and faith even stronger. My sister shared with me about the revelation of heaven and hell and I am about to read that book as well. I am the only one in the family who was lost and have found my way back home to Lord.

I now I have more faith than ever and ask for God's forgiveness of all my sins.

I did have a question and that was, do you have the book written in different languages?. I have a friend who would love to read it but she understands Spanish. I will keep searching.

Thank you so much again for sharing your experiences and I do believe every word of it. I always say that the purpose the almighty has for each one of us is the power he gives to us and how we use it is the almighty test.

I do hope that your daughter finds her way back home as well. You are such a wonderful person and mother.

Make it a beautiful and blessed day.



Dear Mrs. Thomas,

I just finished reading Heaven is so Real. I am astonished, blessed, tremendously thankful, and terrified.

I had lived as a carnal Christian for many years and had been entangled in some terrible sins. I finally cried out to God and, over the past two years, He has graciously set me free. God has been showing me the emptiness of a life that does not have Him as it's focus and then He led me to read your book. I believe every word you wrote. What I have read has certainly adjusted my theology in a radical way. Thanks to your obedience, I now have a clear understanding of what God desires and requires of us who believe. God's timely warning through Heaven is so Real has literally snatched me from the jaws of hell.

My 19 year old daughter (whom I have been asking God to convict) asked me this very night if she could be the next one to read the book.

Your level of obedience I find astonishing; greatly convicting, and encouraging at the same time. Thank you for Obeying God and allowing Him to save my life.

With my sincerest thanks and deepest appreciation,


Hi Choo Nam, want to thank you so much for the book Heaven is so real. I am a S'porean who visited Yoido Full Gospel church in August. Pastor Cho gave your book away freely to the visitors. Like many others, I was skeptical about the book initially. When I finished reading it, I was amazed at the lasting impact it gave me. I must say there was never a book that caused me to want to repent so much. Repent of not putting God and His kingdom first. It really gives me a new perspective to life through the eyes of Jesus. It is a wake up call to me. I have never imagined that one could live a life so obedient and devoted to God as yours. Thank you for giving me such a good real-life example. It is really inspiring and life-changing!

I have since read the book twice. On the second reading, the Lord shows me that your encounters are real. I have more than 10 confirmations. Whatever you wrote coincided with my own devotion. Among many others, I remember one night I was reading your book about the cruxification of Jesus and the next morning, when I was doing my devotion, I was led to read the book of John and "chanced" upon the cruxification. That was exactly what you have described in your book. I know that the four Gospel books actually described the cruxification scene somewhat differently but what I read in John fits exactly what you wrote! Not only that, whenever I mentioned "heaven is so real", no matter how briefly, the responses from others were always positive. They would ask me where they can find the book. They would express interest to want to read the book. I had passed this book to my pre-believer brother. You know what? The minute he saw the book, he was like being totally captured and seemed eager to read it straight away. He understands the Christian faith so much better now. I believe that the word of God has been planted in his heart which will lead to his salvation.

The anointing of the book is undeniably strong! Praise the Lord and bless you, sister-in-Christ. May you continue to be found faithful by the Lord!


Dear Mrs Thomas,

my name is daniel and i live in in 7th grade and i just finished your book. at first i did it because my mom said that she would give me 50 bucks if i read it but now i dont need the 50 bucks anymore because i have christ!! im a christain and i have been a christain for my whole life and i have never read a better christain book in my life . your so lucky that you got to go to hevan and meet God. you must be a Awasome christain . well sorry that i took up your time i was soooo blessed by this book that i just had to e mail u. well it getting late i have to go BYE!!!

P.S please pray for my grandma, shes not f
eeling well...

Good morning Choo,

My name is Retha Mc Pherson (South Africa)
We were in a car accident last year June.
Aldo my son was in a coma for 4 months, and was in heaven.
When he came out of the coma, he could not talk for 6 months,
but wrote to us about his encounter with God.
After 14 months now, he don't walk yet, and the speech is monotone.
BUT.....That is only for now.
God has a plan. He saw every thing that you talk about in your book Heaven is so real.
I do a lot of talks around our country, and sell at least 200 books per month.
I am in contact with the people in South Africa who is doing the translating of the book in Afrikaans.
And then it will sell even more!
In my talks I tell them about Aldo,so experience and that he sow the people that do not
go in, and that they are the disobedient Christians.
Then I talk about the Bride, and how the bride should look.
I have only ONE desire, and that is to have MORE of Jesus.
I believe their is a nother book, if so, can I please order the book.
Thank you, thank you, if it was not for your book, no one would believe my 13 year old son.
He don't talk to people yet, because of his speech and also because of the healing proses
that is not finished yet.
He wrote every morning in a diary, and then it is just spirit.
The last month he keep on asking that I should pray for him the power and Holy Spirit in his life.
Even thou he is not healed yet 100% and his mind and body is not in line with Gods word yet.
His spirit is 100% in line.
Not an easy rode to walk, because our children are so close to us.
But I thank God for this rode.

Thank you, You are a women with a pure heart, and that is all I want in my life.
Holiness, and a pure heart.

Hello ChooThomas. The Lord has lead me to write to you in reguards to "Heaven is Ready". I just want to tell you how blessed I was by the book. I truly thank God for inspiring you to do His work. The book has really helped me re-examine my spiritual walk with the Lord just as it was purposed. I wasn't even half way through the book before I began to repent of some things. Just the first few chapters changed me and now I'm putting God first and learning how to depend on him day by day. Instead of trattling the fence I jumped over the fence and made up in my mind that I going to give God my all and all. I'd like to thank you for being obedient to the Lord because the book has helped me to be more obedient to the Word of God. You are blessed to have walked with the Lord in Heaven and I believe It's as beautiful as you say. My heart goes out to those who chose not to believe and even for the Christians that do not obey. I have been really praying for them. Continue to do God's work because God is using you to bless alot of people. I love Jesus and I love you too my sister in Christ. Be blessed. Tomeko

My dearest sister Choo,

thank you very much for your mail, the link to Benny Hinn and the letter from your sister. Thank you for your prayers, you know, something wonderful has happened to me....I am again in love with Jesus! I loved Him before I have read your book, and I wrote you that it wasn't easy to give up wordly pleasures. But now it is! It is easy to put Him at the very first place, I have found my first love for Him again! Hallelujah, praise our Lord Jesus, He is wonderful and full of grace! It is easy to leave the computer alone, to use it only for good purpose and not for games, it is easy to let the television out except for a good service or some news. It is easy to dance for Him, to rejoice in Him all the time. When I am ironing the clothes of my husband and sons, I often put it aside and dance on the music, to shout, to take my tambourine, to jump and praise His Name! I also gave my testimony last sunday about the first love to Jesus, and how to regain it again. The leader of our church was waiting for a testimony, and then I called, so I could tell to our community how to take the key to come closer to Jesus. He is so great, so marvelous. Thank you, dearest sister, I can be sure again of my salvation, I can rejoice again in the Lord at all times, under all circumstances. Praise the Holy Name of Jesus. Thank you, God bless you. Please mail me when you receive this, and shine among the nations through all the last days to come, in Jesus Name.

Your sister in Christ our Lord,


Dear Sis.Choo & Bro. Roger,

Yes we already received the 20 books, know what? i brought them to church last Sunday, the 20 books are all gone. A sister got 5 books & sent them all to her relatives in Asia. I sent 2 books too to my sister & brother who lives in Paris, France. We want all our congregation & their families to read the Heaven is So Real! book & see the DVD & the CD. Thank you Sis. Choo for making it affordable for us. I phoned one of the Christian bookstore here, their price for 1book is already a price for 2 books. And for the first time my husband (our Pastor) preached about Heaven & Hell, he also read the book. He quoted the scripture in Luke 16:19- Parable of the rich man & lazarus. This is the scripture that i always use when i'm evangelizing with kids, and it's a very powerful verse.
Thanks for not being tired of sending me more & more, i believe i will never stop ordering until there are people who are willing to read it. I sent one to my sister who lives in the Philippines, she said it was the best gift that she ever received from me, "Heaven is So Real! book, according to her eversince she started reading the book, she never stopped weeping, she was so convicted, though she's already a Christian for a long time, she was not really living for the Lord. She said she got sick with something like asthma, and then she followed what Sis. Choo Thomas did, she prayed to the Lord & laid hands on her body, she was instantly healed. Halleluiah!
Would you do me another favor? This time please send me 50 books anytime, no rush. But please wait for my US money order first for the 20 books that i just received.
I really appreciate your ministry, and i'm so Blessed that i've known you.

In His Presence,

Hallo Choo

I am so excited about the Book. When I saw the DVD something just happened in me, I don't know what, but I had to read the book. And when I finished reading the book I just wanted to cry, because it is finished.
Elma in our Bible study got books from Mosambiek, they had a 1000 and all of them are finished.
We are going through a trying time at the moment financially, but got Word that God will pick us up and we believe it. Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what God's Will is, but we know He is with us. At the moment we are wainting on Him, and everyone around us is saying we cannot sit with our hands folded, but everything we try nothing is working out, according to us we are in his perfect plan of His Will waiting on Him.
I love the Book. My daughter of 12 also started to read the book and she keeps on saying she is not going to the valley.
Am I correct in saying that the people with the sand coloured clothes are going to be in front of the gates forever and the people in the valley is going to be there forever. The people at the brink of hell is going to hell after the judgement.
Or is the people with the sand coloured clothes also going to hell after judgement?

Hello Mrs.Choo Thomas

First i would like to start off by saying i really enjoyed reading your
book. I felt so much happiness because of all the wonderful things that our
Lord Jesus Christ has in store for us in heaven. While reading your book, i
felt uplifted and hungered for more of Christ. I had such a passion and
peace that i shared your experiences with a girl on my bus. I told her about
the reality of heaven and hell, and what awaits us in both places. She
immedieatly felt a hunger to become a christian, and that night her and her
younger brother accepted Christ into their lives. However, recently ive been
facing with some desperate need of prayer for myself. Since God is all
knowing and you are so pure in heart , i would leave it up to him to reveal
my worries to you. Could you please pray for me! I know that God will reveal
to you the things needed because i am praying for that. If you recieve
anything from christ, can you please contact me @ [email protected]

thank you very much sister.

love- Emma

Dearest Choo Nam,

I thank God for your faithfulness and obedience. I have been so richly blessed by your book. It has answered many of my questions and clarified many things.
I will be purchasing many of these books for Christmas gifts, WHAT A GIFT! My three children are all eagerly waiting to read the book. (The one I read was lent to me by a friend from Church).
My three children Tenae 10, Cohen 11 and Kodie 13 have all given their lives to Jesus and have been witnessing to children and teachers in the Catholic school they attend. My (non practising Catholic) husband thinks he is saved, but isn't so we continually pray for his salvation.
I have only just this very hour finished the book. I only wished that it wouldn't stop. I am looking forward to reading Mary K Baxter's book A divine Revelation Of Hell. I am very grateful that you have left an e-mail address for responses. I am so glad to be able to pass on my gratitude. God Bless You and your family for your faithful service to His Kingdom!

With love Julie


Hi Choo..

My name is Marielisa Guerrero, 19 years old...i live in Maryland..i dont know where to begin...

God bless you..

When i was in New Jersey a prophet told me i am going to serve the lord and that day he gave me the can not believe all the thing that "hevaen is so real is doing in my life...i cant read too much at the same time...because it makes me cry...changes my heart...The Holy Spirit is working so hard every time i open it...i have not words to show the way i feel now with my Lord...and you know him personaly...

Choo please..i want to meet you....i really want to be at least a couple of minutes with you..give you a hug and tell you thank you for "make yourself able to do this work" like the lord told you...oh his words....all this is too much amazing for me...

Please tell me if i can meet you...i live near DC i can take the bus or very important for me..

God bless you..
" El amor nunca deja de ser"
(1era de Corintios 13:8)


Dearly Respected Sis.Choo Thomas,

Warm Greetings in JESUS name.

I am a pastor in IPOH Malaysia and I have ministered in several countriesincluding AMERICA

I read your book ;Heaven is so Real - five times and the book has been the best book I have ever read in my life.It transformed my whole life and opened my eyes to see the ministry in a different way. It instilled in me a great fear of GOD that I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED IN ALL MY has been a tremendous blessing in my life and my church folks .I HAVE DISTRIBURED ALMOST 80 books to my friends- some even in America.

I AM ALSO WRITING THIS LETTER TO ASK PERMISSION FROM YOUR DEARSELF.if I could have the rights to translate the book from english to the TAMIL Language for INDIA AND malaysia.I have friends who can help me. I FEEL THIS BOOK MUST BE READ by all the TAMIL PEOPLEA AND MANY HAVE ME FOR THE RIGHTS.

Please pray about this and please let me know if I HAVE ANY CHANCE OF SECURING THE RIGHTS.


your co labourer in CHRIST



Coletten, Los Angeles, CA


When I first received Heaven is So Real I hungrily read it, completely open to Choo Nam's account of heaven. Little did I know that Jesus would soon be talking directly to ME. He was using His end-times book to communicate with me! I literally fell in love with Jesus; his gentle words and loving kindness were more than I'd ever imagined or hoped for.

This book completely changed my life. It made me yearn for Jesus and long for Him like I've never longed for anyone else. Late at night as I was reading the section on His celebrating on Christmas, I lay down on my bed meditating on His words and meditating on Choo Nam's experience of Heaven. As I lay on my back I experienced abdominal spasms and my body would involuntarily jerk up and down. It was the most intense and most wonderful experience I've ever had.

I firmly believe that God is using Choo Nam and her book to reach other receptive souls. I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and for those souls that haven't been saved, that they too will receive this book with open hearts.



Tandy,  Orlando, FL


Amid the Glories of Heaven were presented the realities of Hell.
This book is an absolute must if you want to go to Heaven.
You will fall in love with Jesus, and desire to serve HIM and you will also desire for all your family and friends to do the same.
Awe, Beauty, Surprises, Security, the Fear of the Lord, Joy, and Soul peace, you will experience them all as you are priviledged to forsee the realm where you can spend eternity.
There are also sobering criteria from Jesus, that ONLY the pure in heart will enter the kingdom
This book has changed my life, as is truly written by a humble vessel of the Lord.
It is a MUST READ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Renci, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


The love of the Lord Jesus be with you all.This book, Heaven is so real is trully a book meant for the inhabitants of the world.It goes to show how much the Lord Jesus loves us all, Christians and non Christians alike.He wants everybody to go to Heaven.

But just as the Bible and this book says each and everyone of us must do something with our lifes before we qualified to enter Heaven.For the non Christians they must first receive the Lord Jesus as their saviour.They then must live a life that is pleasing,holy,obedient,etc for the rest of their lifes.This also apply to all existing born again Christians.They too have to live the same kind of lifestyles.

Among the Christians,there are so many who live a disobedient and worldly lifes.With this kind of lifestyles it is very hard for us to have a meaningful relationship with the Lord Jesus let alone entering Heaven as the Lord Jesus is a Holy God and Heaven is so pure. Just as the book says only the pure in the hearts will enter Heaven.

The message in this book is very clear that is we must all live totally in God's words and Truth.I know there are many who desires to live a pleasing and obedient lifes before God but found it very very hard to do so. In this respect we need a pure hearts in order to live our Christian lifes in the right perspective.The Bible says that God is willing to give us new hearts. If this is the case and if we so desires it then we must go to the Lord Jesus and ask for these new hearts and I most certainly believe God will grant to us our wishes.Please do it now in order to ease our preparation for the Lord's second coming.Jesus loves you all.

Forever in the Lord's service,




Margaret, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


I have read your wonderful book. I wish all would be saved like me. As our Lord in the kingdom of Heaven Awaits!



anonymous from Penang, Malaysia

I've just finished listening to the MP3 on your wonderfully inspired book and I know I've been so blessed by it.
It is not by chance that I got the book. It was the Lord who has chosen me to read it. After starting to listen to the cd, I began to discern God's voice for the first time. I have always wondered at spirit-filled people who claim to have heard God speaking to them but I myself never knew the priviledge.
After sharing with a friend about how God has answered all my daughter's prayers, I came home and felt so blessed. I began to thank the Lord for being so good to my daughter. Before I could finish my sentence I heard distinctly a voice that sounded exactly like my own voice saying, "She's my daughter too." I knew definitely it was not my subconcious or whatever they call it. I was so overjoyed. Now I know how God speaks to me. God has spoken to me several times after that.
When I was wondering whether to tell my Christian friends about your book, I felt discouraged because some of them are very sceptical and might not accept it. The Lord reminded me not judge them and that He had died for them too. The sin would be upon their heads not mine. I repented to the Lord for judging others and decided to do as the Lord leads me.
I believed all that had happened to you, Cho Nam, and now my lukewarm husband is listening to the cd. I hope Jesus will work in him just as what He has done in me through your experience. I have sent a copy to my daughter studying in UK and I know she's going to be blessed too.
I'm a changed person now. I pray more often and Jesus is always on my mind. I love Him more and more each day as I study His word. I cry each time I'm reminded of what He did for us at Calvary. He has suffered enough for me. I will not let Him suffer more because of my sins. I want to be more like Him. With your description of Heaven I want to be ready for Him. I have never been afraid to die but after reading God's book I'm so eager to see Him and I hope to be in the category of "the pure in heart".
You must be so honoured to be the one chosen to visit Heaven before end-times, not once but 17 times! Bless you for being so obedient and patient. My prayers go for you and your loved ones. Thank you so much!

Dear Sister, I’m so happy to meet you through the mail and thank God for this graceful blessing.

I’m a 39 years old house wife and actually a computer illiterate.

I struggled alot whether or not I should read the book. I was going to just check what kind of book it was and browsed through your book, the astonishing book.

But, oh my goodness! The whole book was sent to earth for me

While turning the first few pages, I couldn’t help shedding uncontrollable tears because the Holy Spirit was touching me. I felt on my knees and couldn’t hold back my tears.

Is there another way to be moved to tears in this world?

Your witness and each word by the Lord were the vision, the voice, the look and the being itself that made me endure until this day.

The spirit of the Lord touches us all through one thing. Within this truth I confessed continuously saying ‘Amen Amen, Father I trust every single bit of this book’.

The time while I was reading the book was so precious and the words the Lord was saying to me so bewitchingly beautiful that I could not get distracted by seconds, I was all focused on the Lord.

I was given a strong determined will to be resolute.

I was given a mission at church that I have to deal with.

I was given the hope to offer my three sons and my husband the Lord.

And I also told the Lord that I won’t be displeased by the things I am not able to enjoy in this world.

Also, I was confirmed again that our pursuit and prayer should aim at only one thing that are the kingdom of the Lord and the crying out prayer for the children who are loved by the Lord yet who do not know Jesus.

While reading it I was driven by the vague yet earnest idea to meet you and talk about our Lord until we get tired of. How great it would be.

Just the thought makes me happy and my heart tremble. I’m not good at computer, I told you this at the beginning. Do you remember?

After marriage I begot my first son then the second and five years later my third son.

It was so hard to raise the children that I could hardly think of learning something new or occupying some reserved thoughts for my life.

All my life I was nervously approaching to the Lord without exciting my husband’s suspicion who is an unbeliever. My soul was worn out and hurt by looking after my extraordinary children who were sick often. And each of these times I endured because of the Lord’s great love. I was living embracing this tiny hope to be with the Lord only.

Now, I want to live boldly before our Lord. I want to pray, even at this very hour, that I love the Lord no matter what hardship come along, that this confession at least doesn’t change.

Sister (Choo), I love you. And please pray for my weak self.

and for my husband that he meets the Lord. And for my sons, I’m sure, the Lord has plans for them.

That they may be used like Samuel, like David.

Thank you for being my prayer companion.

I pray with all my heart that I may be used for the Lord, with a humble heart before the Lord. For you. For God.

In Love,




To date I have read a good portion of the Bible and Heaven is So Real! three times, and I have been truly blessed from reading it. This book literally changed my life, for I hear Jesus' voice speaking to me through it. It makes me yearn for Jesus and long for Him like I've never longed for anyone else. Once, late at night as I was reading the section on His celebrating on Christmas, I lay down on my bed meditating on His words and meditating on Choo Nam's experience of Heaven. As I lay on my back I experienced abdominal spasms and my body would involuntarily jerk up and down. It was the most intense and most wonderful experience I've ever had. I firmly believe that God is using Choo Nam and her book to reach other receptive souls. I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and for those souls that haven't been saved, that they too will be blessed by this book.


I have conversed with Choo Thomas, and she has given me sound advice about reading the four gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John three times each. This is important because you must know the word of God before being able to obey Him. It is important to know God's word and to pray to the Lord many times a day. Before I knew this, I just had the desire to know Him more. Now I know it is essential to pray many times a day and have a relationship with the Lord. Before reading the four gospels three times and praying many ties a day, my relationship with the Lord wasn't as close to Him as it is now. I knew He was there, but I had no means of freely talking to Him, and had no real connection with Him. My life consisted of:

- church twice a week

- one class per semester

- prayer in my car

- prayer in my room for 15-20 min.


My life with the Lord wasn't as steadfast or sure as it is now. Now I know his commands and more of what pleases Him from reading the four gospels. After reading the four gospels three times each and praying many times a day, my life now consists of:

- church three times a week

- intimate fellowship with church members

- prayers in car everyday for spiritual greeting and protection

- personal prayers in my room many times a day for 30 min-1hr each

- personal prayers throughout the entire day, wherever I am

- reading of the Bible daily; Christian workbooks


Sometimes when I pray in my room, I alternate from singing spiritual songs to praying in tongues to just talking with my Lord. Once, as I woke up on a beautiful Sunday morning, I heard an audible voice say in my ear, "beautiful angel", and that wonderful feeling stayed with me the entire day.

When Choo Thomas told me to read the four gospels three times each, it helped immensely by ingraining the Lord's word into my mind and heart. It also helped with my memory and now I know what He commands of me. I also have a much stronger faith and an increased desire to please Him in all that I do. I want my soul and spirit to be truly beautiful for Him, so I continually ask Him to purify my heart. My hope is that more and more believers purify their hearts as well, so that we will all see our precious Savior and be with Him forever in the heavenly kingdom.




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